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Ghosts of The Silent Hills pdf download


Ghosts of The Silent Hills pdf download

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Ghosts of The Silent Hills pdf download

Details of Ghosts of The Silent Hills

  • Book Name: Ghosts of The Silent Hills
  • Authors:  Anita Krishan
  • Pages312
  • Genre: Horror
  • Publish Date: 1 December 2019
  • Language: English
Book Review:

Ghosts of the silent hills by Anita Krishnan is the first book of Anita krishnan that I have read I just want to share a few things about this book with you and if you think this is going to be really technical like 

I'm going to talk about the writing style and everything then I think you're going to be disappointed a little bit 

So this is not for you I was in a reading slump for almost a year when I was at a books party or birth sorry books party 

But i was not able to finish any of those books none of the books were you know capped eating enough and then finally after a year 

I found this and when I saw this on amazon when I think it let's try this one and trust me guys 

When I ordered this and it came you know it was delivered to me I had zero expectations from this because first of all your is a leader and see I'm not judging anybody but I do not expect so much from the Indian authors 

Especially in the genre of horror so as because it was extremely gripping and horrific 

I genuinely felt like I have left myself in that story and your book kidney pages here it's three hundred and twelve 

I would have easily finished this in a day or maximum two but trust me I spoke five to six days laggy lucky five to six days 

Do you know what makes this book different from the other books in the same genre first of all this is based in India? 

I mean the stories are based in India and I think you are very well aware of how ghosts and all those paranormal things are in India 

This will scare the out of you trust me if you are somebody you see easily and you are you know searching for a book 

Which will give you a nice blow and it which will give you a nice hangover for at least a week or two I think you should go for this one. 

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