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After we collided book pdf download

After we collided book pdf download

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After we collided book pdf download 

  • Book Name: After we collided
  • Authors: Anna Todd
  • Pages: 750
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction
  • Publish Date: 7 September 2013
  • Language: English

Book Summary

After we collided is the second book in the after series by anna todd now as most of you know after we collided the film actually came out late last year and I don't know 

If you know but I was absolutely obsessed with it I loved it and I thought it was a really good sequel to after 

Because previously I hadn't read the books since reading the books and then re-watching the films I'm just sorry to say that they just didn't live up to the expectations 

I loved the films like I would have given them a solid nine and a half out of ten after reading the books than watching the films I would give them maybe a six and a push okay 

If you haven't read the book and are going to want to read the book because the book is different to the film and I don't want to give out away any spoilers or things and ruin people's perceptions 

So I would stop watching if you don't any spoilers so one of the main differences between the book and the film is zed the character zed 

Now I've seen some of the like deleted clips from the film and zed is in those and they've just like taken him out and I don't understand why because zed 

He's not my favourite character but he causes so much havoc and drama that it makes him like my favourite character if that makes sense like I love him as a character 

But I hate his guts does that make any sense I hope for you readers out there it makes sense he is I hate him as a character like you are meant to hate him like he causes so much drama 

But without him, it would not be anywhere near as good so it's all about obviously the same thing happens with like the nine days um where harden goes back to England 

After they have the massive falling out the falling out and the car crash they miss out the bit with they it um it's really hard to explain 

Because you have to remember that this book is something like 700 pages and they have to fit in 700 pages of information and content into like an hour and 45 film which just isn't you can't do it 

So the main point things like um obviously the going to Seattle to the advanced publishing thing and then the Trevor thing the whole Trevor thing isn't the same at all in the film and the book like not the same at all the whole 

The apartment thing where his mum comes back that's the same the nine days is the same the frat party the same the fight with molly is the same that is one of the best things in the film it's 

So funny but the whole advanced publishing thing is different but it's also because Tessa gets it in the first book and in the film it's like she gets in the second film 

So it's really really really confusing but the whole Trevor thing as well as the second film is mostly what about Trevor that's what I'd say myself the second film obviously it's about their breakup and things 

But it's quite a lot about Trevor whereas the second book is about Trevor a little bit but mostly about zed and the film they've just gone who's ed there's no zed like the oh my god you just have to read this book you have to read it there are fight scenes the whole frat party scene Hardin's 21st birthday 

Which you don't really get to see in the film which I think is such a key point because of the manipulation and oh my god like I just can't even with this book like you know when a book just kind of makes you speechless and it's the sort of thing you can't express your emotions about it it was so so good and there were 

So many points where I had to keep reading like several nights I was up until like half 1 2 a.M just reading this because I couldn't put it down I got 

So excited about what was happening it is insane you have to remember that most of the books I read are around 300 pages 

So for me to get through this 700-page book in just under three weeks is mind-blowing it's crazy like that is unheard of for me 

So that is a testament to how good these books are as I said previously I would not recommend them for younger readers because they're pretty steamy the film I think is a 15. If it was up to the book it would easily 

Be an 18 there was if there was like a further rating above an 18 it would be that it is saucy is very salty the main characters harden and Tessa are relatively similar 

It's just the whole zed character London again is very similar and I'm not sure I can't remember if Dakota is mentioned in the film 

But it's very different because in the film Landon just plays this like best friend part and there are no real issues there whereas in the book Tessa makes a decision to try and get hardened London to 

Become mate because obviously like they're step-brothers now because Karen married his dad chancellor Scott um and they go to ice hockey together and things like that and I just really love their like bromance blossoming I think is 

So so nice and the fact that he goes to him for advice on Tessa is actually like so cute harden is really toxic like don't get me wrong I know that he's a really toxic guy but the whole like him trying to fight for Tessa is just like 

So cute and it shouldn't be because it's so toxic but it just is and I have to just keep reading it 

So this book ends on like a really big cliffhanger and the cliffhanger is actually exactly the same as the film it's exact I keep pointing over there because my telly is over there but it's exactly the same and if you've seen the film you know how it ends 

So comment down below if you know how the film ends and if the book ends comment down below if you've read the book and if you have read the booklet I know whether you prefer the books or the films 

I definitely prefer the books but I can't wait to see how they've done the films because obviously they filmed three and four and I cannot wait for them to come out I don't know if you've seen the teaser for after we fell on Instagram on the after page but it looks steamy 

So I would not be surprised if they like up it to an 18. Like I genuinely wouldn't be surprised because I think the first one was like a 12 or a pg and the second one I think was a 15 

So I genuinely would not be surprised if they upped it to an 18 and included some more of the content that is in the book um oh my god it's 

So good anyone who hasn't read it like you need to even if you're not a big fan of like why romance is is it even Hawaii if it's like this arguably not it's like fifty shades with harry styles as the main character essentially that's what it is 

So one direction fans this is right up your street romance fans this is right up your street everyone needs to read these books, okay so I know that was probably a really awful review 

But I don't want to include too many spoilers just the biggest spoiler I have is about zed and the chaos and manipulation and everything that he causes 

He causes havoc in their relationship and the fact harden tries to change and tess is all confused and she makes some really rash decisions 

It's going to affect the third book massively in their relationship and Hardin's fear of commitment and marriage and children and the whole vance thing and smith 

So basically everyone has to read it I'm sorry that this review was probably absolutely awful and you've got no information about the book in this review 

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