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A Place of Greater Safety by Hilary Mantel Pdf Download

A Place of Greater Safety by Hilary Mantel

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A Place of Greater Safety by Hilary Mantel Pdf Download

Details of A Place of Greater Safety by Hilary Mantel Book

  • Book Name: A Place of Greater Safety 
  • Authors: Hilary Mantel 
  • Pages: 507
  • Genre: Historical fiction
  • Publish Date: 5 March 2020
  • Language: English

Book review:

A Place of Greater Safety by Hilary Mantel this book are still alive and made it out alive and had a happy life then you should not listen to this review because i am a freaking historian this is a historic novel i will not tell you some lies about louis capistro being alive and still being le juaniforce so without wasting any more time to start talking about 

this book you may have realized that i am a bit dizzly i am disappointed with this freaking book i have dnf'd it at 66 which is something i don't think i have ever done usually if i dnf book i do it after like 20 maximum because i'm just like okay whatever but this freaking book 

this book that is i think 700 something pages long i dnf'd it after part four so immediately before the terror really starts so no jacobite jacobinian whatever reign of terror for klaus because it was terrifying enough already because so is this a completely bad book 

no it still has hillary mantel's prose even though it is nowhere near as grand and genius and brilliant as it is in the world for trilogy it's still good writing the writing is interesting the watching is good she is not afraid to do something new she starts trying out different narrative techniques over the course of this novel 

so i cannot say this is badly written however it is also not rewritten because the characters the dialogue and the entire pacing and plot are a complete catastrophe i did not enjoy reading 

this book this was gifted to me by one of my multiple nemesis larry from larry has opinions who has recently returned to booktube after i had managed to terrify him into leaving so what a month for me he gave this for me to my birthday it was a gift thank you larry for giving me 

this book that i did not enjoy so thank you for ruining one of my favorite authors for me forever i'm sure that is all you wanted actually i don't i don't hate hillary mantel because i know that her writing improves after this but it was a disappointment not gonna lie i expected to love

this book um yeah this is unlike the cromwell trilogy this multi-person pov we follow the french revolution through the eyes of camille muller george jacques tonto and maximilian and well i think even if you don't know de muller you will have heard about don tall because he's famous from there have been multiple books written about him i think the most famous one is buchner's 

death of dawn tom whatever it's called in english so and hopsby i think everybody knows rob spear and you of course know these people if you have played assassin's creed unity and if you are a person like me who hates assassin's creed unity because it is just the most bland depiction of the french revolution the french revolution which is one of the most fascinating events in the history of humankind is presented in such a boring way in that game and trust me 

this book does it even worse because hillary mantel tries to make these big men of history into simple human beings and show them as the normal humans they are with the normal interaction with other people and their daily struggles and their troubles and the way 

they are growing up and all that sort of thing which worked fine in wolf hall but it is a complete catastrophe here because to sum this entire book up i don't care if at some point the freaking wife of dimiller asks dr vooley because i want to see all the epic stuff and not the freaking love life of george jackson tall and i just don't care honestly

i don't care if dawn thor's wife is sad and i just don't care about that sort of stuff show me the storming of the busties don't show me how they're executing the king show me how they are betraying and backstabbing each other and how they are and how their all of their ideals fail and they realize that 

They have become worse tyrants than the despotic system that they have brought down show me all of that but don't show me all of that freaking boring bland dialogue that leads to nothing and nothing and nothing and anything nothing happens nothing happens it is such a drag such a slow book the pacing is so terrible that i do not know 

How any editor didn't leave out 300 pages of this freaking book because look the french revolution it's epic so much so much happens so many epic things the entire course of history has changed over the course of these five years and mental fails to show me anything epic

i get that you want to make this a humane a smaller story i guess that you want to show us these people as just the people they are just as the men and not as the men of history but please there are moments that just deserve to be painted in an epic light if you're writing about it and i think 

This book fails completely it is such a drag it is so long i just don't care about any of the characters we follow as i said the muller don't talk of spear and we just and rob spear isn't in the book for hundreds of pages at some point because we never see his interior monologue really 

We just see some sort of weird omniscient narrator who shows us his life story and he shows us how his his sister is angry at him and then we see the other people and don thorne's angry and don't touch just a bully and demolish just a rebel arouse and that is all that happens and then i said freaking lucille demolar his freaking wife who he wants to marry because he was in love with her mother and now tom wants to bang his demolar's wife and they are still friends and all these people are just too french for me i hated 

This book i didn't enjoy reading it at any point i mean it's not as i said it is not badly written and but it just is such a boring slow drag that i just it's a slump i have been in reading slump for months now 

This book is the embodiment of a reading slump as a book because nothing happens because the most coolest scenes some of the coolest moments in history some of the most they are boring if i compare this to the age of madness trilogy by joe abercrombie who basically takes the french revolution into fantasy and writes it and writes it so visceral and incredibly unforgettable and then you have 

This book about the french revolution about that incredible series of events that transformed the country and transformed the history of a continent of humankind and there's nothing in this there's nothing about particular the declaration of the rights of men and and there's nothing about 

I mean they are discussing about republic versus monarchy and all that sort of thing but it's always just that oh and i want to bang that woman and i want to back that woman and that is all they ever think about and i just don't care i just don't care about about real of it.

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