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Greenwich Park By Katherine Faulkner pdf download


Greenwich Park By Katherine Faulkner pdf download

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Greenwich Park By Katherine Faulkner pdf download

Details of Greenwich Park By Katherine Faulkner Book

  • Book Name: Greenwich Park
  • Authors: Katherine Faulkner 
  • Pages: 384
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Contemporary Romance, 
  • Publish Date: 13 September 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

Greenwich Park By Katherine Faulkner this book came out so i got a free copy from netgalley to you know check out the audio version i really liked it and it was set in london so the accent was there and i think that's a really big thing with audiobooks to have the accent it was intended for because sometimes 

if you're reading things and you don't know the accent or you don't know how things are said or me you know you know what i'm saying sometimes audiobooks are just so much more beneficial and in this case it really was at least for me because i mean i'm not from london i'm from the the us and it's just i don't know i i know when i read things like

this i tend to just like think of it in the way i talk and then sometimes things don't sound right you know what i'm saying i hope that made any sense anyways so before i get into what this book is about please like and subscribe if we are jiving now i do believe this is a debut novel by katherine faulconer i've never heard of her before i try to look her 

up a little bit i didn't try really hard you know but i do think this is the debut novel so this is about helen helen and her husband they seemingly have a very perfect marriage finally if years and years and trying helen is able to get pregnant and she's like no she's happy she's excited she's growing a life inside of her and she decides to take one of those prenatal

classes thing you know i don't know how beneficial those are like have you ever taken one of those classes because me i never took those classes and then i was terrified that i didn't know what the heck i was doing excited to take those classes and i wouldn't know how to deliver my baby but anyways it went pretty smoothly so i don't know if those classes are really worth it but anyways so she goes to this prenatal class and then her husband ends up 

working late for work so he doesn't show and then she was also going to go with her brother and his wife who is also pregnant about the same round same time as her and uh they ditch her they're like yeah we're not we're not going to be there we're going to go to this other fancier prenatal class place so sorry so she's there by herself like what the heck like you know 

she feels like this weird like loser person who didn't have like her partner or anyone with her in this class and then rachel comes barging in she's late to the clash she's got a big old belly and she's just like a whirlwind of chaos like right off the bat right well helen is kind of drawn to her 

helen and rachel develop this weird like friendship this very odd friendship it's like helen likes her but at the same time she's very like judgy about her like in her head like she thinks of her and like is like kind of judgy you know anyways rachel shows up on her doorstep one day 

she looks like she was physically abused and helen is assuming by a man like maybe the baby's daddy or something like that so helen is like you can stay with me until you get back on your feet and figure out 

what you're doing and as she stays there um things start to happen and secrets are starting to become revealed and you're like what the crap and rachel's you know there's more to her than what we all think so um that's as far as i'm gonna go with that review of course lots of things 

this is like a thriller i've mentioned before thrillers are really hard to talk about because there's only so much you can say without really like giving it away so um that was the story we're also following a couple of other povs and i gave this book 4.5 stars because well here's the thing too 

with thrillers sometimes the ending is just so freaking good and that's what really makes me decide what to rate the story is like that ending that end feeling and not necessarily the overall book and i've mentioned before i'm very much like a moody reader and a moody what i say reader 

a moody rate raider a raider i'm a moody reader and a moody writer reader and rare am i saying the same word anyways i'm moody okay is what i'm trying to say so sometimes i might give something like five stars and i'll look at it down the road and be like what the hell is like that's like a two star like you know what i mean it's really just based off of my mood 

so usually if something happens in the end of the book that's like the best thing ever i'm gonna read it higher than you know no matter what so that's why i gave it a 4.5 star because i was very conscious of the fact that i wanted to give it such a high rating because i loved the ending 

but there's a part in the beginning that did not jive with me at all and that is the fact that helen is like not even 20 weeks pregnant 20 week pregnant is like the halfway mark and things there was not any research done on where the baby is and what part of your pregnancy 

so she was talking about things with the belly and the baby that isn't like the baby's the size of a bean and she's talking as if the baby was like fully formed but the time like there's no way at like i don't know 

12 weeks that the baby's like fully formed and like you know it was weird but anyways just the part where rachel grabs her belly and grabs grabs her belly in a way where she's like can put her fingers around the baby's neck one you can't do that like you can't do that if you're even if you're like first when you first find out you're pregnant first off that baby is 

so like safe that you're not gonna poke it and touch the littleness that is a newborn or like when it first develops or whatever fertilize the egg and then also though even if the baby is full formed yes you might feel the head but your belly is so rock hard when you are ha 

when you have a baby in there there's no way you're gonna get your freaking hands in there and grip the baby's neck like no no you you can't do that and there's this very weird scene where rachel is like touching helen's stomach and basically like grabbing her baby by 

the neck and the belly i took a half star off but literally that's because i like if i don't if i don't even think about the ending this book is like three stars because that it's very wrong like it's very wrong and like i feel like there's not a lot of research you had to do to find out how 

a baby develops in the belly and like what stages are which maybe the author never had a baby like naturally to know those things but it's just very they're very odd things and it's not possible okay but anyways i feel like i'm getting a little ranty here um but pros i did love the ending okay because there's such a there's like this rotten character okay and 

you don't really know she's a rotten character until the end and then you finally get her viewpoint which you're kind of getting it throughout the story there's three um point of views or following in the story so once we get hers you just feel you just see how she's like such a shitty person 

then it's like justice is served like at the very end it's like oh yes justice is served it's just like oh it's like a like a just like the perfect just like a perfect like punch i don't even know what i'm saying but it was so perfect 

i loved that ending so much it was just so satisfying that's what i'm trying to say it's just such a satisfying ending i loved loved it loved it it was great anyways it was like one of the i think this was like the very last book.

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