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The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez Pdf Download


The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez

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The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez Pdf Download 

Details of The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez Book

  • Book Name: The Happy Ever After Playlist 
  • Authors: Abby Jimenez
  • Pages: 306
  • Genre: Love
  • Publish Date: 14 April 2020
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez this book last night and i thought it would be a good idea to finally talk about it and share it with you guys on how much i really really love 

this book it is absolutely fantastic and i'm so happy that i actually read it it's called the happy ever after playlist by abby jimenez it is just so adorable and i'm sorry if my hair looks different i actually just had my mom cut it so it's a little bit weird at the moment she even cut my bangs so that's why they're being a little bit off too so sorry if i look really weird right now um but yes 

this book is so cute so adorable i gave it a 5 out of 5 which i never really do with books anymore just because they are all the same but the amount of romance and the amount of true love friendship and everything that goes into this book is just perfect for me and i really really loved it 

this book reviewing it and giving you a brief description but i am going to be doing that again in case you guys are new to my channel or in case you guys are new to this book um it is an adult contemporary romance which is new to me but i have a bunch of books 

now that i have yet to read in this genre just because it is new to me and i really want to get my hands on it but this book was such a great start like i've already had to start into the genre but this is probably book number five or so that um has actually gotten me into the genre so i'm still new to it but 

this book is basically about a girl named sloane she lost her boyfriend in in in a motorcycle accident a couple years ago and now we're fast forwarded into her life where she has a best friend and her husband who are taking care of her 

who are basically taking turns watching her every day making sure that she's still you know living and being normal and not causing any drama or you know just still staying positive and i'm sorry for the outside noises it is raining 

so it's kind of a little bit louder um but that's how it is right now and she's basically on her way home i think from work i believe when she's like driving out and all of a sudden this random dog just jumps into her car she has to slam on the brakes in the middle of the road and of course the police come and give her a ticket and she's like this isn't my dog like 

i don't know where he came from he just jumped into my car so she ends up bringing him home and she's calling and calling and calling his owner but no answer so after a couple of weeks she decides to keep him because she's like no one's answering so why should 

i you know give this dog away like I'm not going to put him in a shelter or anything so then we go to the actual owner his name is Jason and it ends up that he is out of the country so he's not really able to pick up the dog or anything 

so he's just calling and text messaging back Sloan trying to figure out a plan on how to fix this and we end up figuring out that his ex-girlfriend now is the one who accidentally let him out and it's been like two weeks and just all of this drama 

so now so then after that jason and sloane are kind of on this back and forth tag um texting and calling each other because they're hours apart so they have to try to catch each other to be able to talk about how this is going to work out but of course during this whole conversation 

they start ending up liking each other getting attracted to one another even though they haven't really seen each other and they do have um kind of like secret lives behind them not like a secret but you know like she doesn't really want to let him know like oh you know like my boyfriend died and he doesn't want to explain like his life to her like they just want to be normal and fall for each other normally 

so after all that time you know he finally comes back and that's when our love journey starts um they start you know meeting in person and they start sharing the dog and the ending it just like almost made me cry just like this whole story is so real it's not such a made-up story like you can actually feel like

this is real and you're going through it and um there were some parts in here where i was just like so mad at Jason that i just wanted to like throw this book against the wall um but this book made me feel so many different emotions um that i can't even like begin to explain I don't really want to ruin anything because i know this is kind of a newish book 

so i know that there are still plenty of people that are trying to you know read it and get their hands on it so i really really loved it i loved the um they did take it very slow um just because sloane was kind of on the edge of like well you know i'm not really over him

i don't really want to fall for anyone too quickly and you know like i just don't want to um really come in contact with any guys right now and on the other side her best friends like get out there like you need to move on you need to start your life up again and you know get out there 

so it's just such a great journey with just friendship also and kind of learning from yourself and being motivated to move on from this grief and definitely listen to your friends when you have them while

you're going through this hard time you know like you shouldn't ignore the people that are there for you especially during you know such a traumatic event and it's kind of weird because i'm actually watching another show that's kind of similar with that um on netflix called dead to me 

if you guys have um heard of it or have watched it but i'm i'm already like almost on season two but it kind of reminds me of that because um sloane is dealing with the grief from her dead boyfriend from a motorcycle accident and it's kind of similar to the story in that one as well 

this book even though everyone is pretty much like oh it involves a dog you know that means i'm gonna really love it it's not in the way that you think you know the dog yes of course is the main reason why they meet but it's not about the dog 

it's about just how the dog connects them together and i love the dog his name is tucker and he has such a great personality um he is just so spontaneous and happy and he's very loyal and protective and he knows who he wants to be with and what is going on and he has a very good sense of you know time 

so i really really like how she explains every character um even the dog you know like it's not really that easy to come up with a dog character that actually is different you know like you can display a dog in a normal way and it's you know not that interesting but this story just blends all of them together 

so nicely and um it's just like i was really skeptical starting this genre specifically because i feel like all of them are going to be the same like fantasy but it's not i've read like i said like maybe five already 

they've all been different even though it's romance um everything ends differently and there's already there's always new things that happen and this book definitely had new things that happened 

you know it was just such a roller coaster of emotions and it's i think the fact that they took their relationship very slow it wasn't like okay i know you let's hook up you know like it's very mature and it was very respectful for sloan 

it was kind of your typical way of how he would have reacted because he is a musician um so it's kind of you know your typical rock star losing his identity and his personality to these you know different onstage 

off stage personalities so i can go on and on about this book but um it is so good i highly recommend it um i would definitely i'm definitely going to check out friend zone because i know that's her other book that's before this one 

i don't know if it has any sort of relation i think it does with like a friend or something but i definitely want to check that one out now because she really did a great job with this book.