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The Reluctant Countess By Eloisa James PDF Download


The Reluctant Countess By Eloisa James

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The Reluctant Countess By Eloisa James PDF Download 

Details of The Reluctant Countess By Eloisa James Book

  • Book Name: The Reluctant Countess
  • Authors: Eloisa James
  • Pages: 380
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction
  • Publish Date: 29 November 2022
  • Language: English

Book review:

The Reluctant Countess By Eloisa James this book we have a really cool heroine Yasmin I want to say her last name is uh visionnaire visiony something like that uh Yasmin and she has a really cool backstory so we find out about her mother Mabel was a British you know lady literally lady you know the title status and she becomes the mistress to Napoleon Bonaparte so you know scandalous 

This book takes place in 1816 and yeah the backstory was just really cool so Yasmin not only just has this um tainted history because of the um like the sort of sins of the mother like the repercussions of what her mother has done or hasn't done uh Yasmin is also faced with a little minor Scandal when she is 15 or 16. 

That has sort of influxed her ideals her ideology how she presents herself in society so Yasmin is sort of a Freer woman she dresses a little more provocatively she's a little more sex positive I it was hard to tell 

I do not think she was she did she already had a v-card swiped you know she left her scarf at Jake Gyllenhaal's sister's house already you allegedly um so to speak 

So she is a little more free she gets a lot of attention from men and she doesn't bat away from it she makes a joke she's a little more um see with her mind she speaks her mind she's not sort of filtered in in different ways to protect her virtue and mind 

So to speak from being looked down upon by men so she just has this freedom and ability to do more with her life our hero is Guile's and he is completely besmirched by our heroine Yasmin he finds her just really attractive especially that she's not a Wallflower 

So as this very serious kind of shows she's not a wildflower it's a would-be Wallflower she has a different life than what others might be given the option for and those options are a lot better in my opinion but it also puts a little more constraint and sort of a stain on her reputation 

So some things I will note for like the um content warnings I will say there is a little bit of like flat shaming because Society has sort of already put Yasmin in a box where she is tainted 

So you can kind of she it kind of makes her this marketable item to use and there is a scene late kind of halfway past halfway through the book where Giles makes some comments and it makes Yasmine feel as if 

She's being looked down upon she's being belittled she's being objectified without her consent and that's a really big problem for Yasmin so that was one thing to note there is death of a parent as well as family trauma but it's just some really interesting points in this book one thing 

I really enjoyed about the the novel was that there's this really nice sense of realism in the story in the book when we have Guiles and Yasmine have their first um tryst you know hookup so to speak um Jasmine is not into it I marked in my notes she refers to it as disgusting she's like 

I am I want this to be over um and I thought that was interesting so we kind of almost had a woman who in uh in with in like normal everyday situations is very  not risque but very kind of promotes this sex positivity in her life and her lifestyle and how she interacts with men and women and then when she's actually in the physical act of hugs so to speak 

I have to like consent there for YouTube I think um she is a little more like asexual about it she's like I could live without it sort of thing and even at the end of that chapter where they have a really bad first time together she's like well I'll just have to call off this engagement didn't work out you know he probably wants someone that's going to enjoy that  

I don't have I don't have to do anything like that again I've always thought that was really interesting because in so many romances um we have just this like really raw and Bridal passion where um everything comes together and it's magical 

I really like that in this book their first time together was not magical it was bad and Yasmine was so over it I just really I like that element because as someone that grew up reading um more so like contemporary romances like in high school I read a lot of Nicholas Sparks and if I had a dime for every time they had a similar simultaneous and I'd have a lot of money you know because it's just like oh man this has to be written by a dude where they've at the same time magically with the passion and perfect like you know 

I like putting this book it was like that was bad you know like they didn't she didn't have a good time and he was like oh I need to work on that because I was that was rough I'm usually really good I just I like that realism I thought it was really humorous I thought it really brought that element of realism which 

I enjoyed and it just made me really um not only connect to the characters but I rooted for them to have that uh this have this issue resolved and I also was like yeah it wasn't good you know try again if you want if you don't want to it's going to be a short book you know 

but I really I like that I like the having the realism um I like that it was just really honest and truthful and it wasn't just putting on a facade and they worked things out I just I liked it um this was a five-star read for me I absolutely love the writing I loved our heroines backstory not only is she a baddie but she has like this cool like history with um her ex was 

I think he was a real person hypolita hypolito Charles I think he was a real person and I'd like that we had our hero that was really falling in love first for the heroin but Guiles gets beguiled by society and he has to come to terms with that and understand that by putting our heroin in a box it's causing more harm than good 

I really like that so it was a really good book it made me think which sometimes romances are kind of like click my brain off but this one was like I'm engaged in the story I'm enjoying the story but I'm like learning like I'm like having fun with history I know I go on weird tangents all the time 

but I liked it I hope others will like it as well let me know in the comments Below have you read book one or are you picking up book two this book will come out on the 29th of November 

so I wasn't an arc I was in a little early but I will post this on the 29th I don't know if I'm allowed to post it before I'm not sure I'm not sure how they work but yeah love the story.

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