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How Beautiful We Were by Imbolo

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How Beautiful We Were by Imbolo Mbue book pdf download 

Details of How Beautiful We Were by Imbolo Mbue Book

  • Book Name: How Beautiful We Were
  • Authors: Imbolo Mbue
  • Pages: 336
  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • Publish Date: March 9, 2021
  • Language: English

Book Summary:

We should have known the end was near how could we not have known when the sky began to pour acid and rivers began to run green we should have known our land would soon be dead then again 

how could we have known when they didn't want us to know when we began to wobble and stagger stumbling and snapping like feeble little branches 

they told us it would soon be over that we would all be well in no time they asked us to come to village meetings to talk about it they told us we had to trust them 

we should have spat in their faces heaped upon them names must be fitting liars savages unscrupulous evil 

we should have cursed their mothers and their grandmothers flung pejoratives upon their fathers prayed for unspeakable calamities to befall their children 

we hated them and we hated their meetings but we attended all of them every eight weeks we went to the village square to listen to them 

we were dying we were helpless we were afraid those meetings were our only chance at salvation.

Book Review:

How beautifully we were by ambole and boy and here is a picture of embolo in blaine she's gorgeous so her first book was called behold the dreamers which i read and absolutely enjoyed and this is her 

Second novel how beautiful we were and i really really loved this book so i had the pleasure of reading this book with morgan gayle and we both uh got started and we were just really sucked in to the story of this little village 

which has been invaded by an american oil company that is has struck oil over there and is literally pumping the oil out and polluting their land their water and people are getting sick and it's just a catastrophe what embolo and buoy does is 

this is like a little masterpiece this is a straightforward literary fiction kind of novel so if you are not not into that kind of thing you may not like this but i would say give it a go because it's very very well written and the story is not told 

like you think it's going to be told now i'm going to try to talk about this without giving away too much but what i will tell you is that it is exactly 360 pages of almost solid text 

so as you can see no matter where i turn there is hard there is hardly any dialogue it's just solid text now don't let that frighten you this is her way of getting into details about 

how these people are feeling and what they're going through so this is a polyphonic novel and it has the a chorus in it and the chorus is the children of this village in the beginning 

we will be following a specific family and the main character that character of their family her name is thula and thula is is young when the story starts and we follow her her personal feelings about her watching all of these people 

that she knows and love dying around her from this american oil company and it's like they have their hands tied and nobody can do anything and what and bowie does is show us 

how connected everyone is to the other and everybody is guilty and because of that this village and any other village that this happens to is is is basically has no other choice 

but to die under the stress of having oil pumped out of their village and we see how through thula this village keeps hope alive of of regulating this problem and of maybe coming to some kind of agreement with this oil company 

but as readers we kind of know that it's easier to say than to actually do so it's written in polyphonic ways so we get views from thula we get view from thula's mother 

we get a view from the children we get a view from doula's uncle but through each through each voice in each view we learn something else about the family or about that family member that kind of drives drives 

The novel to a certain extent and it gives us an explanation to why some of the characters are reacting the way they are and it just it pulls you in and you get involved in this storyline with these characters and you feel for all of them 

you feel for all of their situations you feel for the fact that their village is dying and it's there's nothing that they can seem to do about it and how they're literally at the mercy not only of this american oil company but they're at the mercy of their own government 

so of course it's the government that's allowed the american oil company to come and that's in exchange for a percentage of what is being pumped out of the ground some members of the village are somewhat accepting of this 

so because of that they get jobs in the oil companies so their kids go to better schools they get to eat more food they get better clothes etc etc all the people that are not for it and that refuse to go work for the oil company get they get nothing 

so that means that they're at the mercy of all of the health issues the the fact that their water isn't good needs to be boiled and even that may not be enough their food isn't very good and they don't have a lot of it when it is okay 

so you are basically at the mercy if you refuse to co-sign on the oil company coming to pump oil off the grounds of your village and at one point towards the beginning 

i think we were like one-third in i was like oh no she's gonna back herself in and you know she got out of it and the story went in other places that i didn't think of at all you know so i highly recommend 

this one it's a book that you're going to take your time with you because i read it i think over like five or six sittings or something like that and then i turned around and i reread passages of it at the beginning of this month 

because i liked it just that much very very good book i wish more people would have read it or that more people do read it because you will not be disappointed in this one and bolo and bowie has improved her writing even more and she's her her writing is still very intelligent but this is on a whole nother level highly recommend this one five stars how beautiful we were.