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Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert pdf download


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Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert pdf download

Details of Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert Book

  • Book Name: Take a Hint, Dani Brown 
  • Authors: Talia Hibbert
  • Pages: 336
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Humor, LGBT literature
  • Publish Date: 23 June 2020
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert this book is a part of a series which includes take a hint danny brown but also includes get a life chloe brown so if you haven't read get a life chloe brown i would suggest 

you do that first you don't necessarily have to read the books in sequence but it does give you some sort of a backstory and so i would start there so once you finish take a i mean once you finish get a life chloe brown then you can read take a hint danny brown in

this book it is a rom-com so it follows the life of danny brown who is a phd student she ends up in a fake relationship with the university security guard and of course feelings start to form and they end up testing it so what i really liked about 

this book is that danny brown is me in a novel form like i'm working on my phd i avoid relationships i am everything that she is and so there is an excellent quote in this book that um really resonated with me because i do have that self-deprecating 

idea by myself when it comes to relationships and talia hibbert like sums it up perfectly she says i don't have the necessary qualities to make a good girlfriend she made air quotes around the words rolling her eyes as if that would hide the vulnerable edge to her voice i'm too word focused 

i don't say the right things or remember romantic little anniversaries i find excessive affection obnoxious and i don't enjoy putting other people's priorities before my career and my family these facts tend to disappoint prospective partners and i'm too busy to deal with someone else's disappointment or the punishment that comes along with it 

so i avoid the dynamic altogether and like that's me i don't i stray away from all of it and i mean that's a good or bad thing who knows maybe i need to end up in a fake relationship to end up in a real relationship i don't know 

this book has all the makings of a typical rom-com but it's not as corny as typical rom-coms because it's a play on the idea of a relationship initially that ends up being into a leading into a real relationship the author does talk about some triggering um aspects such as anxiety and depression and some things that could possibly resonate with some viewers when losing family members and things like that so there is there is a trigger warning for 

this book and in the beginning of the book the author suggests or rather hopes that she touches on it correctly so how they end up in the relationship you'll find out when you read the book but i like the key takeaway from this novel is that um a key part of success is remembering to chase joy 

i think that has been a recurring theme being in this pandemic trying to finish school trying to find new job trying to find a new house trying to find all these things i'm constantly looking for the next thing to validate who i am but in the present i'm still chasing joy 

so i started crocheting i've started to you know do my hair more often i've started to play around in makeup i'm finding small things you know to celebrate that bring me happiness reading also being one of them on my old school ipad um but yeah so um this one is very short because the story is very short 

there's not such super death to the story it's a quick read is enjoyable read i'm excited to see uh what's next for the next sister in the back of 

this book you do get a small snippet of the next book which i will read that one too because i've now started the series and i'm all in for the brown sisters um and so i am eager to see what's next for this series when reading rom-coms i tend to always envision the people being black no matter what the descriptors are and the same applies  

this book however um i did like that there was multicultural interracial relations so one character being black one character being pakistani i think or um south indian of some sort and so i liked that there were certain nuances that you needed to know about the indian culture pakistani culture in order for you to grasp grasp some of you know the sentiments in the book um i think the zaf zafir i hope i'm saying that right i think his character is so spectacular um he really is great and uh but that greatness comes from his own self-reflection and like really um you know doing the things necessary to heal himself i think he would be the awesome partner and i hope that they stay together i can appreciate that the women the author of 

this book makes displays the women's vulnerability without seeming weak but also provides them with strong partners so that they don't have to overcompensate for their weaknesses um and you see that in get a life chloe brown with her in redford you see that here with danny and zaff and i'm hoping  

whichever path the third sister goes in that that still applies um because vulnerability is hard topic to deal with but nobody ever wants to appear vulnerable and then it be used as a weakness you know.