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Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel pdf Download


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Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel pdf Download

Details about Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel PDF  

  • Book Name: Sea of Tranquility 
  • Authors: Emily St. John Mande
  • Pages: 228
  • Genre: Science fiction, Time Travel Fiction, Epic Fiction
  • Publish Date: 5 April 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mande this as quickly as i thought and i also look super chubby today but that's what it is that's okay so let's just get into a little bit of a description about the book and then 

i'll go right into my thoughts my review i'm actually going to keep this pretty spoiler free for a couple of reasons one being that the primary reason being that it's just such a new book that 

i feel like a lot of people still haven't read it are probably looking to see whether or not they should i'm not interested in spoiling it for you sea of tranquility is a sci-fi novel that follows time travel relating to three separate timelines both on earth and on a colony on the moon 

without giving too much away it deals with time travel as well as pandemics and basically like the intersection of all of these elements the three distinct timelines also deal with their own characters edwin saint andrew arriving in the canadian wilderness in 1812. 

all of luellan who is on a book tour on earth around the year 2100 i think and gaspari jacques roberts who is in the present timeline but that is actually the present kind of timeline 

i guess but that's actually the future if that makes sense but i feel like that's depicted as like kind of the main timeline maybe i don't know if i'm assessing that right but i felt like it was kind of the main timeline anyway i like 

i said i'm not gonna do an in-depth summary since this is such a new new release and kind of a bizarre plot so i can't imagine trying to summarize it without just spoiling so let's get right into some of my thoughts my first thought really when i was reading this is that to be honest this book starts off pretty slow 

i honestly was not that interested at first but i definitely just kind of stuck with it because i was like well you know like it'll probably pick up um but yeah i probably wasn't that interested until about a third of the way through it 

so yeah just something to keep in mind i just read station 11 before this and this is a pretty big contrast because in my opinion station 11 is immediately in the action and it's pretty interesting right from the get-go so this was definitely a change of pace just to kind of keep you informed on that 

so once it does pick up though maybe just because it was slow in the beginning it almost feels like kind of rushed i don't know if that was just me but it was a little bit odd the pacing was just a little bit off for me personally something that i do want to say is that it starts off in the 1912 timeline section and life was obviously like a lot slower than 

so i don't know maybe that was just being captured stylistically within the pace that like it was just a slower kind of life i don't know i'll maybe kind of give the benefit of the doubt for that but yeah definitely slow to start something that i did find really fun about this book though and especially 

as it gets into the olive llewellyn like timeline and story is that um it's very meta it's kind of like a meta book i feel like there's commentary on emily st john mandel herself and like her own experience as an author through the character of olive yeah olive is just definitely like kind of an incarnation 

i think of emily st john mansell mandel herself so i liked that it was kind of meta had a little bit of commentary something that kind of added to that was that while olive was on her book tour about a book a pandemic book a pandemic 

it does break out and then of course this kind of relates back to emily st john mandel's book about a pandemic getting really big in a pandemic speaking of the pandemic there is of course mention of covid though 

it's separate from the other pandemic in the book but it is definitely just mentioned and sometimes it does feel a little bit maybe shoehorned in but it also kind of feels like you couldn't leave it out 

so no real thoughts on that particularly um generally yeah this book had kind of on the surface what you would think would be a lot going on moon colonies pandemics time and space travel yet i will say that it keeps it somewhat focused it doesn't feel too all over the place because 

it just doesn't bother really explaining these elements but more how they propel human interactions forward and have the emotional responses to them so really these are just tools to move just really human and emotional stories forward not unlike station 11 which i've also read by her now 

i have not read her other books i don't know if this is like a hallmark of hers but it feels like it could be so yeah just something to keep in mind kind of similar in that sense i like that the focus is on the human aspects of these things but i will say i don't know if if it was at the expense of this 

whatever but the timeline was really pretty messy to follow there was too much for a book of this length i'll just be honest there was too much for a book of this length and it felt really really cramped there is a large introduction of characters at one point and aren't they're 

just really difficult to properly follow i think i'm a little bit more disappointed than i probably otherwise would be simply because i read this just after reading station 11 which i thought was absolutely fantastic so i'm going to be honest i think in my mind i was just naturally comparing it 

so much to that experience and station 11 was just immediately one of my favorite books of the year but you know so this wasn't a bad book it wasn't a terrible read but i do think that a lot of what i was doing was comparing it to station 11 just because i read them in such close proximity and i mean station 11 felt a little bit like lightning in a bottle 

so i'm i just feel like it would be hard to recapture something of that caliber but that's just my opinion this book did have enjoyable parts though just because i didn't love it as a whole i do think it had enjoyable parts i really liked everything with olive and i liked 

how the sci-fi elements felt really commonplace really matter of fact i mean also i just think that emily st john mandel has beautiful writing i think her writing can be truly truly like poetic at times and yeah just really beautifully written 

so i mean i guess to kind of sum up my thoughts is that the book may have been honestly rushed out a little bit to sort of capitalize on the pandemic and so many people picking up station 11 kind of that renaissance or re-emergence of station 11 and all of the people reading it 

i think that maybe this book was rushed out to sort of capitalize on that hype combined with the pandemic and as a result it felt a little bit like it wasn't finished it needed a little bit more time but i get it because i think that it wouldn't have this level of relevance in another year or two 

so it's hard to kind of balance that and walk that line but it did it needed more time honestly she needed more time to really polish the story particularly the timelines and the characters a little bit more but really yeah those timelines but yeah the bread is just a little bit 

doughy in the center and it needed more time i could do a paul hollywood impression at this moment it's raw it's completely raw yeah this just needed to have a little bit more time i think to sit and yeah that's all that's all i think of it it wasn't like bad but it was not fantastic

it definitely was not the caliber of station 11 in my opinion is it worth reading sure and i think especially if you like her as an author it has some really great writing and some nice parts but frankly i'm not gonna go around like recommending this to a lot of people or anything like that 

it just didn't have quite the wow factor but it's fine i think if you're already interested in reading it then like sure go ahead and read it and i'd be curious to know like what other people think but if you're not interested in reading it like i'm not going to tell you to go up and grab it go pick it up because 

i don't know it wasn't life-changing for me but it was fine she has beautiful writing um but seems like you just need a little bit more time.

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