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Heat 2 by Michael Mann PDF Download


Heat 2 by Michael Mann PDF Download

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Heat 2 by Michael Mann PDF Download

Details of Heat 2 by Michael Mann Book

  • Book Name: Heat 2  
  • Authors: Michael Mann
  • Pages: 469
  • Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Crime Fiction
  • Publish Date:  1994
  • Language: English

Book review:

Heat 2 by Michael Mann this book which is that it is uh it is like a prequel a sequel and kind of all in one and i think this move but but that's another that's one red flag then the other red flag and then is like val kilmer and robert de niro's characters aren't alive anymore 

You know survivors anymore of what happened in the first movie which is fine um because you know because that's that it was just a one-off movie but now that you're doing a sequel kind of makes it harder because you don't have that amazing cast i think this movie really works still 

This book anyways um and part of that is you do get more development on them in this book because it is a prequel but most of this book actually focuses on chris and what i think this book is very it feels like it's very inspired by the godfather 

Part two because if you watch the godfather part two godfather part two some of it's a prequel and that some of it's a sequel and that's basically how this book it is right this is heat two but half of the story is a sequel the other half's a prequel and it works super well and it's incredibly well written 

this book is very well paced it keeps the story engaging i think this is one of those things where they probably just adapted this because it don't get me wrong this would be a really good movie if they made it into a movie they'd have to change some things obviously but i think the reason 

they adapted this into a book and not into a movie is just because robert de niro and those amazing actors while incredible actors and legends of their time and their older movies will forever be classics and things like that they don't have the poll in the audience and the theaters 

you know netflix came out said recently they're not going to fund things like the irishman anymore um so these kind of more auteur driven projects with these incredible cast and actors are not something that you're gonna see a lot of so that's why i say movies like amsterdam coming out 

you should really make it a priority if you like those types of movies to go see that i know david will wrestle uh i think that's his name the guy who did the fighter who's directing amsterdam is a piece of in his own right but i mean just you know take that out of the equation if you like these types of movies we got to go out and support them um and you know maybe this is where 

we'll get sequels to some of these movies that would have had sequels but also you have to understand about kimmer not in the best of health so they and stuff like that i still think that they could have catch younger people because it is a prequel because they wouldn't have to do a lot in the story 

but you know i just don't think they would have ever gotten to making a sequel especially under disney this is an incredible book and sequel to the movie it's got some issues uh with how like certain characters meet up throughout the story 

It's a little too coincidental but for the most part i think it really works is it as good as the first movie um probably not but it's a good book that adds on to the first movie without hurting anything in the first movie it's.

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