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Enrichment begins within Rahul Bhatnagar pdf download


Enrichment begins within

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Enrichment begins within Rahul Bhatnagar pdf download

  • Book Name: Enrichment begins within
  • Authors:  Rahul Bhatnagar
  • Pages: 
  • Publish Date: 13 October 2021
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Story Book, Hindu Mythology 


Enrichment begins within by Rahul Bhatnagar, so whether you already have a job and want to start your own business or you are a student with big ambitions or you already have a business but want to grow it further this book is for you the purpose of this book is to provide mentorship and guidance to the reader

So Rahul Bhatnagar is a professional speaker and a mentor and he has a follower base of over one million across different social media he mentors businesses to help them grow their presence and become more profitable 

He also helps people in becoming great communicators and performs to the best of their capacity and his training courses and programs have been attended by more than five black people with attendees getting great results 

He is the only person to have delivered 50 consecutive speeches in 50 days and has been featured six times on the George talks platform his programs and events communication mastery sales master class rise and shine public speaking championship and enrichment begins within have more than 20 000 enrollments 

So this book includes the experiences of 10 such people who earned an income of more than one crore in the past year this book talks about their experiences of coming from a humble background without any resources and how Rahul Bhatnagar's mentorship program helps them grow their businesses and this book 

Also talks about Rahul Bhatnagar's storey of embarking on a journey of becoming an entrepreneur so this book includes practical strategies and insights on how to run your business when you should hire when you should fire time management selling strategy 

How to ensure that you have long-lasting customers how to serve your customers well how to move your business forward and so on and all this has been addressed through the questions asked from the people featured in the book the people featured book come from diverse backgrounds and have their own journey stories and learnings 

So the questions asked from these people focus on both mental as well as practical aspects of how they achieved success in running their businesses and how Rahul Bhatnagar's mentorship helped them 

So as a reader you can learn from their experience this book features people running businesses in different industries for example Rahul Bhatnagar is a sales mentor a communication coach and a public speaker then there is an SEO expert then 

There is someone who gives mathematics coaching online there is also someone who runs an Indian e-commerce store and so on all these people provide practical and helpful insights on running a successful business through their answers 

So this book comes in the form of a workbook which means that at the end of each and every chapter there are questions that the reader has to answer and make notes.

So that the reader does not forget the strategies that this book shares so guys the price mentioned on the back cover of this book is rupees 799 but you can get this book only for rupees 199 including shipping which is very very cost-effective and as I mentioned before you can order 

This book is only from the link mentioned in the description box and nowhere else also when you order this book for rupees 199 you get two bonuses 

So the first bonus is that you get eight free ebooks six of these ebooks will be sent to your inbox as you order this book and the other two ebooks will be sent to you in the next few days and the second bonus is that you will get the opportunity to attend rupees one crore strategy workshop which is an online workshop by Rahul Bhatnagar.

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