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Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey Pdf Download


Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey Pdf Download

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Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey Pdf Download

Details of Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey Book 

  • Book Name: Fix Her Up
  • Authors:  Tessa Bailey
  • Pages: 350 
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Contemporary romance, Humor
  • Publish Date: 11 June 2019
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey this is going brother's best friend i've been unintentionally reading so many of these recently and i can't say i'm mad about it but basically travis was the absolute star of the baseball team whenever he was in high school and he ended up going on to play professionally in the MLB 

Georgie has been in love with him for her entire life like head over heels undying unrequited eternal love for travis but of course he has absolutely no idea because he's just her older brother's best friend and she's always just been that little kid that's there you know how it goes with 

This trope but now georgie is grown up she's 23 years old and georgie is an entertainer of sorts uh this part of the story was honestly very odd to me even even at the end i'm still like why why did 

This have to be the thing uh georgie is a clown quite literally um she works children's birthday parties so she does like lots of different things she loves kids and it's like her biggest passion to be around kids entertain kids but she is literally a clown like 

She goes dressed up as a clown she like paints their faces she does activities with them and she absolutely loves it and she's been able to make like a pretty good living off of doing that and now at the beginning of this story 

We find out that travis even though he did have a really good run in the mlb he was a huge star he had a really horrible injury happened to him that pretty much just like made it the end of his career he got released by his team 

He's over he's 28 and he's retired he has enough money to last the rest of his lifetime but like obviously being a professional athlete like that's something you work up to your entire life it's something you like look forward to 

So it's obviously going to be a very big like shock and trauma to you to just be like ripped out of that so quickly and like at 28 years old be like what the heck am i going to do with the rest of my life now that i have all the money in the world and i can do anything i want like it's a very uh it's a very big jarring thing to happen so travis at the beginning of this story 

Has just come back to this small town where he's obviously like a superstar everywhere but in this small town like he's a mega superstar like all the ladies love them everybody all the guys love them everyone's like oh my god travis ford he's back in town and travis is not doing well of course 

He is trying to figure out his next steps in life and everyone is babying him except for georgie the start of the story is basically her like storming into his house being like travis get your together like life has to go on you're gonna mope around forever 

You're gonna do nothing you're just gonna like live in your filth and eat pizza and just get fat and go to the bar every night and just drink away your sorrows like you're better than that come on get your together uh travis is super annoyed by her is like leave me alone 

There's a lot of like banter back and forth but yes the story is dual point of view so we get to see it from both of their sides and then that's kind of how the story starts after that we really get a look inside of georgie's head to understand what she's been going through like i said she does have this successful 

Little party business but it's really just a one-woman show at this point and she's looking to expand she wants to make it into a full-blown like business where she has like contractors and stuff to run these parties 

But she's just really struggling in this town because she's always just been known as like the youngest castle sibling and like so many people just look at her as a child and quite literally as a clown like she just feels like nobody thinks of her as an adult nobody takes her seriously and she finds it very frustrating 

She's always kind of been like excluded within her family because they run a family business she's the only person that's not like a part of that business and like 

She just has a hard time being a part of the discussion like at family dinners just like getting her voice heard like her siblings her parents still look at her as like the little baby sister when she's 23 now like she's an adult and she deserves to be a part of the conversation 

So that's really what she's struggling with like finding her next step like getting the opportunity to expand this business and for people to like take her seriously and get more clients yadda while that is going on Georgie's side Travis kind of like subconsciously non-Subcon.