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More than a Bag by Cindy Monroe

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More than a Bag by Cindy Monroe PDF Download

Details of Meet Cute by Helena Hunting Book

  • Book Name: Meet Cute 
  • Authors: Helena Hunting 
  • Pages: 253
  • Genre: Biography
  • Publish Date:  14 October 2022
  • Language: English

Book review:

More than a Bag by Cindy Monroe this book and just all the women that you're going to continue to impact through it so thank you so much for coming 

on the show thank you Martine for having me back and I can't wait to see what what comes up today yes it's going to be super fun and um so for the listeners because we you know 

I do have some listeners that may not be familiar with 31 gifts can you tell us a little bit about the company for those they're like what is what are you talking about yeah of course so we started out as a direct sales company 

over 19 years ago with a mission to empower women and some men to find passion and purpose building their own businesses as independent consultants and leaders our products are designed to help organize and simplify live and to capture those memories throughout the week 

your days and our customers I think they turn to us for everything from totes and bags to luggage home organization Solutions and even a little bit of Home Decor I know I've seen some around your house a little bit everywhere and it definitely has made my life more simple so I love that love that so I you know when I first when you first shared with me about the book 

I remember just in our conversations and our friendship and mentorship over the years is you know this why when's the book coming like when's the book coming and so um I wanted to ask you like what really prompted you to write more than a bag like by now well it took me a while to get there as you know and you know 

I really feel like that we're kind of kicking off our 20th anniversary year this month here in October and it's a big milestone for any business and for me it's been the perfect Catalyst to reflect a little bit to reflect on the highs and to reflect on some of the lows some of the triumphs and the setbacks and really the biggest insights from 31 gifts for two decades.

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