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BA 2nd Year Political Science Notes in Hindi PDF Download


BA 2nd Year Political Science Notes in Hindi

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BA Second Year Books Pdf Download

Details of BA 2nd Year Political Science  Book

  • Book Name: BA 2nd Year Political Science 
  • Authors: Telugu Academy  
  • Pages: 161
  • Genre: Political Science
  • Publish Date: 20 September 2021
  • Language: English

Book review:

1. Introduction

 The first chapter of my book reviews the history of political science. I discuss how politics have changed over time and how they have evolved. I also talk about the different types of political systems that exist today. In addition, I explain what the purpose of government is and how it affects our lives.

 Chapter two discusses the basic concepts of democracy. I define democracy and describe its characteristics. I also explain the difference between direct and indirect democracies. I then go over the different forms of government including monarchy, oligarchy, and dictatorship. Finally, I discuss the different types of elections including presidential, parliamentary, and popular vote.

 Chapter three explains the importance of public opinion. I begin by defining public opinion and explaining the different ways people express their opinions. I then go over some of the reasons why people hold certain views. I conclude by discussing the role of the press in influencing public opinion.

 Chapter four talks about the structure of governments. I start by describing the different branches of government including executive, legislative, judicial, and administrative. I then discuss the differences between federalism and centralization. I finish by talking about the different levels of government including state, county, city, town, village, and neighborhood.

 Chapter five covers the different types of political parties. I begin by defining a party and explaining the different types of parties. I then go over how parties work and how they influence the government. I end by discussing the different ideologies of parties.

 Chapter six looks at the different types of elections. I begin by defining an election and explaining the different types. I then go over who gets elected and why. I close by discussing the different factors that affect voting behavior.

 Chapter seven discusses the different roles of government. I begin by defining government and explaining the different roles. I then go over what makes a good leader and what qualities make someone qualified to lead. I finish by discussing the different responsibilities of government.

 Chapter eight describes the different types of social movements. I begin by defining social movement and explaining the different types based on their goals. I then go over why people join these groups and what motivates them. I conclude by discussing how social movements change society.

 Chapter nine discusses the different types of conflict. I begin by defining conflict and explaining the different types and causes. I then go over different methods of resolving conflicts. I conclude by discussing different strategies for dealing with conflict.

 Chapter ten discusses the different types of international relations. I begin by defining international relations and explaining the different types including interstate, transnational, and global. I then go over various theories of international relations including realism, liberalism, and constructivism. I finish by discussing how countries interact with each other.

 Chapter eleven discusses the different types of war. I begin by defining war and explaining the different types, causes, and effects. I then go over military strategy and tactics. I conclude by discussing peacekeeping and humanitarian intervention.

 Chapter twelve discusses the different types of law. I begin by defining law and explaining the different types along with their purposes. I then go over legal institutions and how they function. I conclude by discussing human rights and civil liberties.

 Chapter thirteen discusses the different types of economics. I begin by defining economics and explaining the different types such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, and economic policy. I then go over supply and demand and how it influences prices. I conclude by discussing fiscal policy and monetary policy.

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