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The girl who saw it all book pdf download


The girl who saw it all book pdf download

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The girl who saw it all book pdf download 

Details of The girl who saw it all  

  • Book Name: The girl who saw it all 
  • Authors: Rooprashi
  • Pages: 146
  • Publish Date: 2020
  • Language: English
  • Genre: A romance novel


The girl who saw it all by Rooprashi, The book follows our protagonist Aarohi who is 20 years old and pursuing her masters and in the book, we basically follow our his self-discovery in life 

So there's this guy called Rudra who is 26 years old and Aarohi and Rudra are very close to each other it seems like they have feelings for each other but neither has confessed nor admitted anything 

At the very beginning of the story, Rudra has been promoted at work and his family is pressurizing him to get married and Rudra also feels he is ready for marriage 

He wants to get married and settle down so he confesses his love for Aarohi and proposes to her for my age but Aarohi on the other hand is only 20 years old and she's not sure if she is ready for marriage at this point time in life 

She ends up telling Rudra that she doesn't feel that way about him but a little later Aarohi realizes that she did have very deep feelings for Rudra and she loved him a lot but it's too late 

We then follow Aarohi recovering from her heartbreak moving on in life achieving a lot of things and eventually meeting dr Aditya Vardhan who is supposed to be her soul mate 

The book is quite small it's around 150 pages and you can say it's a quick read even the chapters are very small at the end of most chapters the author has a small or a not so small note kind of a thing for us which would be about whatever the chapter would have directly or indirectly touched upon 

For example, if in the chapter a character talks about self-love then at the end of that chapter there would be a few paragraphs by the author on self-love where she would share her thoughts and opinions on the same 

If a chapter would be about gratitude then at the end of that chapter we would have some paragraphs about gratitude 

So these bits at the end of the chapters are from a very philosophical perspective I can say 

That being said while the author had already reserved the end of the chapters for such philosophical lines the author could have avoided philosophy again in the chapters 

Like a lot of times we see philosophical conversations philosophical thoughts in the chapters then again philosophical lines at the end of the chapters and it got a little too much a lot of times 

I felt it would have been better if this was avoided because we already have sections reserved for philosophy and it would have been better if the chapters were more plot-driven is what I felt.

So yes the book is very very philosophical and I am someone who quite enjoys reading philosophy every now and then and yes there are some things that I have picked from this book somethings. 

I've learned some new ways of looking at things some new perspectives things like that and I'm really grateful to the author for all of that 

The book felt a little hard to get into initially the story took quite some time to pick up after about halfway through the story finally started to pick up and I found myself interested after that pointer 

That being said there were also quite many issues that I had with the book the writing is very poor and there is lots of scope for improving the language was very localized and it was just not good 

Besides I could come across many grammar mistakes and sentence formation spellings even punctuations for that matter and all of these kept bugging me all the while I read the book

I think a very poor job has been done in terms of editing and proofreading apart from that another major issue that I had 

So until about half the book there's only mention of the protagonist's mother I mean excluding her friends and other people in life when it comes to family 

There's only mention of her mother till about half the book the protagonist only thinks of her mother she talks only to her mother and even when she goes back home from her hostel there's only mention of her mother 

Like what her mother did or what her mother said what they talked only about her mother but suddenly after about halfway into the book the author seemed to have remembered that the protagonist who was supposed to have a dad and a sister and she abruptly mentions them and introduces them brings them into the story 

Until about half the book we don't even know that the protagonist has a father and a sister and our protagonist doesn't even think of them at least once 

Like I don't know she and her sister are supposed to share a very special and close bond but the protagonist doesn't even think of her once there's no mention of talking to her even when she goes back home from her hostel there's no mention of what her father said or what her father did what her sister said or did only her mother 

It's like this still half of the book and suddenly in the middle there's mention of her father and sister and after that like the second half of the book they keep appearing frequently her father and sister 

They were completely absent in the first half in the second half they're fully present and they play major roles like I don't know I don't even know what to make of it 

This is not the way you furnish the protagonist's details about her family without any order I would like to highlight another aspect related to this very issue 

So our protagonist Aarohi is 20 years old and at one point she decides that she wants to get married and she tells her mom about this decision actually even before deciding she had consulted her mom and they discussed it extensively then Aarohi comes to this decision and she lets her mom know her mom gives her her opinions and her thoughts 

Yes Aarohi even goes to the guy and asks for his hand in marriage but during all this time there's not a single mention of what her dad thought about the marriage 

What his opinion was what his stake was what he thought about his daughter getting married there's not a single mention of any of these things and I don't know in a country like India especially 

parents play a huge role in the children's marriages like if Aarohi was getting married without letting either of her parents know that would have been a different thing that's a whole different scenario 

but it doesn't seem Aarohi wants to get married that way because you know she is telling her mom and she wants to get married with her mom's ascent own and like I said it's like the author had completely forgotten that the protagonist even had a father and a sister till half of the book 

and suddenly she's remembered and she's thought to you know like add them to the story and make them play like not very small roles in the second half of the book and I don't even know what to say this is quite a huge flaw 

coming to the romance aspect of the book I personally felt that Aarohi and Aditya's relationship was a little too quick and rushed like it didn't seem like it took its time to evolve also I couldn't really connect with or relate to their love even a little bit and that's just how I personally felt but yes 

Character Development 

Take a look at the characters the character portrayal is actually quite poor so we have our protagonist Aarohi who is 20 years old and pursuing her masters in sciences we have Amita who is Aarohi's closest friend and her neighbour at her hostel 

We have ravnith who appears a little later in the book and she is Aarohi's roommate of course we have Rudra whom Aarohi breaks up within the beginning of the book 

Then there's Aarohi's family her mom her dad and her sister Aarohi is really close to her mom and her dad there isn't much of a dad in the book actually except in this one instance 

Where Aarohi remembers a lot of things from her childhood with regard to her dad and then her sister akriti with whom Aarohi is supposed to share a very close and special bond 

We have Mr.Ojha who is the guide under whom Aarohi is carrying out her PhD and we have dr Aditya Vardhan who is apparently our soul mate

We also have Ankit and Nidhi and they make a very short appearance in the book they are Aarohi's seniors where she is doing her PhD 

So that sums up the important characters of the book overall I gave the book two and a half stars out of five and I would recommend this only if you are a beginner and you're looking to read something philosophical.

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