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Black Bird, Blue Road by Sofiya Pasternack pdf download


Black Bird, Blue Road by Sofiya Pasternack

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Black Bird, Blue Road by Sofiya Pasternack pdf download 

Details of Black Bird, Blue Road by Sofiya Pasternack Book

  • Book Name: Black Bird, Blue Road 
  • Authors: Sofiya Pasternack
  • Pages: 306
  • Genre: Fairy tale, Fantasy 
  • Publish Date: 20 September 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

When a person hears the word 'bird,' many images come to mind. Many people think of a bird as a joyous creature; others see one as a pure and innocent creature. However, the same person that has seen a bird as an avian creature of merriment also has seen a bird as an avian creature of melancholy.

The bird is nature's messenger and can represent joy or sorrow, depending on the circumstance. In the novel Black Bird, Blue Road, the author uses a black raven to represent depression and sadness. 

The sequel to this book, Lost on Blueberry Hill, reveals that the protagonist learned to utilize her negative experiences to become a better person. The character also discovered a blue road that led her back to happiness in Blueberry Valley.

The narrator of Black Bird, Blue Road introduces herself by saying that she used to be somebody- somebody important. She tells how she lost everything and became nobody again. 

The introduction highlights the birds' melancholy nature because it compares birds to humans. Some birds are cheerful and happy, while other birds are deeply introspective and morose. The narrator defines sadness as when something makes you feel sad inside without making you angry outside. 

She goes on to define depression as when something makes you feel bad inside and out. Although these definitions may seem straightforward, psychologists have debated the nature of depression for centuries. 

Is sadness what makes a person feel bad inside? Or does feeling bad inside lead to feelings of sadness? Either way, these insights help us better understand the birds' message that defines sadness via the black raven.

The black raven represents sorrow or sadness in two ways. First, it represents something that made the character feel sad inside- or gloomy. This definition highlights how a person can feel gloomy even when he is not angry or upset. 

The second aspect of this bird's definition highlights how feeling bad can lead to feelings of sadness- or melancholy. In this way, adding 'depressed' to the definition makes it sound more profound because it explains a dichotomy that many people experience but do not understand. 

Depressed people often say that they feel both bad outside and bad inside at the same time. They have conflicting emotions about what they should do now that they no longer feel good enough to let go of their problems.

These insights help define what a black raven means when it says that something has made you sad inside and gloomy outside.

When people learn about depression through literature, they realize that they experience this condition not just from lacking happiness but also from lacking confidence in life- outside and inside simultaneously.

That is, experiencing low self-esteem leads to an inability to believe in oneself enough to let go of negative experiences. A black raven can teach us how to cope with negative experiences so that we can move on from them and live happier lives. 

As a message from nature, these insights challenge us to apply what we have learned about coping with depression in our daily lives so that we can heal from past mistakes and live happier lives.