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Ten Rules for Faking it by Sophie Sullivan Pdf Download


Ten Rules for Faking it by Sophie Sullivan

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Ten Rules for Faking it by Sophie Sullivan Pdf Download

Details of Ten Rules for Faking it by Sophie Sullivan Pdf Book

  • Book Name: Ten Rules for Faking it 
  • Authors: Sophie Sullivan  
  • Pages: 388
  • Genre: Romance novel, Contemporary romance, Humorous Fiction, 
  • Publish Date:  29 December 2020
  • Language: English

Book review:

Ten Rules for Faking it by Sophie Sullivan this book is it's about everly dean who just turned 30 and on her 30th birthday she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her and she's a producer at a radio station and so she goes and she is telling her best friend stacy who happens to be the on-air talent about 

How horrible this was and how her birthday sucks and how all her birthdays were horrible and how simon cheated on her and all this stuff well stacy was trying to like give her an on-air birthday surprise and so this went out to everybody 

So she's worried that she's gonna get fired but the station manager chris um says people kind of like love it and feel for you and want to um support you so they create kind of a bachelor dating game where every week people 

Guys can write in and send videos and um they will pick two of them to go on a date and she eliminates one and then at the end she'll have one her one true date well what she doesn't know is that chris actually has a really big crush on her and she has a really big crush on him 

So as they interact um their feelings begin to show and emotions happen and who's ever really gonna end up with is she gonna pick one of the guys from the dates is she gonna be with chris what's gonna happen so i had a rough time with this book i'm like try like i'm trying to figure out what i want to say about this book 

I don't know like i think for me and i don't necessarily right now i'm reading another book called get a life chloe brown and it feels so similar to this book get a life chloe brown is like a super popular book and it's okay but this one is better than that one i think readability wise like it just reads more higher interest level and reads quicker so my problem like 

This book never grabbed me like literally it took me three weeks to get through it and i had to like make myself sit up and read it last night um because i feel like even the description i just gave that's not the book you got because there aren't her like 

I think she goes out on two dates of the six and they'll say like yeah everly had a date last night but we don't know what yeah they do kind of refer to it like off page or off screen like she had one where like a guy was a total tool bag but they never really got into like what that date was right 

But i was interested in the interactions between chris and everly like especially as it related to like her social anxiety because she had really bad social anxiety and i thought that was really well done and i thought it was sweet the way she was able to connect with her friends and with chris 

In a way that was comfortable for her and her challenges with with her anxiety well the social anxiety was the best part and the fact that he was so accepting with social anxiety and like he was giving her tools to help the social anxiety that was the best 

I appreciated that my other problem was like okay so they're like she and chris are deeply in love and you don't ever actually see it like they don't even interact that much and i think the problem is it's third person narrative and we should have been in their heads see and i don't i don't know 

I go back and forth on that because about them being in love because i think it's like a quiet it's like a quiet love he like like the way she describes the one gift um he gives her she's like that is just so thoughtful because it's unobtrusive and like that's who she is 

So i feel like his quiet moments are really that's the kind of love story that works for everly and i feel like if we were seeing this like over the top love i don't know but there should have been more kissing i think well there there should have been because that's the thing like the whole book 

It's like he's thinking his stuff is i'm really attracted to her but i can't and her things are he's my boss even though i have feelings i can't and like that's the whole book is like and they really it's not even that we needed more kissing like they don't interact that much what i i needed more kissing 

But i was just like i mean like even just like quiet interactions you know just like conversations that's true they didn't converse very much like it was a lot of like i can't do this i must do this i cannot well and like it's and there's like declarations of love but they don't really know each other because they're really not interacting that's fair so like i found it frustrating and 

I mean i i'm good like with a jane austen slow reveal kind of romance i just need you to reveal it and like i i found this book like i was super excited i wanted to read it yeah i i don't know like it wasn't what i expected um but it did it wasn't it wasn't as difficult for me to read through it like this one definitely moved faster i thought than some of the other ones we've been reading 

But it's hard because i don't really have like it it doesn't stir any opinions like any strong opinions pro or con like it's not like it's a terrible book but it's not like one that's gonna stick with me i found it kind of boring yeah 

So i don't know we should probably do it so our rating system starts at the top with five unicorns we got into unicorns if we don't like it it's a horse i'm in a three like a three for me is like middle of the road didn't really make any waves.

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