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Betty by Tiffany McDaniel Pdf Free Download


Betty by Tiffany McDaniel

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Betty by Tiffany McDaniel Pdf Free Download 

Details of Betty by Tiffany McDaniel Book

  • Book Name: Betty 
  • Authors: Tiffany McDaniel  
  • Pages: 531
  • Genre: Coming-of-age story, Bildungsroman
  • Publish Date: 18 August 2020
  • Language: English

Book review:

Betty by Tiffany McDaniel this book um yeah i read a lot of horror so this is definitely horrific um there are a lot of racist and um horrible things that happen to people and 

I don't want to spoil anything in this review this is going to be completely spoiler free but this is a 2020 release and this is my first edition hardcover and i will cherish this thing actually i'm probably going to reread it within my lifetime quite a few times 

I've already bought it for one friend i definitely think everyone should read this book without you even watching my review please take everyone else's word for it it's a 4.4 on goodreads 

It is well deserved it is a literary masterpiece i don't usually read highly lyrical or literary type contemporary fiction or regional lit um but this blew me out of the water and i will be looking out for more books similarly to this

I know uh brad had offer our said to go read ron rash and different stuff like that but let's get into the review so if i'm looking over here i'm just looking at my goodreads review this is what i wrote 

honestly it will be a tough it'll be tough to put this into words what this book meant to me as a reader this honestly is the most lyrically well put together storyline i have ever read tiffany mcdaniel is immensely gifted and will be an instant buy author for me going forward i drew 

so many comparisons to my grandfather and betty's father landon the horrible hardships that the family goes through in the southern ohio is gripping the overarching plot of the struggles females and young women go through in america was fantastic the deep look at societal expectations for women from the time period was horrid there was a lot of hopelessness in 

This book and there was a lot of light as well there are a lot of dark moments but where you will have to take a step back and kind of rethink everything that you're reading uh just to double down on that female expectations you do get a little bit of feminism coming through here 

I'm a father of what's going to be two girls um i have a wife who is a strong independent woman um and something flew in my eye here but um i definitely picked up on what the author was trying to say and that is that we've kind of came a long way 

But it's never fully finished definitely there's still men out there who who don't give women the respect that they deserve and i couldn't agree more with the author's opinion on that so it does get a little not political there was no politics in this but it is a little bit uh leaning towards that 

Which is great um in this case it was done tastefully everything was tastefully done um and it wasn't overly there was no politics like i said so uh the racism was directed towards the main character and her father 

Who were slightly more dark-skinned due to being cherokee indian or a native american cherokee um and they were very proud of their heritage but they were beaten down because of it almost by 

Their surroundings so let's read the plot oh real quick i'll go uh with that the female and the gender uh topics that they talk to talk about in this book um there was a scene where the actual the principal was kind of having a conversation with the main character betty who is actually 

The author's mother that's what this whole story is written about is betty who was tiffany's mother so the principal is sitting down and betty is getting yelled at because she wore shorts to school instead of a skirt and or a dress and dresses are for for women and shorts are for men that's 

What this guy was trying to portray um and betty was basically saying i wanted to wear shorts uh the boys keep lifting up my skirt and uh abusing me and harassing me and i just got tired of it 

I want to wear shorts and he basically said well you don't see me wearing a skirt around just because it makes me feel better you know so it's just stuff like that where like in 1950s it just was a totally different world that these females lived in all right so plot i gave it five stars you follow betty 

Her family as she grows up in a world that isn't accepting of her her father landon carpenter is a cherokee man and he is deeply proud of his heritage people throughout his life treated him differently because of his skin color his daughter betty took after him and resembles 

His skin color a lot betty's sibling siblings did not take after their father as much and did not bear the brunt of the bigotry like betty did betty grew up as a poor rich girl or poor but rich with knowledge that 

Her father would give her throughout the book this book tackles heavy topics such as rape death racial hatred and much more by far my favorite character was betty's father i could not relate to a character more than how i did with landon the passages that hit me the most were sorry this actually 

It was very emotional where when they were trying to be the when he was trying to be the best father he could for his three girls um betty describing her father's hands and what they showed about the man who wore them will be a lasting memory for me as a reader i will not spoil anything for this book because it is absolutely fantastic um yeah she basically there's 

A there's a passage where landon is sitting down and talking to her i don't i'm not gonna go through the book and read every uh basically every paragraph that was fantastic because this book is so well written i uh this review would be 45 minutes long but probably one of my favorite 

I haven't seen it as one of the quotes people have selected but to me it was very impactful he's sitting there and trying to he's kind of down on himself as a father he feels that he's let his kids down because they haven't been rich they haven't been wealthy and he's just looked at 

As this gardener in town and uh betty looks at his his hands and basically says you can tell everything about my father in his hands and the fact that he worked for a living and he provided the best life that he could for his kids and she realizes it but he doesn't and it's 

This like dynamic in the narrative that just was impactful to me you know i mean my daughter will grab my hands and be like daddy hands are rough you know and it's just it's an emotional thing as a father because you're out there busting your ass and trying to provide for your kids and 

Society might look down on you but they don't know the real worth of you if that makes sense and that's what landon was trying to say so i just it's just mind-blowing this book was mind-blowing so right at writing i gave it five stars i'm not even going to read what i wrote because i think you get the point uh horror i did give it a rating for horror and i gave it four stars 

Because of the graphic depictions of horrible acts of violence um and just also just the horror of the real world that is put within these pages um is undeniable that this is true life horror um it is horror in its own right it may not be what i traditionally read on the channel but i plan on reading more 

So overall i gave it five stars it is a book for the ages it's probably going to be my top read for the the year um i hope more people read this and please please please feel free to email me message me i definitely want to talk about this book um it's it's it's just it's freaking awesome 

It's awesome it's the only book that i actually posted on uh telling people to go read this summer on my personal facebook which i don't ever post on facebook so people were like holy crap he he posted something 

So yeah um there are some top quotes here i'll read the two top quotes as long as they're not spoiling spoiler spoilery and if they are then i will be deleting this part don't let it happen to you betty don't ever be afraid to be yourself you don't want to live so long only to realize you ain't lived at all 

Right that's a good one it occurred to me then all right so now i'm going to read uh the synopsis but thank you guys for stopping by and watching my review so a girl comes of age against the knife so begins the story of betty carpenter born in a bathtub in 1954

To a white mother and a cherokee father betty is the sixth of eight siblings the world they inhabit the rural town of brethren ohio is one of poverty and violence both from outside the family and devastatingly from within the lush landscape rich with bird song wild fruit and blazing stars becomes a kind of refuge for betty 

But when her family's darkest secrets are brought to light she has no choice but to be reckoned with a brutal history hidden in the hills as well as with a heart-wrenching cruelty-ness cruelliness and incredible characters 

She encounters despite the hardships she faces betty is resilient her courtesy about the natural world her curiosity curiosity about the natural world her fierce love for her sisters 

Her father's brilliant stories are kindly are kindling for the fire of her own imagination and in the face of all to which of bears witness betty discovers and escape she begins to write she reaccounts her horrors of her family's past and present 

With a pen and paper and buries them in the dirt moments that have stung her so deeply she could not tell them until now inspired by generations of her family tiffany mcdaniel sets out to free the past of delivering 

The heartbreaking yet magical story of remarkable novel establishes her as one of the most important voices in american fiction.

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