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D R Khullar Geography Book Pdf Download


D R Khullar Geography Book

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D R Khullar Geography Book Pdf Download

Details of D R Khullar Geography Book 

  • Book Name: India A Comprehensive Geography
  • Authors: D.R. Khullar
  • Pages: 1078 
  • Genre: Geography
  • Publish Date: 1 January 2018
  • Language: English

Book Review:

India's geography is diverse and contains many natural resources. India is also home to many religions and cultures. Geography is an integral part of understanding India. 

This is especially true when discussing the country's landscape and its people. A good geography book can help children understand their country and its people. Dr.Khullar's book is a great resource for this purpose.

India's geography is vast and varied. The Indian subcontinent is the second most populous geologic region on Earth. It also has the third largest area and sixth greatest number of freshwater lakes. 

In total, India has 2287 lakes and 984 major rivers. Even though this country is incredibly resourceful, it is also home to over 100 million people who have to live in limited space. Knowing this, it's easy to see why a good geography book about India is so important.

Dr.Khullar's book, India: A Geography for Everyone, teaches students about the Indian environment. It is a well-written text that helps people understand the country's landscapes, peoples and cultures. 

Each chapter covers a specific aspect of Indian geography in detail. For example, chapter 1 discusses India's climate, soil, water supply and other aspects of the country's natural resources. Chapter two discusses India's natural habitats such as forests and grasslands. Other chapters cover mountains, deserts, plains and more. This makes for an awesome book that anyone can use!

India has a rich cultural tradition as well as a diverse religious history- two things that are often missing from traditional teaching materials. Dr.Khullar's book helps teachers and parents introduce children to Indian culture by focusing on key aspects of Indian geography. 

Each chapter features artwork and writing inspired by key aspects of Indian culture and heritage. This helps young readers learn about subjects such as art, folklore, festivals and religion in an authentic way!

Dr.Khullar's book is a great resource for anyone teaching about Indian geography or culture! It covers key aspects of Indian geography in an easy-to-follow format that kids can understand! 

Plus, the book incorporates relevant artwork and writing inspired by key aspects of Indian culture for added authenticity! Anyone interested in learning about their country should definitely check it out!