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Acts of God by Kanan Gill Pdf Download

Fizban's Treasury of Dragons Pdf Download


Fizban's Treasury of Dragons Pdf Download

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Fizban's Treasury of Dragons Pdf Download

Details About Fizban's Treasury of Dragons PDF

  • Novel Title: Fizban's Treasury of Dragons
  • Author: Wizards RPG Team
  • Genre: Reference work 
  • Pages:224
  • Publish Date: 26 October 2021
  • Language: English 
Book Review:

Fizban's Treasury of Dragons but i do want to point out that we are one subscriber away from me going full in here and uh and doing really kind of full shows if you will by me being totally present 

so if you've not subscribed yet go ahead and click that subscribe button and uh and get in on the goodness here now the thing about uh you know wizard's schedule things like that i'm slow i mean they put out so much stuff and i'm slow anyway 

i like to take my time with things so i and for future videos i think i'm going to do a little world building i've never done my own world but i think this book sets a sets me up perfectly to build my own world around this so i hope that you'll join me for that journey so let's go and dive into the book 

i'll give you the best of each chapter and uh we'll go from there all right here we go table of contents packed with goodness there and uh there's the elegy for the first world if 

of the elegy you can go and go right here there'll be a link right up there and you can check out the elegy if you'd like and uh this is disband as you can see here straight out of uh dragon lance and the uh by the way i thought i saw tracy Hickman on nerd immersion and he had no idea 

this book was even being produced so that tells you that wizards can you know pretty much do what they want to do with all their ips and all that stuff so i just found it so weird that you know you you wouldn't send this book 

like you know the person who kind of created fizband but that's just me uh take a look it goes through your chapters uh right there it gives you right here at the beginning gives 

you all the different the dragons of many worlds is the multiverse of dragon hood here so you have the forgotten realms you have greyhawk uh you have eberron you have dragon lance so as we get to character creation 

what stands out here in the draconic races they give you the chromatic dragonborn and the gem dragon board now i'm going gonna do some character builds on this uh coming up i'm gonna 

do it on dnd beyond and do that live for you and kind of build out what i would like to build in these characters uh both characters are are just super neat there's a lot to them and uh here's the metallic dragonborn and 

I love all three of them there's i find nothing uh nothing not to like about them really uh and then in front goes into the subclasses which is the monk of the ascended dragon which i'll also do a build for you um and uh then there's uh you know you go through your levels there and then the drake warden uh ranger uh which 

i just find uh fascinating and i think there's a lot of good stuff in there as well uh so another thing too these tables this book is so packed with tables and that's why i think it's so good for world building uh there's so many tables to choose from so many plot hooks so my story and i'm really committed to that that story element of 

i just think this gives you the book gives you a ton of choices there so i think that's why it's also good for the world building aspect that i'm going to jump into all right so let's go and jump over to chapter two 

there's great spells in here uh from third level to seventh level lots of great spells uh to use here uh also the magic items uh are really really cool and i gotta say the giant canary right here buddy i want me a giant canary but lots of great spells lots of uh great uh magic items 

you can put in the world there and uh i'm committed more and more to the players that i play with it's just throwing this magic stuff out there i mean what show don't you watch where where you know low-level uh characters 

if you will in shows and those things come in contact with the the you know the majestic uh magic item or the thing that's way way above their heads and they have to figure it out or uh you know somebody's after it 

so i think putting it in their grips even at a low level is part of the fun so let's go and jump over to the third chapter all right dragons and play so i love this book for a lot of reasons one is that i think it's really good for new dms because 

the way they break down the chapters uh that kind of tells you uh you know what's in there you know how to role play dragons followers dragon encounters so forth uh once again lots of tables and it get it 

well it's silly to say but you know it it humanizes to us dragons it says look the same thing that motivates us motivates dragons and they really put that out there between mannerisms the bonds uh the flaws and secrets all great plot hooks 

you can use in your game all right before we jump into chapter four i just wanted to show you this picture here uh that would definitely uh should give you some nightmare juice 

