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The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren PDF Download


The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren PDF

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The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren PDF Download

Details about The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren PDF  

  • Book Name: The Unhoneymooners
  • Authors: Christina Lauren
  • Pages: 244
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Contemporary romance
  • Publish Date: 14 May 2019
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren this book is about a girl named olive whose twin sister is getting married and so it starts off the morning of the wedding so if you like a good wedding romance there's a little bit of that in here and what happens is her sister is someone 

who wins everything so her sister entered a million contest to win pretty much everything for her wedding she won the buffet she won the dress she won the bridesmaids dresses she won the honeymoon and so olive is there to support her sister and a god-awful na got a hopeful bridesmaid's dress 

it's awful but she wanted for free so it's fine and she has to deal with Ethan who is her sister's fiance is who's gonna be your husband's brother he is the best man she is a maid of honor and they hate each other they hate each other for like three or four years ever since they met 

when Amy started dating her husband fiance whatever he's I'm just gonna say it husband and so they have to deal with each other and then what happens is they had that free buffet which is all shellfish centered Olive is allergic to shellfish even hates buffets it's a germ thing 

so there were only two people on the entire wedding who don't eat the buffet everybody gets food poisoning except for those two and they have the honeymoon to go on her Amy and her husband they can't go anymore and since she won the honeymoon

it's non-refundable non-changing you can't do go a different time it's got to be what it is and so since olive is the twin they look exactly like all of decides to take her place a little oh she know Ethan was also offered by his brother to go in his place he's got the same last name as his brother obviously and so what happens is all of them even have to go on the honeymoon together 

that's the premise of the book sorry that took like two minutes of explanation but that's what this book is about I will say going into this at this definitely reminded me of the hating game so much the hating game into proposal

there's two scenes in here that definitely remind me of both of those romantic comedies and this one is just in the same vein as those two stories since they're not the proposals a movie with Ryan Reynolds 

Sandra Bullock and then the hating game is by Sally thorn so if you like a good hate to love romance you're gonna love this book Ethan and olive cannot stand each other they push each other's buttons 

they deliberately know what to do to make the other one mad even constantly cause all of the wrong name and he knows what her name is he just doesn't to get on her nerves and it's so fun 

I love it and the best part about this book is the fact that they have to act like they're married while they're on their honeymoon because everybody thinks there's a newlywed couple so they have to act all lovey dovey and they each other and they're sharing the honeymoon suite 

it's hilarious and of course since this is a romance they start to fall for each other and all I can say is Ethan is the cutest guy on this planet like I want it Ethan for myself Olive has a lot of misconceptions about him that's all I'm gonna say and Ethan proves to be a very very adorable adorable man 

I love him I wish that we did have both perspectives in this book I wish we got to have Ethan's perspective we got olives we knew what her misconceptions were we knew how she felt while she was falling for Ethan 

I wanted to know how he thought about his misconceptions about olive and him falling for her they do see some people on their honeymoon that they didn't expect to see that's all I'm gonna say 

so I would have loved to have Ethan's point of view also the romance in this is very pg-13 so if you like a nice fun clean romance this is for you like it reminded me of the movie with rebel Wilson that just came out isn't it romantic where she wanted like stuff to happen and it like faded to black that's literally what this book is 

so if you want a nice pg-13 romance which is not typical of Christina Lorne in my experience especially after reading beautiful bastard you should pick this book up but going knowing if you do like a more romantic romance that's not in this but I still really enjoyed it I just thought this was the cutest thing 

I literally was laughing out loud in the line before meeting Christina Lauren and I told them that when I met them I was like I'm reading an arc of your upcoming book and I was laughing in the line and then they told me what that scene was supposed to be like so I really loved getting that insight into the book and talking to them I did give this book a 4 out of 5 stars 

I did think Ethan needed more to him and I wanted more from him and I wanted more of the romance and I was tired of the fade to black but it was still just like the cutest thing ever 4 out of 5 stars this is probably one of my favorite books it's probably like four and a half I just can't give it a full five stars because it wasn't all the way there for me but 

I liked it more than Josh and hazel because it didn't have that like Josh and Hazel's guide to not dating did and I loved it more than roomies roomies I gave three stars I wasn't the biggest fan of roomies but really enjoyed that on honeymooners honestly it's so close to a five star 

If you love a funny hate to love romance something like the hating game like this is perfect for fans of a dating game and I know how much people loved that book you're gonna love this book that's all 

I have to say about this let me know down below if you're excited to read this if you've read an early copy let me know your thoughts I would love to hear as always.

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