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In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren pdf Download


In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

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In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren pdf Download

Details of How to Love Your Neighbor by Sophie Sullivan Book

  • Book Name: How to Love Your Neighbor 
  • Authors: Sophie Sullivan
  • Pages: 291
  • Genre: Romance novel, Humorous Fiction, Christmas Story, Holiday fiction
  • Publish Date: 6 October 2020
  • Language: English

Book review:

In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren this holiday over and over and over again and like it's kind of like a the very beginning she makes like the bad mistake like she kisses the wrong brother kind of thing um and so the whole story is kind of revolved around 

this triangle story that you really don't know about um a love story and it kind of plays out through the girl redoing it she did go a bit like oh she like can't can't handle it and it's like overwhelming like repeating it and she thinks she's stuck in 

this loop and that part was really fun and that part was really cute and then um then the storyline's really good the romance story lines are really fun where i thought it kind of lacked was if you're gonna sell me on a triangle story like 

this especially i'm really really pro i better believe both sides of it and from the very beginning they make it clear that it's gonna be a one-sided thing so i just i couldn't believe the love triangle so i feel like some of the loops were a little bit boring where she would go back into them 

i think they could have been so much more enhanced if they would have made me believe that the other relationship was possible with the other brother because they're like two brothers i believe i'm right um but i think that would have strengthened the book a lot and i would have loved the book so much more at that point um and it would have been one of my more favorite christine as well is i thought while i was listening to 

this it was an audiobook there was a ton of characters going on and i feel like if you didn't listen to the audiobook you might have gotten a little confused maybe people who've read it say it was different but for me i was just like wow i'm really really

so that's that's like really well done i thought the audiobook people did a really good job as well as i felt like there wasn't enough background to the original romance stories going back to the romance stories i thought there wasn't enough background i thought i wanted a little more background story 

i didn't want like an info down but it just it felt like you were just given it and you weren't you're like you just had to like take it as it was kind of moment and i just i didn't get that far with it it took me a long time so most of the book i thought 

this is a three star read for me like i'm just not in love with these characters and the story is cute it's different i enjoyed it it was a fun take on groundhog day but at the same time some of the loop was a little boring 

so for most of the read it was a three star what bumped it up to a four star read for me was the ending they really just nailed it out of the park i wouldn't say it's my favorite christine lauren by any means but it did bump it up 

so if you are like struggling with a read or anything i mean the ending is really really good 

so i'd keep with it but that's my thoughts and feelings i'm christina lauren's holidays and i will see you in my next simple and quick book review see you next time.

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