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Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte pdf download


Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte pdf download

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Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte pdf download 

Details of Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte pdf

  • Book Name: Jane Eyre
  • Authors: Charlotte Bronte
  • Pages: 404
  • Genre: Novel, Romance novel, Gothic fiction, Bildungsroman, Social criticism
  • Publish Date: 16 October 1847
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte This book is loved by so many people but I just kind of want to devote an entire week to it maybe its a good chance for you to reread it or if haven't read it yet maybe this is a good time to start. 

This is my copy of Jane Eyre it's kind of a weird Penguin edition but I love this mass paperback size. I read this book when I was at University I wrote an essay on it but I don't really remember a lot and I can’t remember 

if I read the entire thing but I have seen the adaptations so many times so I'm quite familiar with the story. 

I feel like when you review a classic novel people sometimes expect you to sort of really break it down and talk about the historical background and almost kind of teach it as a sort of lesson on the book 

but what I really want to do is just talk about my personal experience of reading Jane Eyre if you want a more detailed breakdown I suggest you check out the Jane Eyre episodes from crash course literature. 

Jane Eyre is about a young girl called Jane Eyre when she was younger her aunt was sort of forced to take her in because she was an orphan and then she sent her off to this school for girls called Lowood. 

It's strict, it's cold, the girls don't get a lot of food and in general, they sort of have a miserable time there but Jane sort of manages to make the best of the situation she’s always very rebellious but obviously at the schools just she has to tone that down and learn how to be quiet. 

She gets a good education and eventually becomes a teacher there and when she's 18 she decides that she wants to advertise as a governess so she can see a little bit more of the world. 

So she ends up at Thornfield Hall where she is the governess to a young french girl called Adele and she lives there with the caretaker house Mrs. Fairfax and then one day when she is out to bring a letter to a nearby town she runs into someone or he sort of runs into her because he is on a horse, the horse stumbles and he falls off his horse. 

She helps this mysterious stranger back on his horse while he accuses her of being a witch. They both go on their merry way but when she comes back to Thornfield Hall she realizes that that is Mr. Rochester the man who owns Thornfield Hall. 

He seems a bit grumpy and a bit rude but as they spend time together turns out they get along quite well meanwhile there are also some mysterious things happening in Thornfield Hall and I’m going to stop here 

because I don't give too much away but there is a lot more going on because quite a big book my edition has about 600 pages. First of all Charlotte Bronte published this book under the pseudonym Currer Bell which is either a male pseudonym or a neutral pseudonym. 

What I found quite interesting and that there are a lot of instances of Jane talking about how she wishes that women do the same things that men do just go out and just have an exciting life and not be stuck at home and it’s quite interesting to think about how people at the time would have perceived this if they had known it was written by a woman or they thought it was written by a man. 

I found Jane a very pleasant character she's very smart she really likes to observe people and figure out their personalities she seems very stable from a younger age she sort of has this rage inside and she wants to burst free. 

The setting is really remote Thornfield Hall is very quiet and empty most of the time and it makes it a really good setting for creepy stuff to happen but Jane Eyre's life, in general, is quite lonely and limited she used to live with her aunt and then she went to Lowood and then she went to Thornfield Hall 

like she says she's never really seen a lot of the world before although she does fantasize about it and then to contrast that there is Mr. Rochester who has been all across the world and he has all these amazing stories about far away countries. 

One of my favorite bits is when Jane is talking about how she's never really seen a hot guy before but she bets that if she would ever see one she would know gives you a good idea of like how limited her contact with the outside world has been which is also something that comes up in the book quite a lot where she talks about the theme of if you haven’t experienced a lot,

if you're quite plain or if you're younger does it make you less than anyone else? Especially with the treatment of children at Lowood where they're just kind of like “mmm kids don't really have feelings 

so its okay they just need to learn how to behave and be quiet” and I feel like a lot of the book is Jane fighting for her little place in the world. 

I also like that when she first meets Mr Rochester and he's being kind of rude her first reaction is that's very exciting cuz I imagine if he would have been very polite that would've been quite boring at least that's the way to bring the excitement to my life. 

Because the little girl Adele is French and Mr Rochester speaks French and Jane speaks French there is quite a bit of French in this book and there were sometimes just entire paragraphs in French and if you don't speak French you can just skip it and you'll be fine you might miss a couple phrases but you’ll get the general gist of what's going on. 

It's fine to not know everything and it kind of puts you right in that place and it feels a lot more real than if the narrator goes “well actually this is what they just said, I'll just translate it for you”. 

A lot of the quotes on the back of my copy talk about love quite a lot and I don't feel like this book is as much about love as people think it is. There are lots of problematic things in this book especially romanticizing

 Mr Rochester which is sort of totally understandable and while I think it’s really interesting to read about sort of the deep connection that Mr. Rochester and Jane have it’s always good to think things over while you're reading it. 

This is a book that I can see myself reading over and over again in years to come. I love the story, I really enjoy the writing, there are so many different themes being discussed. I actually think that this could be a great starter classic even though it is quite big it's not that hard to read.

You don't have a bunch of different characters and sort of a nonlinear story. I’m looking at you Wuthering Heights and I feel like there are a lot of things that any teenager or adult could relate to. 

Those are my thoughts on Jane Eyre I really, really enjoyed reading it again and while I reading I was sort of doubting how much I'd actually read of it before. I really wish I could read it for the first time again.

So in the comments it would be great if you could avoid posting spoilers and if you do want to kind of discuss something about the end maybe put spoilers in all caps and have a couple of open lines and then it’ll just disappear under the read more bit.

Another fun thing that will be going on this week is that if you tweet using #JaneEyreWeek whether it is sharing your favorite quote from the book or sharing a picture of your copy or just talking about Jane Eyre in general everyone that uses the hashtag is automatically entering themselves

In a competition to win a really cool Jane Eyre poster just basically the text of I think the first couple chapters of Jane Eyre with an image of Jane and Mr. Rochester sort of in the middle of that.