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Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin

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Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin Pdf Download

Details of Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin Book

  • Book Name: Ayesha at Last 
  • Authors: Uzma Jalaluddin
  • Pages: 484
  • Genre: Romance novel, Humorous Fiction 
  • Publish Date:  12 June 2018
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin this book is basically a retelling of a very loose retelling to be quite honest with you of jane austen's pride and prejudice and since i'm not good in relaying synopsis from my head 

Let me just read it from the back aisha shamsi has a lot going on her dreams of being a poet have been set aside for a teaching job so she can pay off her debts to her wealthy uncle she lives with her boisterous muslim family and is always being reminded that 

her flighty younger cousin hofsta is close to rejecting her hundredth marriage proposal though aisha is lonely she doesn't want an arranged marriage then she meets khalid who is just as smart and handsome as 

he is conservative and judgmental she is irritatingly attracted to someone who looks down on her choices and dresses like he belongs in the 7th century 

when a surprise engagement is announced between khalid and hafsah aisha is torn between how she feels about the straightforward khalid and the unsettling new gossip she hears about his family looking into the rumors she finds 

she has to deal with with not only what she discovers about khalid but also the truth she realizes about herself basically my rating for this book is five out of five i completely fell irrevocably in love with it this book 

so much fun to read i read i read it like in a day i just sped through it the writing the prose everything was just so easy for me to read it's so funny it's so fun and in terms of characters obviously i love khalid and aisha and the reason why i love them is because khalid is just so he's so pious he's 

so honest about everything especially his religion so he likes to use a kurta and he likes to wear like copia or a skull cap and then he's just honest he keeps his beard because it's sunnah and then he's just honest about it he tells people 

how it is whilst being respectful whereas aisha is more on the liberal side of religion basically she doesn't mind that her best friends drink or whatever it's kind of like kinda like me basically you do you fam 

you do you and it's so much fun to see how they interact with each other one is a conservative one is a liberal and see how their views change each other basically change for the better not change for the worse 

like with aisha she sees that you know khalid does have his merits of being honest and true to his principles and with khalid he sees that you know what maybe once in a while it's okay for me to be accommodating 

to please other people to be diplomatic you know and not be so dogmatic about my religion and how he practices it and the reason that he realizes that he needs to be more how to say more diplomatic is because he goes into trouble at work and the reason for that is because of his new boss sheila 

who for some reason finds issues with muslim men who decide to follow their religion and honestly i don't like this character sheila not that she's badly written it's just because i don't like that she's a bit racist 

i'm not sure what is the religion term for racism so i'm just going to put it as racism she says that she does not trust khalid because she has she knows those type of men who are like sexist and so on and so forth the stereotypical type of muslim men you know and she says that that's 

because she has experienced it when she worked in saudi arabia where the men were sexist and she wasn't allowed to like walk out of her compound alone because obviously she's a woman and in my point of view i find that a bit ludicrous for her to think that way because first of 

all you accepted a job in saudi arabia saudi arabia one of the like most conservative countries in the world on the planet you know so it's kind of like you accept a job in saudi arabia yet you're surprised that you cannot follow your liberal ways your liberal views in another country 

where the people have different culture how they see things are differently so it's like what did you expect sheila what did you expect if you chose a job let's say in the united states and you encounter these types of muslim mens who are sexist when they're not supposed to be it's not their 

culture in that country then fine but you did go to another country one of the most conservative countries and yet you find it baffling that they're sexist towards you so i don't agree with her there and then she starts to like make life hard for khalid basically another character that i truly adore in 

this book is ayesha's grandmother nani and the reason why i like her so much is because she's actually a budding detective not really budding she's actually a good detective she used to study to be a police woman 

but because she got pregnant she decided to forgo that line of you know profession and i find it so much fun that she uses her intellect to find out like the gossip without actually gossiping about it because it's not 

her style and i wish and i really really hope that the author kind of made a spin-off like nani detective like on the case it will be so cute it'll be so much fun and um what else can i talk about 

this book i've already talked about the characters why i like it and then yeah okay another thing that i would like to say is i like how the author portrays different types of muslims there's conservative muslims of course like khalid and his family and there you have and also you have 

like semi-liberal muslims like ayisha and her family liberal muslims who don't even follow the religion like amir i think his name amir hafsan is a bit 50 50 there's also like muslims who are not very good you know 

like arik who is a douchebag i'm not going to spoil anything but he is a douchebag and then you can i like how um the author portrays all these different types of muslims because it's true it's like yes their religion is islam but sometimes they choose not to practice it and sometimes you know they're 50 

50 about it and it's it's true to life basically because not every muslim is the same not every muslim is a conservative not every muslim is a liberal or some muslims actually are not muslims anymore and they're atheists or they're just pretending to be muslims because it's easier for their life 

so i like how she portrays different types of people even though they're all muslims um in terms of uh what do you call it this book being a retelling of pride and prejudice the first few parts of the stories like i think 60 

you don't really see it you see it you see slight similarities but it's not like beat for beat uh uh beat for beat for pride and prejudice until like towards the end like the first the i mean sorry the last two to three chapters then 

you can really see how it is very similar to pride and prejudice but other than that it's it's its own unique story and it's really fun i definitely recommend you guys to read it five out of five best book i've read in 2020.

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