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Essential Sociology by Nitin Sangwan PDF Download


Essential Sociology by Nitin Sangwan PDF Download

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Essential Sociology by Nitin Sangwan PDF Download

Details of Essential Sociology by Nitin Sangwan Book

  • Book Name: Essential Sociology 
  • Authors:  Nitin Sangwan
  • Pages: 704
  • Genre: Education
  • Publish Date: 1 January 2022
  • Language: English

Book review:

Sociology is the study of human society. In this book, author Nitin Sangwan tries to explain the basic concepts of sociology. He explains how we can understand our own lives and those around us by understanding sociological principles. 

The book is divided into three parts. The first part deals with the nature of society and its components. The second part focuses on social change and how societies evolve over time. The third part discusses the role of sociology in modern times.

 The book starts off with a brief introduction about the nature of society. According to Sangwan, society is a group of people who share certain characteristics. 

These characteristics are called traits. Society consists of individuals who have different traits. Society is not static; rather, it changes over time. A society may consist of many groups, each having their own set of traits. 

Societies change over time due to various reasons. One of these reasons is modernization. Modernization refers to the process of adopting new technologies and changing the way of doing things. 

As a result, some old ways of thinking and behaving are replaced by new ones. This process of change is known as social change.

 In the second section, Sangwan talks about the evolution of society. He says that societies evolve over time. There are two types of societies: primitive and advanced. Primitive societies are simple and do not use any technology. 

Advanced societies use technology and have complex systems. Societies evolve over time due to several factors. One of these factors is migration. Migration refers to the movement of people from one place to another. It happens when people move from one country to another. 

Another factor is globalization. Globalization refers to the spread of ideas and practices across countries. It occurs when people adopt similar ideas and practices from other places.

 The last section of the book discusses the role of sociology today. Today, sociology is widely used in education, business, politics, law, and medicine. Sociologists help people understand themselves and others. They also help them make decisions based on facts. They are also responsible for making sure that laws are followed.

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