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The Noble Art by Tiffany Lazic

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The Noble Art by Tiffany Lazic pdf download

Details of The Noble Art by Tiffany Lazic Book

  • Book Name: The Noble Art 
  • Authors: Tiffany Lazic 
  • Pages: 176
  • Genre: Novella, Fiction
  • Publish Date:  8 October 2021
  • Language: English

Book review:

The Noble Art by Tiffany Lazic so chapter one is yule and the divine child chapter two is the shadow trap of addiction chapter three is the light of the true essence chapter four journey to encounter the dragon meditation five the hermetic concept of universal law of contemplation 

chapter six is welcome the divine child ritual chapter seven be excellent to yourself part two is cycle two which is february first through march 14th and this is the narcissist empath spectrum this is big work you guys this is i i'll keep going but you'll know this is really big work 

chapter eight is in bulk and the inner child chapter nine is the shadow face of codependency chapter 10 the light of non-duality chapter 11 journey to meet grandfather son and grandmother moon meditation chapter 12 the hermetic principle of gender contemplation 

chapter 13 cleansing and purification ritual chapter 14 love is the highest law and then we've got part three which is cycle three march 22nd through may 2nd the theme of this is new path to dispute resolution 

chapter 15 ostara and the celebration of life chapter 16 the shadow of the enemy at the gate chapter 17 the light of boundaries chapter 18 journey to encounter your personal power animals meditation chapter 19 the hermetic principle of cause and effect contemplation 

chapter 20 planting the seed of intention ritual chapter 21 you are whole within part four is cycle four which is may 3rd through june 13th fanning your spark into flame is the theme chapter 22 is beltane and the passion for life 23 is the wounded hearts shadow 24 is the light hearts gift 

chapter 25 is journey to honor the world tree meditation chapter 26 is the hermetic principle of rhythm contemplation chapter 27 is weaving passion ritual and chapter 28 is honor diversity part 5 which is cycle 5 is june 21st through august 1st 

chapter 29 is litha and the inner adult chapter 30 is the shadow mask of sub personalities 31 is the light of archetypes 32 is creating a mandala prayer bundle meditation 33 is a hermetic principle of polarity contemplation 34 is honoring self ritual and 35 is walk your talk part 6 is cycle 6 which is august 2nd through september 12th the cultivation of resilience this is coming up 

A lot resilience 36 is lunasad and life's harvest 37 is the shadow of soul debris 38 is the lightness of soul decluttering 39 is weird walking meditation 40 is the hermetic principle of vibration 

Contemplation 41 is a loomed vision ritual 42 is gaze upon earth with clarity of light part 7 is cycle 7 september 20th through october 31st from wounded to wonder chapter 43 is mabon and the higher self 44 is the shadow of the wounded healer 45 is the light of the wonder healer 46 is 

the bridge between the world's meditation 47 the hermetic principle of correspondence contemplation 48 the golden gratitude ritual 49 practice gratitude and acts of thankful appreciation part 8 is cycle 8 which is november 1st through december 12th from despair to transmutation 

50 is samhain and the 0.51 is the shadow fear of the darker specter 52 is the lightness of being 53 is resting in the cosmic egg meditation 54 is the hermetic principle of mentalism contemplation 55 embraced by the dark ritual 56 we are all part of the all part nine is the noble art in practice honey energy healing for practitioners so chapter 57 is session considerations and ethics 58 is pre-session assessment 59 is scripts for honey energy healing sessions 

60 is honey harmonics there's a conclusion that's called the sweet song of the self and then you've got a couple of appendices so i'll read those to you appendix a is chart of cycle correspondences appendix b is cheat sheets for honey energy healing sessions appendix c is sample 

honey practitioner session note sheets appendix d is ritual preparation appendix e is steps for a three armed rigid cross appendix f is steps for branch weaving and appendix g is steps for god's eye weaving and then there's a bibliography i did not test this out but i'm going to do it right now 

my gosh there's no index i said this during our live gathering with the rest of the group that gathered for the live witches book coven gathering for this book bundle that happened at the end of january i know that i said this in december of 2022 when we had tiffany lasik join us

For that month's reading at the end of the month the work that she's pulling through is extraordinary and i feel like there are definitely a like a handful of authors out there in our community that are putting books of this caliber out there and i think that we i don't know if we need more per se because not everyone can do this work and not everyone should do 

This work but this is the deep rooted work of a witch this is the deep rooted work of healing this is the deep rooted work of self-facing and really being responsible for our own spiritual and psychological unfolding and journey and it's enough to say yeah go to therapy but this books like this really provide 

A really gorgeous intricate super detailed um guide along the journey for us to do our shadow work to do our healing work to really do the work of self-facing and learning about who we are and why we are who we are and how to be responsible for that in a way that continues to facilitate 

Our healing and unfolding this is a book that every witch should have and should work with and like i don't know i can't even say enough about it what i'm really blown away by is that tiffany has created a very multi-layered system of doing this work that she set the ground work for in 

This book and this is like the groundwork and then this is the practice in a lot of ways although this is also a book that you can go and i've already done a video on this so we'll link to this at the end of this video you can get the review and my thoughts on this Book.

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