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Wonderland of Words by Shashi Tharoor PDF Download

An Offer From a Gentleman by Julia Quinn pdf download

An Offer From a Gentleman


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An Offer From a Gentleman by Julia Quinn pdf download

Details of The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle Book

  • Book Name: The Return of Sherlock Holmes
  • Authors: Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Pages: 403
  • Genre: Short Story, Mystery, Detective fiction
  • Publish Date: 1 January 2016
  • Language: English

Book Review:

An Offer From a Gentleman by Julia Quinn this book is book number three in the Bridgeton series now let me introduce the main characters 

It's Benedict Bridgeton and Miss Sophie Beckett Benedict is the Second Child and Second Son to the Late Vice Count and Dowager by Countess of Bridgeton and Sophie is Well an Illegitimate Child of the Olympiad and a Maid 

Which the Earth Took Responsibility of Once the Me Died the Earl Then Remarries a Lady Named Araminta Who Has Her Own Daughters Posey and Rosamund After the Earl Dies Sophie Then Becomes a Slave for Ariminta 

As She Doesn't Really Like Okay It Doesn't Really Like Will Be an Understatement She Hates Aaron Minta Hates Sophie It's a Little of Cinderella at the Start as Sophie Will Be Pressing Downs Polishing Shoes and Running Behind Rosamund and Plonk and Posey 

These Girls Aren't Really Mean to Her but I Bet You Get the Picture of a Slave to Her Master's Children So Ariminta Will Be Attending a Masquerade Ball Hosted by Lady Bridgeton and Sophie Will Attend It Quietly 

The Hell of the Help of the Servants Who Take Pity on Her There She Will Meet the One and Only Benedict Bridgeton but Since It's a Masquerade Everyone They'll Be Wearing the Masquerade Mask the Black Color One at Midnight 

She Will Run Away and Benedict Will Care for the Woman Whom He Only Met Once and Does Not Know Anything Else the Only Thing He Knows is That He Feels Some Sort of Magical Bliss When She's Around and He Has Been Searching High 

Low for Her Ever Since He Will Then Spot Sophie Who is Almost Being Raped at an Event at One of His Friend's Homes and He Saves Her From It and to Repay 

She Will Nurse Him Back to Health From There an Invitation to Work for the Bridgetons to Marry Him Even Almost Being a Mistress and Almost Being Shipped Off to Australia for Theft Well Sophie's Life Changes Forever 

I Liked How Julia Quinn Brought Illegitimacy and the Town Closer Together Because Remember the Scene is in the 1800s the Regency Era I Loved How Sophie Came Clean to Benedick About Herself but I Despised His Reaction Towards It 

But I I Understood Why He Really Liked the Woman Benedict Was Born Into a Very Wealthy Family and a Very Influential One So He Had No Problems in Getting What He Wanted and Needed However Sophie Was Born Into an Earl's Life 

As Illegitimate and Her Mother Died Quite Early on So Even Though She Knew She Knew French Arithmetics and She Knew Latin Something That Ton Knew She Knew Her Place as an Illegitimate Child and Worked Her Way Up Even 

If It Meant Being Her Stepmom's Slave I Would Give This Book a 9 Out of 10. I Really Like the Way the Female Character Sophie Beckett Was Introduced Because I Have Never Read a Book 

Where One of the Characters Legitimacy Was Unknown and That Got Me Thinking That She Would Never Marry Into Any Influential Families of the Time Like the Bridgetons the Book Has Slight Pg-18 So Watch Out for 

I Am Currently Reading the Fourth Book Romancing Mr. Bridgeton Which is Colin's Story and I Really Hope I Can Finally Unmask Who is Leading Whistlebound Because When I Read the Third One an Offer From a Gentleman

I Still Could Not Unmask Her and Not Knowing My Identity Gets Me Every Time and That Brings Me to the End of My Book Review.