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Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel Pdf Download


Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel

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Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel Pdf Download

Details of Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel Book

  • Book Name: Bring Up the Bodies 
  • Authors: Hilary Mantel 
  • Pages: 337
  • Genre: Novel, Historical Fiction
  • Publish Date: 8 May 2012
  • Language: English

Book review:

Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel this book is the second novel in her wolf hall trilogy and it is historical fiction um let's see it was published in 2012 and it has it has 482 pages just let me grab my notes here so i can actually remember what the heck i need to say about this book 

So this book um i read this book or i finished it like on the 16th of august so this review is coming quite a bit late um normally when i do book reviews i review like i film the review video right after i finish reading it and for some reason i did not do that with this book and so now it's been you know like a month longer than a month since i finished it but hopefully my memory will be okay and i can recall everything that i need to talk about with 

This book so when i do my book reviews i pick or i have five topics or aspects of the book that i um kind of go over it's like my outline for my review so um the first one i have is character so i always um talk about like my favorite and um not favorite parts about the aspect of the characters in the book so 

This book has um one main character his name is thomas cromwell and he is i believe in this book i can't remember what his like official title is but he is in um king henry the 7th or 8th of england i can't remember which number goes after his name but the king henry who was the king in the 1530s the 1500s early 1500s um so he's a high-ranking member of that king's court and i literally cannot remember his title in 

This book i'm reading the third one right now so i am like trying not to confuse the two books because there are circumstances that change in between them so i literally don't remember what his title is but anyways he's a high-ranking member in king henry's court and this book um let's see 

Thomas is probably one of my favorite characters i have read about in historical fiction i think he has um a lot of great things going for him um he's just so i don't even know he's fascinating he fascinates me which is really weird to say about a like mid-40s old dude basically in the 1500s like a person that old would be you know they're not really young anymore they're old they don't really have anything going for him but i think he's fascinating as a character 

I feel like this book would be so much more boring if anybody else was main character other than thomas cromwell so um that aspect of him i just i really i don't know i love following his story i love reading about what he's doing and what he's trying to accomplish i think it's really great 

I don't really have a super big emotional connection to him but i do like him enough to where i don't want anything bad to happen to him which i have done some research because this is historical fiction so it's based on true events and i already know what's going to happen at the end or at least i know what happens to him in real life i don't know what's going to happen at the end of the third book but i'm not looking forward to it i'll just say that because 

I don't think it's in it falls within my wishes of nothing bad happening to him so there is that to think about um yeah i just i think hillary has written a wonderful character like if you would have told me that this book was about a middle-aged dude who's basically like a fancy lawyer for the king

I'd have been like that sounds really freaking boring and i really don't want to read that but hillary has made him such a you know like i don't even know like a robust character i have no idea how to describe this dude he's fascinating um literally this book follows him around day to day as he's carrying out the king's wishes and you couldn't like just saying that makes 

It sound like it's freaking boring but it's not it's not boring at all i really really enjoy reading it i really liked this book um i can't remember what i gave i want to say i probably gave this book a four a four or a four and a half out of five stars probably that's what i'm going to say i think that's what it was 

I forgot to look before i started filming this video so i'm pretty sure that's what i gave it though um so the next thing that i have to talk about is world and setting so um at this point in the series like this is the second book um i am more familiar with the setting so this one took place um most of the events that took place happened within the king's court which is obviously in london 

That's you know been the capital of england for like a really long time so um most of the events took place within london and you know in the in court at the palace or what i don't know do they call them palaces or castles either way most of the events occurred in london there was not a lot of traveling around like 

What was happening in the first book um i still wish this book had a map that is like the biggest my biggest complaint against these books is that they don't have a map which is completely silly because the writing and the story are fantastic i just wish it had a map so i could actually see where the characters are at it just i don't know i'm a visual person so it really helps me to be like oh 

So this is where they were because a lot of the times when you're reading they'll be like oh we traveled through this place to get to this place and i'm like i have no idea where that even is i would love a physical representation of this journey so that's my one complaint about you know i mean it really doesn't have anything to do with the world or the setting it's just my complaint that it doesn't have a map and it's completely ridiculous but there it is 

I think um i know some people don't care for like books that are centered around like royalty or you know uh aristocrats and all of that kind of stuff nobles or whatever but i feel i really liked it i like i 

I like that kind of stuff so like if you got a book that's historical fiction or fantasy that's about like a prince or princess or a king or whatever i'm pretty interested in it already i love court intrigue i think it's fascinating it gives for great reading materials so um i really appreciated that about these books um this book has some really heavy content in it which 

I will actually talk about next the next bit i have to talk about is plot slash pacing so pacing in this book was was it okay it was good it wasn't awful i'm not saying i'm not saying the pacing was really bad i think it was good i'm gonna set this book down because it's freaking heavy the pacing wasn't really that bad 

I mean and it's been a month since i read it so i really can't remember if the pacing bothered me or not um it does only have like one singular plot line like there's only one like ultimate outcome for this entire book and um this let's see how can i talk about this without being spoilery

I can't this is going to spoil some of the events in the first book so i will try to remember to put a little like thing at the beginning saying that it might it might be spoilery um so the plot in this book is basically thomas is trying to um he's thomas is building a case against the current queen of england so if you have read um wolf hall the first novel that the whole premise of that 

Book is they're trying to get rid of the queen they're trying to that king henry wants to divorce her and and basically that book is like the culmination of that story and what happens and so in in the second book there is a new queen and henry has gotten bored of this queen as well 

So he wants to divorce this queen but they take this whole thing a step further and they try to make her the queen they are trying to build a case against her and convict her of treason so i'm not gonna get into any like details uh you know like the grounds they're charging her with trees in 

But um this whole book centers around thomas trying to convict the current queen of treason and it's literally a giant cover-up for her her she's the one responsible not being able to provide the king with a male heir which sounds really bad but if you think about the context this book is set in it is set in 1500s england um the providing a male heir was solely 

The woman's responsibility because you know we didn't have all of the advances in science that we have now or the knowledge that we have now so um it was very important for aristocratic women to be able to provide male heirs and especially if you're the queen because if the king doesn't have a male heir then it's kind of not a good thing or i mean queens there could 

Be queens of england but a male heir was preferable for whatever purpose probably because if you had a queen she could be you know a daughter could be married off into another family but a son would you know it would stay in the family whatever it's all antiquated thinking so don't get your panties in a bunch over that so anyways back to the plot the plot in 

This book is thomas is trying to build a case against the current queen because the king king henry has grown bored of her and strongly dislikes the fact that she has not given him a male heir um and so this is all just a giant cover-up for basically king henry being bored with her.

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