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Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon Pdf Download

Details of Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon Book

  • Book Name: Weather Girl 
  • Authors: Rachel Lynn Solomon
  • Pages: 299
  • Genre: Romance novel, Contemporary romance, Humorous Fiction, New adult fiction
  • Publish Date:  11 January 2022
  • Language: English

Book review:

Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon this book so if we were seeing it from a different point of view like in the hating game although my second reading and most recent reading of that i was obviously picking up on that a little bit more but it's one thing to be in that hate to love dynamic and and seeing from that point of view but then seeing from someone on the outskirts of that plot line 

It's like oh yes no this is not a good workplace and one of the opening scenes at a holiday party well a christmas party because our leads are jewish and they make it very clear that it is a christmas party that they not really much jewish representation in the holiday party 

There is a big incident and ari and russ kind of end up at the bar together kind of commiserating because neither are really happy with what is going on at work both the atmosphere and the fact that 

This relationship from their bosses is kind of sucking all of the air and energy from their bosses they aren't really present with their direct reports ari grew up watching her boss on television she idolized this woman she wanted to be like her in terms of being a meteorologist 

She's getting no guidance no mentorship she hasn't had a performance review like a real one in years and russ is still kind of on the college sportsbeat and he's not really being given opportunities to grow and so both of them are feeling kind of stalled in their career and in their development on top of this 

Really toxic environment they're in and i will say that toxic environment did put me on edge at first there is a trigger warning at the beginning of the book i should mention because ari is dealing with depression and that really permeates the book and the tone of the book but the the atmosphere at the beginning of the book 

When they're kind of sitting down at this bar and plotting is what they end up doing they get drunk and they're like well it seems like they hate each other but also there are these little sprinklings that they get this idea that these two people are not done with their relationship yet that there are still some feelings there and they're like if we could get them back together 

It would make all of our lives a lot more pleasant and so then they start plotting getting them back together and so i as a reader immediately went from this really toxic workplace that honestly did give me some anxiety because

I'm like this isn't professional i don't know how they're getting away with this where's the hr department at least in the hating game we knew there was an hr department that they were basically terrorizing and it was just uncomfortable and then they're like let's get these two together 

I was like oh this is gonna give me a lot of secondhand embarrassment i don't know if i can handle this but i know that this is gonna be what pushes our leads together and i was very invested in our leads being together ari was just coming off of a broken engagement at the beginning of this book 

A lot of it does stem back to her mental health and her mental health journey she has depression she's very open with that this is from her point of view and she is open with us as readers about that but she hadn't been open with her ex-fiance about that and so there was kind of a breakdown of that relationship because he said you're always on with me 

Basically you are always newscaster version of yourself and and the sunny version so she was in this shift but that relationship wasn't kind of the most looming thing that breakdown of that relationship wasn't the most kind of looming thing for her it didn't feel like as she was getting closer to russ that this was a rebound of any kind or that there was lingering feelings for 

The ex that she was having to kind of overcome in pursuit of this relationship which was interesting because it was still a very very slow burn russ we come to find out has a daughter he had a daughter with his high school girlfriend very young and they stayed friends and are raising 

This daughter together but that has kind of put him out of the mix a little bit and as i alluded in my preview for the month he is a plus man and how that kind of plays into his sense of self and her self-perception and it talks a little bit about it in terms of like the professional way that may impact him 

It does for ari as well just kind of like that public perception of how the audience kind of comments on newscasters looks and there is a reference i think he makes at the bar when they're first kind of getting to know each other a little bit better because the sports desk has a kind of separate area in the newsroom 

So they don't have like deep conversations at work and he's kind of always held himself at a distance that in his interview there was a reference to the fact that he was overweight and having an overweight sports caster and i'm not really a sports person i know shocker but one of the things 

I loved about russ and his characterization was how he talked about sports and how he talked about sports in relation to it being personal and the stories you can tell about people and get close and that sense of community in relation to sports and that i can understand so they're both 

Very lovable characters but they're also very guarded the first 20 to 25 percent of the book we're just seeing them kind of interacting with each other just a little bit it takes to really 

The good 50 mark to feel like that relationship is doing anything like substantial and then there is a little bit more development there and obviously that slow burn does pay off and i think it ramps up well especially considering 

Where these characters are in their lives ari isn't going to kind of let people in easily because she doesn't really trust people right she's putting up a front of the sun shiny girl 

She doesn't trust people especially romantic partners to take her as she is in all of her ways and then russ obviously has discussed is guarded in his own ways as well especially this idea of how much of himself 

He's put in to raising his daughter and kind of step back from his own personal desires in relation to that and as i said in my january preview i was very excited to see the body diversity on the man's side in this 

I loved the way it was handled it was definitely acknowledged we knew that this was a fat hero and he called himself that he uses that as a descriptor as he says it's not a dirty word it's just an adjective 

But i i love the way it was addressed because it was just kind of a stated fact and we did see a little bit of insecurity related to that but it wasn't dwelled on and then in one of the more intimate scenes 

It very casually referenced the stretch marks on his stomach and it was still in a very sensual setting so it's just really nice to see that representation spreading and he was a little reserved and shy 

But he was just such a nice guy and all of the slow burn action established that he was just a genuinely nice guy and that he was someone that ari could open up to and we kind of had to have that slow burn so that she could build trust with him as well and so it's just very easy to care about our 

Love interests in this and that brings me to one thing i would like to have seen and this is a common thing with particularly contemporary romances particularly these contemporary romances that are coming out in the trade paperbacks with the illustrated covers actually 

I don't know that i've seen this with a historical and had this critique recently is that i missed the other love interests point of view this is first person from ari's point of view for context or reference if you're not a heavy romance reader especially in like historical which is kind of where 

I did my bread and butter growing up in the romance genre generally the narrative is a third person and it switches focus back and forth so it's not full omnipresent like we're kind of a little bit more focused but that means we get into both of our love interests head a little bit more 

So i really would have liked to see russell's point of view in this as well i really liked him but he was also a little bit more guarded and i wanted to kind of see that that vulnerability as well as that kind of rush of emotion from his point of view 

So both of them are kind of having to learn how to articulate what they want from each other and one of the things that i that really resonated with me with ari as well is it became obvious kind of early after that first night at the bar that she had a crush on russ and she referenced it mentally she'll be like it's okay 

If i have a crush on him i'll get over it or this idea of kind of having a crush but persisting on and not expecting to act on it or to assume it wouldn't be reciprocated and i felt that and so it felt like they kind of both 

Were living in this space where they kind of had to get over that hurdle of actually articulating the feeling which also feels real and and we get lots of illumination from ari's point of view like we know she has a crush on russ even if she's playing it down but ultimately i really enjoyed this book.

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