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Young Mungo by Douglas Stuart Pdf Download 

Details of Young Mungo by Douglas Stuart Book

  • Book Name: Young Mungo
  • Authors: Douglas Stuart
  • Pages: 367
  • Genre: Romance Fiction
  • Publish Date: Apr 5, 2022
  • Language: English
Book review:

Young Mungo by Douglas Stuart this book everyone wants to know everyone's opinion on it and the question truly has been revolving around is it better or worse than shaggy bane personally 

I don't really think that is a question that needs to be asked if you liked shuggie bing you were going to like young mungo if you like young mungo you're going to like shaggy bane similarities are stark and we'll talk about a few of those a bit later but i don't think anyone should be too surprised in 2020 

When he won the booker prize he said he already had his novel lined up it was already raring to go the only way i can describe it is that i think it's a bit like chuck palahniuk's dilemma which was he wrote invisible monsters 

First but couldn't get it published because of the content and then after having a success was then able to bring it out young mungo is a harder hitting comparison to shaggy bane but shaggy bane i don't think anyone could say despite if you like it or not really hit the home run 

So what did young man go about no mango begins in media rise we don't know what's happened we just know how he has got you and this is the may after the climactic events that happen in the second half mungo is moving around in a corral of shifty men to say the least and the men know mungo because of his mum momo 

Who's part of alcoholics anonymous this is a criticism that i had with shaggy bane and this just might be stewart's righted style this isn't for me i think the end of young mungo and i think the end of shogi bane close off in a very rounded way starting at the end is a bold move for most authors i just don't think stuart can do it but what stuart can do is evoke the sense of glasgow and he does this especially with his use of dialogue 

So i need no really need if i see one more person say this online i'm going to flip this book is written in a scottish dialect it is not written in scots scots is a language scotish is a dialect and to break it down i have a welsh dialect but i am not speaking welsh it's not scots it's not written in scots it start promoting it as a scots work it ain't scott educate yourself people 

I can't tell you the amount of people who've said scots like really like frustrates the living hell out of me it's like when i speak to publishers and when they want to send me things have to question is wales in the uk i i cannot tell you how much my ancestral blood of the active union like boils up but 

I think if you speak scots and you hear people say young mungo's written in scots and it's not written in scots i can't imagine like the fury of it not scott and another thing i would like to question is the choice of cover no it's not for the reasons you are thinking 

Actually i quite love how audacious how blatant this cover is two men in a sloppy embrace in a nightclub we've all been there it's a grand time young mungo however is is like 13. are we sure especially as one of the the many cogs that stewart is trying to maneuver within this novel is that what happens when mungo reaches 16. 

How is his relationship between nathaniel james going to prosper but young mungo can be seen as a retelling of romeo and juliet one of the greatest love stories ever written in the english language according to some definitely not me if you started Shakespeare 

I did my entire university degree just on bbc bite size just getting like the most basic quotes possible i i don't i don't like shakespeare i i just don't like him let's reel myself back in the point of trying to make is that i've seen romeo and juliet posters with two adults snogging galore 

I don't really backed an eyelid at it and maybe that's the commentary there and i have to say i'm not back in an eyelid at this i love it i love this girl i equally have adored how many people have been absolutely riled by 

It why you didn't want to live too oh let's get a grip but i wanted to emphasize that i think it's an interesting look into how covers really can change your perception of what we expect from a book so what can we expect from young mango well

If you take the cover off it's just shuggy bang mungo just like shaggy babe implements stewart's sprawling narrative tactics there's a constant shift within the narrative and stuart definitely has something for readers to chew on there's never a dull moment this is a fast-paced book in comparison to shaggy bane also within young mango 

The shifts change quickly there are handbrake turns in the once known stab city that just took me uh a little bit too far one of the most graphic and violent is when young man go witnesses a man beat his wife and we move from the perspective of mango into the wife into the wife beater 

I just don't think stuart can juggle all those pieces they are a lot of topics and there are a lot of subjects that don't really get any time of day as stuart is too busy propelling the story than just letting us wait a little i wanted to learn more about the family dynamic 

I wanted to learn more about the rival football clubs i wanted to learn more about the protestant and catholic divide within glasgow but instead oh i got a soliloquy about a bloody sloth machine and we spent so much time with mungo feeding the doves it could have been an interval of young mango going 

Tender mate my auntie uncle and cousins are all glaswegian and anytime they put like money in birthday cards and send it to us there's always there's always banter back forth be like are you sure this just isn't like monopoly money but when i've gone to pay with like a scottish tenor and i've been in retail 

So i've been on the received end there's always this um nervous anticipation between between the person paid and the cashier of is this real if you've ever been in that predicament don't worry within the local vicinity there will always be a scotsman nearby and he'll hoist up his kilt and he'll bring out his skin do going yeah done it 

Here that's legal tender mate you know what no nobody while we're here i get a comparison a lot of that i look like count dankell let me let me try sounding like uh i get then you say that's legal tender mate no no we're just guys with beards and we wear hats that's the only comparison to me and count dankula 

I don't even look like him well we've gone off on the tangent here but i think this is a good place to end and in the style of stuart.