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Science and Technology by Ravi P Agrahari PDF Free


Science and Technology by Ravi P Agrahari PDF Free

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Science and Technology by Ravi P Agrahari PDF Download 

Details of Science and Technology by Ravi P Agrahari pdf

  • Book Name: Science and Technology (5th edition)
  • Authors: Ravi P Agrahari 
  • Pages: 103
  • Genre: Science & Technology 
  • Publish Date: 01 August 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Science and Technology is one of the most obscure subjects in GS Paper 3 and preparing for it is a nightmare even for students with science background.

The best strategy would be: Do not waste much time and energy on this as the time required to cover different topics may be huge while the profit will be minimal.

I and many others did not pay much attention to this topic and focused only on Big Bang events like Mangalyaan, overuse of antibiotics, Nobel Prize winners etc.

I have bought two books in science and innovation.. one this book by Dr. Ravi and other esencia-science and innovation by Dr. HS Sidhu.

Subsequent to going through these books I might want to say that the two books are expected for UPSC planning as in IAS PRE 2020 out of 11 inquiries of Sci n tech part...7 questions were from esencia-Science and innovation by HS Sidhu Sir and 3 inquiries were fron Sci n tech by Ravi Sir.

just a single book can't fill the need. Since which points are absent in the one book are written in the other, certain subjects are very much made sense of in esencia - Science and innovation and certain subjects are great in Dr. Ravi,s book.

In addition Esencia likewise covers fundamental Physics and science which are deficient in this book. Dr. Ravi's book contains the earlier year questions moreover. In esencia each subject is made sense of from fundamental to cutting edge level as psyche maps and with many charts.

so in nutshell one shouldn't consider both these books as the different ones rather these books ought to be considered as vol 1(esencia - Science and innovation) and vol 2 (Science and innovation by Dr. ravi) .

so one must initially go through vol 1(esencia - Science and innovation) and afterward through vol 2 (Science and innovation by Dr. ravi).'

About the Author

Dr. Ravi P. Agrahari, a Ph.D. from IIT, Delhi, is a beneficiary of the Junior Research Fellowship and Senior Research Fellowship from CSIR, Government of India. He is filling in as a Research Scientist at IIT, Delhi starting around 2015. Shri Agrahari Baig additionally functions as an autonomous advisor in the field of Environment, Renewable and Sustainable Energy, and Biogas issues at Energy Research Society, Varanasi. 

He is an energy master and has distributed different papers in many presumed worldwide diaries. He has partaken in numerous worldwide gatherings in Sweden and France. Dr. Agrahari is known for his ability in "Natural Science" and "Science and Technology" and has composed a few books on it for UPSC tests. 

He has been showing UPSC and CSIR/UGC NET/GATE competitors for over 17 years. During his 17 years in length showing experience, he has shown in excess of 50 rumored training organizations for common administration assessments in excess of 15 provinces of India.