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Acts of God by Kanan Gill Pdf Download

The mountain is you pdf free

The mountain is you pdf free

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The mountain is you pdf free download

Details of The mountain is you Pdf 

  • Book Name: The mountain is you
  • Authors: Brianna Wiest
  • Pages: 248 
  • Genre: Self-help book
  • Publish Date: May 29, 2020
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The mountain is you written by Brianna west, dressed itself sabotage and i was kind of feeling the same way this book is about 260 pages it's written for a general audience so I think everybody will take something away 

So the first concept is that really see a problem for what it is and not just address the issues on the surface this may take some deep analysis it might take a while an example of this would be 

Let's say your spouse is complaining or finding problems to argue with you about all the time and you're thinking oh this is silly she's just looking for something to do 

But another possibility is that she is projecting her stress onto you and so one way to release the stress is to find ways or to observe what is going on that's causing the stress and find ways to alleviate

It and help her become the happy person that she can be a second related concept is that people's relationships and situations may change but if we always arrive at the same outcome then perhaps 

We're the problem and then we need to change ourselves before the outcome can be any different number three is that um sometimes we find ourselves lost because we're in a situation that doesn't really fit us 

When we are in a situation that is right for us everything becomes very clear and flows very easily so an example of this would be let's say that we were deeply in love with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend 

But we always argued and we didn't like the same things and when even after it didn't work out we're searching within ourselves 

If i just did this or if this was different then maybe things would have been different and it's really hard to see but when you're with the right person or 

When you eventually find the right person it becomes very obvious that was a situation that did not fit you the fourth concept which i felt was the most important 

It's really simple is that if you can clearly define what your goals are then you know what you have to do or not do so for example if your goal is to lose weight next time 

When you go and reach for that can of coke or that ice cream you know that hey this is contradictory to my goal and therefore i should not do it number five just start so this concept is that sometimes 

We think that we're not good enough or that other people are much better at doing something than what we are and so we shouldn't bother at all but in actuality everybody had to start somewhere 

So let's go back to the weight loss example if you can just motivate yourself to start and you know nobody's expecting you to run 5k you know the first day 

But if you just start stretching and you work on it every day and you improve upon it every day it's going to help you reach your goal and the thought of being inferior or not good enough shouldn't hinder 

From starting something number six is to get organized so let's say before you start work you want to go ahead and clean up your desk make sure that all the clutter is gone and that way 

When you get into work you're clearly focused on your work and everything is as it should be and you don't have any distractions and this is 
True in life if our apartment or our house is dirty 

It's harder to for us to move around in the morning find what we need and get out the door but if everything is organized and neat and we're supposed to be 

It's very easy for us to navigate through our house in the morning and so that's all i have for you but i have to say that just by starting to read again 

It actually helped me get in the mindset of being more productive so hopefully this helped you.