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The kiss quotient book pdf download free


The kiss quotient book pdf download

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The kiss quotient book pdf download

  • Book Name: The kiss quotient
  • Authors: Helen Hoang
  • Pages: 352
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction
  • Publish Date: 5 July 2018 
  • Language: English

  • Book Review: 

    The kiss quotient by Helen Hoang, guys this book is absolutely fantastic I don't think a book has ever made me smile as much as this book did 

    Now I am typically a very slow reader I cannot tell you how many times I've picked up a book fallen absolutely in love with it been totally immersed 

    But then I put it aside for a day and then that day turns into a week and then that week turns into months and then before I know it it's five years later and I still haven't finished that book but I blasted through this book in two frigging days 

    So if that doesn't tell you already how good it is I really don't know what will the kiss question follow Stella lane who is working in the bay area as an econometrician economic Tristan works in economics 

    She's also autistic and I believe that it was mentioned specifically that she has Asperger's syndrome Stella struggles a lot in social situations particularly when it comes to dating and romantic relationships sex is always very awkward and uncomfortable and never really any fun for Stella 

    So she decides that she's going to hire a professional to help her get better at it enter Michael fan who is a half Vietnamese and incredibly attractive male escort Stella pays him to help her get better in bed and then eventually pays him to enter into a practice relationship with her 

    Let's start off by talking about the amazing representation that was in this book this is an own voices narrative that is written by an author who also has autism spectrum disorder like the main protagonist and the author is mentioned in a couple of interviews that a lot of Stella's characterization is based on her own experiences 

    I absolutely loved getting to read about a protagonist who has autism, particularly in a romance book if you take a look at some of the most popular romance books that have come out over the past few decades 

    You'll notice that they all seem to be sending the same message which is that you have to be white straight and able-bodied to find love and have s*x but stories like this and stories like the wedding date which I've reviewed previously 

    They're challenging that notion and I am here for it it was so easy to fall in love with Stella as the main character I found her to be incredibly charming and chaste these incredible inner strengths that 

    I really admire and oh my god you guys Michael phan is the ultimate man it truly does not get better than him Michael was just so kind and so soft with Stella and he always had the utmost respect for her we need more men like Michael in our romance book in fact 

    We just need more men like Michael in any of our books also Michael was incredibly family-oriented and I really appreciated getting to see a man of colour particularly an Asian man have such great relationships with all of the women in his family 

    I also really like the fact that Michael was kind of that struggling artist who's trying to make it as a fashion designer and that it was Stella who was making bank so often in romance books 

    We see that trope of the rich guy and the poor girl especially in Asian media and Asian dramas you guys know what I'm talking about that trope is done to death now this is a romance book and a pretty steamy one at that and I typically am not a huge fan of graphic s*x scenes 

    I don't really find it sexy when authors are telling me exactly where people's limbs are and they're going into excruciating detail about every single thing that's happening however these s*x scenes while fairly explicit 

    We're actually pretty enjoyable what I loved the most was Michael's constant communication and patience with Stella he always asked her if she was okay and comfortable with what they were doing he went at her pace and anytime that she got uncomfortable he would immediately back off there was really only one issue that I had with this book 

    That was Michael's possessiveness there were a few times throughout the book that someone would hit on Stella or make a pass at her or even tried to kiss her and Michael would react and he would do 

    So pretty violently and I was not a fan of it y'all know I don't with that alpha male so it was pretty ass appointing to me when my main man Michael embodied that trope and the thing that bugged me even more than Michaels actual possessiveness was Stella the reaction to it 

    She would always react so positively and get like turned on by it and I was just sitting there like no this is not cute it's not attractive other than that though this book was pretty much perfection 

    So I'm about to get into some spoilers so if you have not read this book please click away now so when Stella and Michael broke up for a short while towards the end of the book Stella really struggled 

    She was even willing to quit her job for him and that's the one thing in her life she truly loves and it's passionate about and then Stella just had this absolutely badass epiphany where she thought to herself you know 

    What if Michael doesn't want to be with me because I have autism or any other reason that's on him and I am not going to change my life or myself just to get him to fall in love with me of course we know that this is not true that Michael is really in love with Stella 

    But it was still really amazing as a reader to get to see Stella have this moment of empowerment and self-realization I don't know if you guys have noticed this 

    But I have found that a majority of the conflict and drama that occurs between main couples and romance books is just the result of miscommunication or a complete lack of communication and I don't know how much more of it 

    I could take you guys I really don't so towards the end of the novel Michael breaks up with Stella and he does this because he thinks that she deserves better than him but then Stella thinks that he's breaking up with her because she has autism 

    He doesn't think he could ever love her and of course, instead of having an actual conversation about this they don't say anything to each other until that final moment at the very end of the book where they get back together and kiss and everyone's happy no don't get me wrong 

    I ate that up while I was reading it, okay I really did and if I'm invested in the couple I will wave through whatever I have to however sometimes I just wish that authors could come up with some other kind of conflict rather than 

    I love you but I'm not gonna tell you and so we're gonna spend all this time apart and then we'll finally get together and realize that we could have been together this whole time except we weren't because we just didn't talk about it but besides those few problems 

    That I had they were really just minor issues honestly I loved this book I adored it please if you have not already check it out you will not regret it it is such a cute fluffy read with some amazing representation so that's different today guys.

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