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The Siren of Sussex by Mimi Matthews PDF Download


The Siren of Sussex by Mimi Matthews PDF Download

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The Siren of Sussex by Mimi Matthews PDF Download

Details of The Siren of Sussex by Mimi Matthews Book

  • Book Name: The Siren of Sussex 
  • Authors: Mimi Matthews 
  • Pages: 337
  • Genre:  Romance novel, Historical romance, Historical Fiction
  • Publish Date:  11 January 2022
  • Language: English

Book review:

The Siren of Sussex by Mimi Matthews this book is set in 1862 and it follows 23 year old evelyn maltrivers she's leaving her sussex home to have her first season in london the daughter of a gentleman although untitled her family is falling into financial ruin and she's on a mission to find a good husband not only for herself but also so that her four younger sisters can have good prospects 

when they have their seasons evelyn doesn't think she has much to offer by way of conversation or by way of looks but she does think that one of the best ways to secure a good husband is through her best skill which is writing riding horses in addition to that 

she wants to make sure she looks her best and so she decides to seek out a tailor who can make the best garments for her she ends up commissioning riding garments as well 

As dresses from an up-and-coming tailor named ahmad malik ahmad is half indian and half british and it comes from a poor background and in addition to coming from a poor background he also faces a lot of racism one of the things i love most about this book is that it is about an interracial and interclass relationship and this is at a time 

The 1860s when it was a lot harder than it is now i appreciate the sensitive depiction that the author maybe matthews portrays of ahmad and i like that she doesn't shy away from the racism and microaggressions that he faces on a day-to-day basis the racism comes from people of all classes whether 

They're poor like he is or whether they're upper class and it also holds him back in terms of his career some of the people that he works with do not respect him and refuse to make his garments but it also affects his life on a more general basis later on when ahmad and evelyn are considering pursuing 

An actual relationship with each other he really cautions her that being with him will be very difficult in part because of the racism that he faces and that she will face by association he won't be able to shield her for some of the slurs that he hears and the doors that close in his face about certain

Things she also might lose some friends her being with a man of another race can be very complicated for her of course it's much more difficult for him he deals with it no matter what his choices in life are 

but i really like how this book portrays it in a sensitive way and both about ahmad and his experiences personally and how it might extend to evelyn if she pursues a relationship with him i also love how the characters in 

this book think about colonialism a little bit of a spoiler but later on evelyn wants to learn more about ahmad and india and she decides to read some books about india to learn more she ends up getting a couple of 

books written by white british people and she ends up being very angry by how colonists they are and how offensive they are how they portray indians so negatively and racistly and i like the conversation that she has with a friend of hers about their disagreement with colonialism in general 

so again i think it's really thought provoking and an excellent take and i'm really happy that i made it into this book so in addition to being an interracial couple i also mentioned that they'd be an inner class couple i like how in 

this book neither of the characters is super wealthy or even titled a lot of the historical romances i've read thus far start one if not two titled leads and usually one or both of them are wealthy in 

this book although evelyn is the daughter of a gentleman her family's money is dwindling and she does not have a title likewise ahmad is poor he comes from a very poor background and he of course does not have a title being half british and half indian i like how 

this book offers different perspectives on class and specifically on working one side story that comes up involves evelyn's sister and another man named anthony and whether 

they can even be together and financial constraints are a big concern as evil explains anthony is waiting until he can get his inheritance but from a much perspective he's like well why doesn't he just get a job why doesn't he just work and support him and feni that way.

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