there to to use that but uh heading over to layers and hordes i love how they break down every piece of the dragon right the from from you know role playing the dragon to the layers and the not only where they they live the lair itself has a piece is a part of the story but the horde 

itself has a piece of the story and that's where what it's about it's about giving uh you know as many story pieces as you can uh to come off of because if you're going to invade a dragon's lair well there could be consequences for that and that's what they break down in here 

i like this the terrain changes that that things happen i think there's like six miles out and 12 miles out uh you know that that these are the things that happen there's terrain changes weather changes water changes changes to creatures uh you know that that the magic that is so embedded into the layer or the horde has just it's just exponential you know 

it just moves throughout the land if you will and uh and it changes everything uh which makes it uh precarious for your players to be able to go up there and kind of um uh you know makes it a little 

bit more difficult which i like it makes it a little more difficult to uh to get uh to the lair get the horde all that stuff and makes it a little more uh challenging you're just because you're going in to get that horde of goodies and gold doesn't mean it doesn't come with uh without some 

you know um risks like it could be cursed which i i really like that aspect as well you know you don't get off of you know you don't get off scot-free then it breaks down what's in a hoarge which i think is fantastic it kind of builds off of you know what you find in the dmg all 

right now we come to chapter five which is the draconomicon which really takes up a a fine piece of this book uh you know it is a it is a large chunk and it goes through every single dragon and it talks about their layers and it talks about uh you know all their connections and 

all those things so i won't go through all of this safe to say though i do like the fact that they have layers for each of the kinds of dragons so listen if you need to just plug and play and say hey look i need a map right there all right on to chapter six which is the bcary 

i like i said i will come back to that because i'm slow uh and let's see the wizards of coast information comes out so fast i've read through the book and i've i've read through each of the dragons here and it's just a lot of information i will break that down into other videos but this is a walk through uh and we come to the beast sherry and i want to let you know what i really 

like about the beast jerry i mean there is just wow once again everything is story driven which i love uh and it has uh the characters that you really want to you know put in your game and say wow what are they going to do and that once again makes for good world building so let me go over here to some of the things that i really like the draco hydra which is really really cool 

i love the draconians because they're all very distinct uh they're they're you know they're not um you know cookie cuttered out here they all have their place they all have their uh different um you know particulars

if you will dracanna and foot soldier an infiltrator uh a draconian mage these make for great characters uh the draconic shard is basically the spirit of a dragon after a dragon has been slayed it's not really gone it attaches itself to a weapon 

a magic item or a gem and uh it gets to hang around and uh either be a help or be a problem uh dragon blood ooze that is really good i i can see myself using that but here this this right here this dragon bone golem 

i mean that is just insane look yeah i mean i gotta find a model for that because it is just ugh vicious vicious make my players pee their pants i really like dragonborn champions i think that just gives a whole nother aspect something else for your you know your your players to get involved in you know what if they were recruited to be a part of the dragonborn of bahamut or sardi or or tiamat and once again all very distinct and i just think that 

i would like to have my players you know encounter them uh in some way and maybe even be recruited i think that'd be a lot of fun this is uh disgusting dragon flesh grafter i mean this is like a science experiment gone horribly wrong uh and this if you want to say if you want to say the dragon flash abomination was har is hardly right it's the completion of that basically 

if that's what that looks like but yes i want these guarding the horde for sure that's i want some of those uh definitely guarding the horde and i tell you these dragon followers dragon followers i am fascinated by and i would like to see these i think these would be great uh classes to play 

and break down you know what they get and you know kind of figure it out by level and maybe i'll do that in a future video of how to maybe make these uh playable playable characters all right then there's the eyedrake which is uh beholders and dragons getting connected 

i don't that's that's a whole nother level of scary there uh then you have the gem stalker i really really uh like that and then of course ghost dragons so yes because you should have ghost dragons and then these like i'm thinking you know the mummy here you have these horde scarabs 

and of course the horde mimic uh that's yes i i definitely yes yes to that all right uh that is my little walk through i kind of showed you a little bit about uh all the different chapters what i like about the chapters there's nothing i don't like about this book it's just it's a solid book