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Desert Star By Michael Connelly Pdf Download

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Desert Star By Michael Connelly Pdf Download 

Details of Desert Star By Michael Connelly Book 

  • Book Name: Desert Star 
  • Authors: Michael Connelly
  • Pages: 454 
  • Genre: Suspense, Police procedural, Crime Fiction
  • Publish Date: 8 November 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

When people speak of the desert, they often think of sand and heat. They also think of deprivation and isolation. The desert is home to many animals, including snakes, lizards and cacti. 

In the desert, plants grow sparsely and the ground is hard and barren. However, the desert has its wonders: it shelters creatures that have adapted to its harsh conditions and it hosts traditions passed down through generations by those who live there. 

Detective Harry Bosch from Michael Connelly's novel Desert Star lives in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Specialized Services Bureau-a unit dedicated to investigating crimes involving sex workers in the area's red light districts. 

After a woman goes missing from one such district, Bosch investigates and finds himself confronted by a serial killer who preys on prostitutes. This novel sets the scene for Bosch's investigation into the Woman in Blue before diving headfirst into one of the most gripping crime stories of our time.

When a woman goes missing from a red light district, her family calls in Detective Harry Bosch to investigate. The bureau has a reputation for lagging behind other departments when it comes to sex-related crimes, so people have reason to be skeptical of Bosch. 

However, he proves his mettle as he unearths clues that point toward a cunning serial killer operating within the district. The killer - who begins targeting prostitutes - leaves several cryptic notes with his victims before dispatching them execution-style. 

He also leaves several items with his victims that tie back to his mystery vehicle: blue lights, a police radio and a penlight. After this initial action scene, Connelly takes some time to introduce his characters and set the mood for his story.

Bosch has a troubled past that includes a daughter who had multiple disabilities after she was born premature. This gives him a soft spot for underdogs like prostitutes whose circumstances are less than ideal. 

He is also pragmatic and driven- two qualities that help him solve cases but get him into trouble with women he works with as well. For example, he once saved Lt. Teresa Luongo from reprisal after she arrested his daughter for public intoxication- but she had witnessed his daughter's disability firsthand. 

In return, Luongo once stole food from Bosch's refrigerator after he left it empty while he worked on an open case. Here is how Connelly builds tension by contrasting Bosch's humane nature against Luongo's harsh treatment of others:

As Bosch uncovers clues that point toward a serial killer targeting prostitutes in Los Latte Rest Stop's district, he wrestles with conflicting feelings about working on this case versus another recent case involving missing persons cases from LA's Mojave Desert area. 

This other case involves two FBI agents who vanish while investigating water issues among several southern California communities plagued by diminishing resources due to ongoing drought conditions caused by climate change. 

As Connelly illustrates this juxtaposition between light and dark in this chapter, the background music accompanying his words is 

As the investigation continues, more bodies turn up with blue lights among them-'leaving nothing but ashes'-as if to taunt Bosch even further into finding out who is behind these murders. 

The killer leaves clues with each murder that point toward an FBI agent named Edgar Lawrence III known as Whisper because of his uncanny ability to track down facts through intimidation- which makes sense since Whisper was once an agent