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Love and Other Disasters by Anita Kelly Pdf Download


Love and Other Disasters by Anita Kelly

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Love and Other Disasters by Anita Kelly Pdf Download

Details of Love and Other Disasters by Anita Kelly Book

  • Book Name: Love and Other Disasters 
  • Authors: Anita Kelly
  • Pages: 384
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Contemporary
  • Publish Date:  18 January 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Love and Other Disasters by Anita Kelly this book that it's taken me several days just today so you know what this is good news this is a good trajectory um and whatever i said in the last clip my complaints about london not having a lot of depth other than insta love has been mollified now okay we've got a lot in this last ten 10 

It just took a bit longer to get to know london's character which was i think like an interesting writing choice but um we're getting a lot more now so that's good i'm hopeful also can i say that this is the second book in two days that has featured our love interests driving up the pacific coast highway of california making me want to drive up the pacific coast highway of California 

So that i'm in ontario okay now i'm at 41 yeah no i know a lot of times gone by since i last picked up the camera but can i just say that that was one of the best the best first kisses in a romance novel that i have ever read that was hot that was that was fantasy that was it it checked off a lot of boxes for me 

I whoo do you think did you like the kiss you just want me to play fetch oh okay i'll throw it for you okay now london is doing one of my like least favorite things and being like oh like you've only ever been with guys before so like maybe 

It's not a good idea that we're together and she's like nope like i'm queer i've known i've been queer for years and like well you know like you've only been with what the one guy 

I just don't love that because it's really invalidating for queer people in general who have been in like straight passing relationships or just haven't had like opportunities or like safety to explore and like i get some of london's other concerns 

But i just wish that this hadn't ha hadn't like had to be a thing not speaking from experience as a bi-woman who you know didn't come out until they were in their mid-twenties but whatever that's not triggering at all okay i'm now at 50 and um i loved it i love queer smutty scenes uh first of all because of course of course 

I do but second of all because i just think that like the it's my dog eating ice i just think that the communication and like consent and trust and exploration in them is just like there's so much that heterosexual romances take for granted that needs to be explored in queer romance and it's just beautiful every single time all right it's 9 00 pm on april 4th I'm 

70 through now so i've read the vast majority of this book in one day and i'm gonna i'm gonna go to bed like i'm gonna make my bed crawl into it and read until i pass out i'm i'll see if i update you at all again 

If i don't then um well you'll you'll hear from me tomorrow probably because i'm into this now i'm liking it i'm enjoying it i want to finish it it's definitely not going to be a five star read for me 

but i'm thinking like a four but i'm so very tired guys i'm just i'm so i'm so sleepy i need i need to not clean up dog pee tomorrow is what i need to not do that just i need to i need for that to not happen again it's an exciting life though eh having a out of dogs in one house never a dull 

moment there is rum in this coke okay this is supposed to be a really serious scene uh with london having a conversation with their mom about their transphobic dad uh but they say cry me a river like twice and i just can't let it slide that london london's twin sister is named julie and crimea river was a song by julie london 

now they've said it twice um i can't this uh my autism is ringing i don't know was this on purpose was this on purpose alright so i finished it i should really read at this angle in bed more often this is very comfortable my soul is soothed from the day and i have my briar to pet four stars as you saw i'm gonna 

Put the camera on briar to get a better poor briar it's gonna breathe the camera's gonna breathe it'll be fine i really liked the the third act complete i thought it was really well done and like less annoying and more realistic than some other romances i've read and overall i thought it was a really nice book.

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