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One Day Life Will Change Free PDF Download


One Day Life Will Change Free

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One Day Life Will Change Free PDF Download

Details of One Day Life Will Change Book

  • Book Name: One Day Life Will Change
  • Authors: Saranya Umakanthan
  • Pages: 224
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publish Date: 1 March 2020
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The world is functioning normally as always. But we form our own perspective of this world based on our experiences. If a family member behaves a certain way, we assume that many people are like that. We tend to judge the ways of the world based on our past experiences. 

Especially when we have experienced a break up or heartbreak we find it difficult to trust people. This book is all about how trusting people can change our lives. Saranya Umakanthan has written a book titled One Day, Life will change. We have already reviewed one of her books for our Book Show. 

This book is a National Best Seller. Our heroine is struck in a turbulent marriage. But breaking up the marriage is a big deal. Just like how we don't know what we want. we have never learnt to say No to things that we don't want right from our childhood. 

Just like how the mother feeds the kid more than he needs even if he says no. We tend to stay in a toxic relationship despite the fact that it hurts until it becomes too painful. Similarly, Samaira is struck in a bad marriage in which both her husband and mother-in-law constantly find fault with her She loves to sing, but even that is being mocked constantly. 

Finally, she decides that the relationship won't work out for her. But she doesn't inform her parents because as per our society marriage is a big deal... Even if the girl is not happy at her in-law's place returning home is never an option. 

This is the case in a lot of families. So, the girl will not have the strength to take a decision. Samaira finds it difficult to open up to her parents. But finally, she tells her parents, gets divorced and returns back home. 

Unfortunately, her parents and her brother die in an accident shortly after that. We want our parents to accept us. just like how we ran to our parents when we had problems as kids. 

That trust in our parents is always there even after we become adults. We feel that our parents will accept us eventually. How would we feel if we lose them? She loses all hope in life after the death of her family members.

Here marriage life was a mess. She doesn't have anything or anyone with her except her house. But due to issues with relatives she had to sell the house as well. to settle off the debts of her parents. and there is no hope left for her to live.

Fortunately, she bumps into our hero accidentally while walking on the road. Our hero saves Samaira while she is stranded on the road. and she gets a chance to save someone else later. A lady who is pregnant suffers in traffic. while she is due for delivery. 

The arrival of a VIP leads to the woman being struck in heavy traffic. The chances of her going to the hospital is very less because of that. The lady screams even as her husband is clueless. Our heroine and another doctor rush to help her and they both get to witness the birth of her child. 

Samaira realizes that her mother would have also gone through the same difficulty while giving birth to her. She realizes how special her life is. Suppose if there had been an accident or if there was no one to help, the child would not have been born. and it would not have seen this world. Samaira realizes that she had been given the gift of life. 

She takes a strong decision to not miss this life. She applies for a job. The one who is going to interview her and be her new boss, employer and owner is our hero who saved Samaira on the road. His name is Vivian. The fact that they meet other in the office daily leads to a beautiful chemistry. But there is fear as well because the scars of the past relationships always affect the present. 

The pain inflicted by the one who left might sow a seed of doubt in the current relationship. After a certain point Samaira decides to tell Vivian that the chances of their bond turning into a relationship is less. Just like how many of us feel that love and relationship will never work out for us. 

She tells the same to our hero. Love or a relationship isn't just filled with highs like butterflies in the stomach. We would have our own fears regarding a relationship and we would not know how to get rid of it. 

We would lose our hope on people. But we need to rekindle that hope within and if some third person is very supportive of that... it will boost us a lot. Vivian is one such person. Samaira loved to sing but her ex-husband and mother in law never supported her. Vivian expresses his admiration for Samaira's singing talent during one of the office festival celebrations. 

But trauma of her past begins to bother her. She tears up and faints on the stage itself. She realizes that someone is helping to get rid of her fears and joins a singing competition. 

The rest of the story is about how she regains hope and trust on love and life. In the meanwhile, Vivian's Mom chooses a girl for him hoping that he will be happy with her. Most of our parents have this thought. They think that we don't know what is good for us. and they want us to do as per their wish. 

But sometimes we have our own desires Fulfilling those desires will make us happy. If we don't take up the job or marry a person that our parents want... we might end up hurting up our parents. We often think this way and give up on our happiness. 

But this might not always work out because if we are happy, our parents will be happy Because if we take up a job of their choice and suffer they might feel bad for making us suffer. And if you get into an unhappy marriage because of your parents, you are betraying yourself apart from betraying them. 

You are not doing any good for yourself. You won't be able to give 100 percent love and attention to your partner. In the same way Vivan's Mom chooses a girl for Vivan and expresses her wish of getting the girl married to her son. 

The girl's parents had died in an accident and she is all alone and Vivan's Mom feels that the girl would be perfect for Vivian. Vivian's Mom even talks about this to Samaira. Vivian's Mom also tells Samaira that she would forget her difficulties and be happy if the union happens. 

Though Samaira loves our hero a lot. She thinks about giving up her love to fulfil the wish of Vivian's Mom. The rest of the story is about whether Vivian and Samaira get their happy ending. Usually break ups and heartbreaks makes us hate the opposite gender and life itself. 

Apart from expecting someone else to fill that void. We should be prepared to change. For we are also part of this big bad world But it doesn't mean that we are bad. Just like how we trust ourselves, we should learn to trust others hoping that they are like us. When we get into a relationship after learning to trust people again... we will also develop beautifully. 

A relationship should always bring out the best in us and not our worst. Saryana has written a beautiful story about the perils of bringing out our bad side She also talks about frustration of not being able to bring out the good side.