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Skin of the Night by Claire D. Bennett Pdf Download


Skin of the Night by Claire D. Bennett Pdf Download

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Skin of the Night by Claire D. Bennett Pdf Download 

Details of Skin of the Night by Claire D. Bennett Book

  • Book Name: Skin of the Night 
  • Authors: Claire D. Bennett
  • Pages: 476
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction
  • Publish Date: 8 May 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Skin of the Night by Claire D. Bennett as a human being and the human being is scarlett johansson and she goes to scotland trying to entice all these random men to sleep with her but instead she um basically devours them in this very interesting way so she's a man-eater why does 

she lure these men to their demise i don't know why is she only devouring men rather than women i don't know the film does not give you much to go on much background or anything like that

i would have liked to have some background to give the story at least some sort of foundation some basis but this isn't that kind of movie this is a movie that is you know very kind of stripped down there's barely any plot that's basically 

it that's the plot and there's really no characterization or much of it and it's much more of a concept that is explored through the style of the direction and the imagery the direction in this film is is very well done 

it's um it has a very kind of detached and eerie quality that is very reminiscent of stanley kubrick i know i've heard a lot of people mention stanley kubrick when they mention this film um it has that same kind of methodical coldness and it gives everything kind of an unearthly quality um you know it makes all the people that scarlett is viewing um you know through her you know her van 

just seemed very foreign and i think that's definitely the point because she is an alien she is observing the human race from an outsider's perspective and although she is an alien and everybody 

else is human she is still the protagonist and the person that we kind of latch onto and are supposed to relate to and i actually do like the message of this film i do like the way it kind of kind of shows humanity in terms of you know it's super superficiality and the loneliness 

you know how disconnected we have become like the men are interested in her because she's beautiful but you know she is using them as disposable um pleasures for whatever reason so it kind of goes hand in hand and of course these men do not realize who she is under the skin and um that's what the film is trying to say that we are 

so caught up in the superficiality the facade of things rather than really kind of getting to what's underneath and connecting and i you know that's that's that's cool i mean especially for a sci-fi film that's something that's not really explored often so that's a fantastic concept 

but it is just a concept it's it's to me when i watched the film i felt like i was just kind of watching a really cool premise uh an idea that is enhanced with really cool visuals um rather than truly being explored as something that's complex and you know really interesting 

she keeps picking up these guys you know over and over and over again and it's like i mean i just got really bored by that and i get the point of it you know the fact that they're supposed to be kind of interchangeable and you're not supposed to recognize their personalities but there's 

so much that goes into that sort of thing there's you know there is banter there is flirtation and you get very little bit a little of that i mean somewhat but not really and it's like you know

if you're gonna have a one-night stand you know usually you're gonna have a conversation with the person first but finally she comes across this man who has a very disfigured face and she ends up having an actual conversation with him and this is where 

i really started to get more invested in the film you know i i felt this sense of vulnerability from her when she is questioning him and there is this kind of tenderness and this sympathy that you feel for him and in their interaction um and this is kind of when the shift starts to begin in the story for her you sense that 

she's starting to change she's starting to recognize the emotions and people and the emotions in herself as very real with that character and with others in the film later on there's just not much to them beyond that premise and to me part of understanding the human condition is being able to be invited in to kind of explore the interactions and the intimacy that goes on but instead 

you just kind of have these outlines the archetypes that kind of symbolize different versions of people rather than kind of fleshing them out and exploring them it's like you've got you know oh here's the trivial guy oh here's the sympathetic guy here's the evil guy here's the guy 

you fall in love with and i just kind of got kind of bored by that and you're probably thinking no this is supposed to be a very abstract film that has very little characterization a lot like a lot of stanley kubrick films and that's what the imagery is supposed to stand for to convey those ideas 

you know i agree and i i have nothing wrong with abstract ideas or visual films and i do agree with that on some level but the imagery just doesn't have that much dimension either it's just kind of an interpretation of the ideas 

it's not giving us much of that light and shade is the film well shot absolutely does it create an effective tone yeah absolutely um but i just think that the movie thinks it's a lot deeper than it actually is i think it thinks 

it's a gender study but it missed the study part of the gender study it's to me the movie is basically the icing on the cake without the actual cake so while you know that can be enjoyable to a certain extent you know 

it's nice looking it's neat looking it just it wasn't enough for me to recommend if you like to look at things very visually then you might find something to admire in this film but you know if you're looking for something that has a lot of gravitas i would probably skip it so i mean i wanted to like this movie.