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The Heart of Stone by Ben Galley

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The Heart of Stone by Ben Galley Pdf Download

Details of The Heart of Stone by Ben Galley Book 

  • Book Name: The Heart of Stone 
  • Authors: Ben Galley
  • Pages: 454 
  • Genre: Fantasy Fiction, High fantasy, Dark fantasy
  • Publish Date: March 30, 2017
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Heart of Stone by Ben Galley this book showed war the damage done to the country and the endless toil of the lower-class one phrase used in this book to highlight this really quite well is flows downhill 

You see this from both sides of the fighting the common soldier on either side is neither good nor evil and this is really shown on quite well you begin to become sympathetic to both sides the lower classes are basically just being shat on by the upper class and you begin to feel for both sides 

There's really nothing glamorous about this war there is magic in this world but it's not delved into too deeply task is kept alive by old magic is how he was created however old magic is feared and seems to have vanished from the world there's also magic to do with seeing 

The future and getting inside people's thoughts however this magic is a little bit more common and is definitely mistrusted so the pacing of this book was quite interesting it did feel slow at the start and came back 

Now I finished the book I understand why it was slower there's so much history to this wall that needs building up before you can start getting all the details and that only becomes apparent towards the end once you've learned everything however the last 20 ish percent of the book was 

So fast-paced that I just could not bear to put it down I made a note and I think it was 82% on my Kindle that's the point Mary sat down and finished the book the last 20% or

So was absolutely fantastic however at the end of the conflict there was a new conflict introduced now this thing that was worked out had massive implications for the whole world and yet 

I don't feel like we touched upon it enough this is going to change things for everyone and then that was the end of the book this is a standalone but Ben galley has hinted that we may go back to see stories about other people in this world and for one

I think I will be interested in reading those so that was my review for the heart of stone.