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Made in Manhattan by Lauren Layne Pdf Download

Details of Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey Book 

  • Book Name: Fix Her Up
  • Authors:  Tessa Bailey
  • Pages: 350 
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Contemporary romance, Humor
  • Publish Date: 11 June 2019
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Made in Manhattan by Lauren Layne this review with that because i do think that for the first time lauren lane has put out a book and i have been disappointed and that makes me sad so this book which comes out on tuesday is called made in manhattan and it is a gender swap of the my fair lady plot essentially and that is how the book is built and right off the bat 

This starts off on uh not so great but for me i don't like the idea of my fair lady i mean audrey hepburn obviously is a national treasure but i just the plot of that does not really speak to me is something that i'm particularly interested in so i was not super excited for this book from the beginning in 

This there is upper east side savant violet she is the daughter of two people who left her with a giant trust fund they have since died as has her grandmother who raised her and she is basically working doing everything for a woman named edith who after her grandmother and parents died basically raised her after that 

So she considers edith to be family even though they're not blood related and edith in the last year has had her only son die from substance abuse and she thought that her giant major conglomerate company was going to have to go into the hands of a total stranger 

When it was her late husband's super wish for it to go to a family member come to find out that her late son who was definitely a hard partier hard drinker all that in fact had a son of his own um who he had been paying child support to but not otherwise recognized who lives now in new orleans and so edith brings him to new york and tasks violet with making 

This new orleans they call him at one point like a new orleans backwater hick into a you know high-powered fancy suit-wearing new york corporate type the surprise grandson's name is kane and he wants nothing to do with the transformation but he does want the money and the company and he signs on with violet for that reason and that reason alone but he is going to fight her every step of the way you know i finished 

This book several days ago and i'm gonna be honest i i've been having such a hard time thinking about what the disconnect was for me and i think one of them was definitely the characters violet and kane both have personalities that i think you need a little bit to warm up to kane is a very typical like grumpy 

With a heart of gold male protagonist for a romance but he is at some point really mean to violet and you know he apologizes later and clearly is upset by his own behavior but it just was not a good look for him the way that he also treats edith again not a good look and violet in the beginning is very as even the book says it she's like if blair from gossip girl was real except for not very catty just like the perfect upper east side automaton 

This is part of violet's character development as the book goes on she realizes that since her parents and her grandmother have died she's really just been going through the motions and living the life she thinks they wanted her to have or that she thinks she should have and that she needs to you know go back to finding what makes her feel alive and what she's interested in in her life again i when i say it i'm like 

Makes sense for this book but the book never gets there all the way it's like it's saying here's the character development that is occurring but i never really feel it there was something with these characters that i just didn't connect with and i think too having read so much of lauren lane's stuff i know that she can do characters better than 

This and to serve with love which again was last year's book did the same thing where you only get violet's perspective you never get canes and this is because there will be a twist at some point where if you could get the dude's pov same thing and to serve with love it 

Would give it away which is weird because you can guess it from a mile away it's a romance novel it's fairly telegraphed that aside so you only get violet's perspective but in to serve with love the female protagonist in that one has a personal journey to go on has a family connection to grow with and it's really really well done 

So i normally like the duo pov but in to serve with love i was like oh this actually can be done really well because there's a lot of incredible character development going on here violet never gets there again it's like she says you know i'm becoming a stronger person i'm becoming more certain with myself i'm you know beginning to realize 

What i want as a person but you never really feel it you know just because you're telling me that it's happening doesn't mean that it feels like it actually is her and kane's relationship again they have like one scene where you start to see the walls kind of coming down and then the pacing is so weird after that that again 

If you're trying to have a romance where it's like building up to the eventual you know getting together again it just feels choppy and it feels weird and maybe honestly.