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Twisted Games by Ana Huang PDF Download


Twisted Games by Ana Huang PDF Download

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Twisted Games by Ana Huang PDF Download

Details of Twisted Games by Ana Huang Book

  • Book Name: Twisted Games 
  • Authors: Ana Huang
  • Pages: 334
  • Genre: Romance novel, Contemporary romance
  • Publish Date: 22 July 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

Twisted Games by Ana Huang  this book was not even in the same stratosphere as twisted love this i don't even know where to begin on how good this freaking book was it was so different than twisted love i feel like i'm getting ahead of myself and i need to just backtrack if you don't know 

what the twisted series is about it's pretty much like a companion novel series about four girls in this friend group and each book focuses on a different one of the girls in a different relationship of sorts that they're having the first book in the series twisted love is a brother's best friend forced proximity sort of situation where 

this book so freaking different so each one of the four girls in the friend group that makes up this series they all went to the same college together it was called their university it's like a very prestigious university in the u.s this story focuses on bridget bridget attends thayer university 

but she is actually a princess literally of this small european country called eldora it's obviously a fake country very genovia-esque if you've seen the princess diaries which i feel like everybody has but she's the princess of eldora but she's able to not really live in eldora and is able to kind of like 

live in the us and pop about because she is not like the crown princess her older brother is the next in line for the throne so because she's not technically like going to be queen she gets a little more leeway to kind of like do as she pleases and at the start of this story technically about halfway 

through twisted love we see that bridget she is a bodyguard that follows her around at all times again she's obviously a princess and her bodyguard that she's had for the past several years his wife is having a baby and he needs to go back to eldora so that he can be with his family 

so bridget is getting a new royal bodyguard and we get to meet this bodyguard very very briefly in twisted love i'll get more into this at the end but even though this is a series i feel like these books really kind of are standalones like there are bits and pieces from twisted love that are definitely helpful to have read before you read 

this book but honestly if you haven't read twisted love i don't feel like it's that deep if you just jump straight into this one um but yes we we learn of her new bodyguard he's this man named reese rhys larson and he is the polar opposite of her other bodyguard he is young like mid 30s very tall very strong very ex-navy seal covered in tattoos not bad at all to look at 

but he is an absolute pain in bridget's ass um he is very strict he is not as easygoing as her former bodyguard he makes it his mission in life which she's really supposed to to protect her and make 

sure that she is you know being as safe as possible and not doing things that could put her in a bad situation or a situation where she could be compromised or kidnapped whatever the case may be so bridget and rhys do not get off to a very good start um she pushes his buttons he pushes her buttons he's there to protect her but she makes it as hard as possible to 

be fair like he's a bit like unrealistic and what he wants like he would prefer her to like never leave the house ever again but she is like a very social person like she's in college she has a friend group like she wants to go out and do things and he's okay with her doing that but he needs her to work with him he needs her to tell him what she's doing because he does his research 

he makes sure any room she's going to be in he knows every single person that's there the freaking blueprints of the building like he is on his game but yeah it's kind of like a roller coaster when reese becomes a bridget's bodyguard they seriously can't stand each other over time though because this story does kind of take place over several years eventually

they do sort of learn to work with each other even though they don't necessarily like it and kind of can't stand the other person and as time goes on they have to spend a whole lot of time together they literally live together because he is her bodyguard they're in a lot of forced proximity type of situations things are bound to happen feelings are bound to be had even though 

it's beyond forbidden um and especially rhys being the person he is like he the first rule he gives coming into this relationship with her is he's like i don't care about your personal life i'm not here to be emotionally attached to you like i am here to protect you and that is it like i don't get involved in anything further than that i don't care to hear about anything further than that

like the ground rules are set and laid but over time they can't help but weasel their way into each other's hearts little by little and this is all already very forbidden but it becomes especially forbidden when and i'm going to say this it's not a spoiler because it's literally on the back 

of the book and if you read twisted love you find it out so do not come for me um the whole situation gets a lot more complicated once bridget's older brother abdicates from the throne he ends up marrying a girl or getting into a relationship with a girl that is not royal which is not allowed you cannot in the country of eldora become king or queen without being married 

to someone of like royal or noble birth so because he's marrying this woman that is not he has to abdicate the throne which now means bridget is the next in line to be queen of eldora which therefore means she doesn't get to mess around anymore she doesn't get any leeway she has to

basically move straight back to eldora be a political figure be involved in aspects of the country like she is the next person to take the throne and it's like time for her to get her act together so she doesn't get to have fun times and go out or even think about the idea of having feelings 

for her bodyguard because absolutely not um if you've read twisted love and you haven't read this yet you know what i'm saying now when i say that these books are so different from one another like the first book is literally just like a girl in college and like them hanging out and this is like a literal princess diaries in a european country like queen slash princess 

whatever navigating the political world like it's just so different but it was so freaking good like the slow burn of this story just like the build up of tension the amount of times i was on like the edge of my freaking seat like digging my nails into my because i was just like oh my god it was like so frustrating and so angsty and just like such a like tough situation but like 

so scandalous and it was just so good reese is oh my god um i just adored this book like this was a fat freaking five stars for me i've i know that the third book in this series just came out like a few weeks ago and people are loving that one as well but i'm like i can't imagine liking one better than this i actually just started that book yesterday i'm literally like on the first 

chapter because i had to jump right into it and i'm excited for it but i'm just like dude this book was incredible just the story itself was so good but again the slow burn and then with the eventual like spiciness i'll tell you guys what i have read a lot of spicy scenes in my days um and there's 

a handful that stick out but if you've read this book no spoilers um the library top top three easily like i that was a lot um but yeah if you haven't haven't gleaned this yet from what i'm saying uh twisted games was amazing i loved it um i said earlier that you don't necessarily have 

to read twisted love and i still think that but i'm always going to be a person that advocates for reading the full series like an author knows what they're doing when they write books when they write a series like they write them in the order they intend you to read them twisted love i don't think was nearly as good as this book still very very good um not as good as this one but i say seriously just read it because there are small parts.

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