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How to Be Better at Almost Everything By Pat Flynn pdf download


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How to Be Better at Almost Everything By Pat Flynn pdf download 

Details of How to Be Better at Almost Everything By Pat Flynn Book

  • Book Name: How to Be Better at Almost Everything 
  • Authors: Pat Flynn
  • Pages: 117
  • Genre: Self-help book
  • Publish Date: 29 January 2019
  • Language: English

Book Review:

How to Be Better at Almost Everything By Pat Flynn this book because it's it's really a really revolutionary way of getting away from the mindset that you think they need to be the best in the world at one isolated thing and instead of being content with being just great at a lot of different things but then combining them to one of a more meaningful skill or activity that brings you happiness 

I already gave a little introduction to the first like a by saying this so the first idea is why should be a generalist instead of a specialized now to clarify again a specialist is a person who is committed to becoming the very best in the world at one isolated skill in one area 

it might be the wine school playing the piano the guitar of speaking or writing or of singing or hobby winning a running race or whatever the skill might be and the generalist however assume does not want to become the best in the world at one skill 

but it wants to be good to great at a series of different skills which then can then integrate into getting paid to do something that they love or just doing something that they love without getting paid at least and an example of this is for me playing the piano and the and singing 

when I was a child I learned to play and fairly decently and I stopped playing for a lot of years until I went to college where I am right now studying history and I recently discovered what joy and passionate brings me to sing while playing music and believe me 

when I say that I have had a horrible singing voice not being able to hit the notes and not really having a weak and very uncertain way of singing but now that I've been practicing just for 30 minutes or so every other day since November

I've seen some phenomenal gains in my singing skills and I'm actually gained the confidence to start publishing videos on another YouTube channel where I sing and play the piano covering a different pop songs and such that resonate most with me the point here is that it's not so important me to become the world's best piano player or the world's best singer but the combination brings me a ton of joy 

I'm not even sure if I may go to make a living playing the songs and performing in front of people and such but it brings me a lot of joy again happiness but to clarify this one idea the reason you should become a generalist instead of a specialist is that being a specialist and being committed to your own mastering

one thing can bring and being the best of everybody in that field can will bring a lot of discontent and unhappiness because you are always comparing yourself against others instead of just getting joy from the thing you are doing planning whereas when you are a generalist you can develop a lot of different skills that you are very interested in and then combine them to make a hole that is greater 

the sum of its parts this brings us to our second big idea which is what is the ultimate goal on getting better and the ultimate goal is in short happiness or flourishing as Aristotle the philosopher talked about over 2,000 years ago and they talked about how when 

we are in an activity that it brings us joy we are able to flourish and we are doing doing good things and you're producing good things for a good reason and such and also Mihai Csikszentmihalyi 

the psychologist who researched has researched the topic research the concept of flow for decades and discovered that this is so with the element of our experience that brings us the most joy 

when we are in an activity that and working at our peak capacities getting better and really being absorbed in the task so the ultimate goal of all getting better is really happiness and flourishing while getting paid to do something you love in service to others or again almost always need you add if we just want to have hobbies 

not earn any money that's also ok the important thing is flourishing third beginning is what is the one thing that stops you from getting better and one thing that stops you is the information trap which is come shows up at the point where you are either just starting out to learn a skill or you have progressed but you're not seeing anymore improvements and at this point you will most often say that 

a very insidious trap that gets us stuck in just learning and learning and learning all the different things soon relating to our skill without actually practicing the skill so the key is to to get out of the information trap is to just ask yourself am i learning this and just because I don't think it's uncomfortable to just get started or do 

I actually need to learn one negative information to improve my skill by a few percents and just get started with practicing immediately in my example of the piano and singing I've only watched a few videos on singing about one and a half years ago

but I am have practiced and just showed up at a piano and singing songs that I loved they actually really resonating here with emotionally and trying to strive to push my women sing higher sizing with a higher pitch sing more beautifully singing more powerfully.