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The Billionaire’s Wake-up-call Girl by Annika Martin PDF Download


The Billionaire’s Wake-up-call Girl by Annika Martin


The Billionaire’s Wake-up-call Girl by Annika Martin PDF Download 

Details of The Billionaire’s Wake-up-call Girl by Annika Martin Book

  • Book Name: The Billionaire’s Wake-up-call Girl 
  • Authors: Annika Martin
  • Pages: 319
  • Genre: Romance Fiction
  • Publish Date: Oct 1, 2020
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The billionaire's rules again wildly ridiculous set up so the girl in this one her name is mia and she is an employee at a company that delivers lunches to people in office buildings in New York City except for they are dressed up as cats so she has to wear like cat ears and a little like cat apron and it's like a whole like a cat suit it's like 

It's weird and I'm pretty sure that if you actually did that in New York you would end up having to file a harassment suit against at least one person but anyway Mia goes to deliver lunch to this one building and finds out that it is the building of her high school nemesis max hilton who has become a billionaire by writing

This book is basically all about how to lie to women to seduce them essentially and Mia decides to reignite their feud because she thinks that Max has called her to his office to demean her by delivering his food in this cat costume so she decides to use his book on seducing women against him and see if she can use all of his tricks to humiliate him instead of the other way around

It is again ridiculous but it is kind of fun to watch how they both have a plan going into their interactions and it falls apart every single time and they both give as good as they get and it's another wonderful enemy to-lover situation and it's again it's really silly 

I've reread it so there you go so book four I think might be the weakest of the bunch just because it's the one with the most traditional setup I think and also it's the one that uses a trope that I don't particularly like and it's the billionaire's fake fiance you may guess from the title that the setup here is that a billionaire needs a fake fiance and he would be correct so in this one there is rex and Tabitha 

So Tabitha is Rex's hair stylist and she is everything Rex is not she's very bubbly she very lovely she's very friendly and Rex is very stoic and moody and all that jazz and he needs a fake fiance to close a business deal again this is i think the weakest one because this is a billionaire romance plotline that I've read like hundreds of times maybe not hundreds 

But it just feels like this is a very common setup for these billionaire romances I'm not saying that it's bad I just feel like in a sea of books where there a really more interesting setup this one leans back on tradition a little bit more and so if you like fiance books it's very funny it's very sweet it's very lovely but it just lacks the giggly silliness of some of the other setups that 

I've described book five called Return Billionaire to Sender and so while this hasn't really been relevant before these books are connected because a lot of the women live in the same apartment building and in book five there is a billionaire who buys the apartment building and decides that he wants to tear it down turn at the condo and kick everybody 

Who lives there essentially by this point a lot of the women that we've come to know and love have moved out and in with their billionaire lovers who for whatever reason do not step in on this one but I digress again you have to turn off your brain a little bit for the silliness to hit 

You but this one is about Noelle noel a mail carrier and Malcolm, the aforementioned billionaire wants to kick everybody out of this building and Noelle comes up with this idea that she is literally going to kill Malcolm with kindness she does this huge letter campaign this huge like video campaign essentially just like continuing to show up where Malcolm least expects her and trying to convince him through the goodness of his heart not to do it again it's a little bit of a weird setup but because noel is 

So sweet I didn't really like Malcolm I'm going, to be honest with you but Noella's such a fun character and the setup is so funky as a mail carrier she's like I can get anywhere if I just put my postal service costume on and everyone will just let me go which I think is actually true if you saw a postal worker you'd be like yes they're delivering mail 

I don't know why they are personally delivering this letter to this office but sure that's what the mail does so again this one has I think one of the weaker setups because there are a lot of holes you can poke into it but again I think Noelle absolutely saves this book and it's really really sweet 

So the final book right now in the series that just came out is called Just Not That Into Billionaires and the female character in this, her name is Francine and she has shown up in various other books being like how do you all keep finding billionaires Can no one just date a regular person like what is happening in this building right now like where did they all come from 

So she is a dancer and she has just been offered basically the tour of a lifetime as one of the star ballerinas and she goes to apply for a visa to go to Europe and finds out that she's married and she hasn't know she's been married for about 10 years and she accidentally apparently 10 years ago in vegas when 

She was working on a Cirque du Soleil show and married the lighting and sound guy who they absolutely liked had a very contentious relationship um but they had one drunken night in Vegas and they got married and since that time this sound and lights guy named Benny has started his own tech company and is now you guessed it a billionaire shocking i know 

So Francine or Franny goes to see him and she's like hey man I know you hate me but apparently, we're married isn't that weird and Benny goes I know I wasn't so drunk that I forgot I've been waiting for you to come to find me and after all of these years of assuming that Francine knew they were married and just abandoned him he's got some like anger management issues to work out and 

So he says that he will only divorce her if she plays his well not really plays acts as his wife to help close this business deal which i know sounds like um a fake fiance thing but the thing here is that a they are actually married and b the world knows that benny is married they just don't know

Who he's married to and for whatever reason people have decided that he has kept his wife like locked in a chalet in switzerland because reasons it's like a mr rochester thing and because francine has no choice but to go along with this but really doesn't she shows up to the first business dinner in a sound of music dirndl with her hair and a bun talking about that swiss chalet she's been in for the last 10 years and the shenanigans continue from there 

So i i thought that this setup was going to be kind of boring but francine and benny really sell it and it was just it was just really funny and really silly so out of all of the billionaire books that i've been reading recently these are just again they're not gonna blow you away with their writing they're not gonna you know be the best thing you read this year but out of all of the billionaire books that i've been reading these are just so sweet and so funny 

So spicy and just they have a lot of the things that i love in my you know silly romance reading and i read a lot of these a while ago and they still really stick out to me as just really really fun reads so i wanted to share them with you and while you don't have to read them in order

I do think that you should because it makes the most sense that way but if one of them sounds more interesting to you than others just go ahead and start there and see if this is something that's for you if you've already read any of these let me know down in the comments if you have other billionaire books.