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Mahayoddha Kalki Sword Of Shiva Pdf download

Mahayoddha Kalki Sword Of Shiva book review

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Mahayoddha Kalki Sword Of Shiva 

Details of Mahayoddha Kalki Sword Of Shiva

  • Book Name: Mahayoddha Kalki Sword Of Shiva
  • Authors: Kevin Missal
  • Pages: 368
  • Genre: Fantasy, Mythology, Fiction 
  • Publish Date:  15 October 2019 
  • Language: English


Mahayana Kalki sword of Shiva by Kevin missile is the third and the final instalment in the Kalki trilogy 

Kalki trilogy is a story of a boy named Kalki from Shambhala his full name is Kalki Hadi and he leads a seemingly normal life but one day everything changes for him it turns out that he is actually slated to be the next of Thor of Vishnu and he is supposed to be the dharma. 

Who is going to fight the other that is the basic storyline through the three books in the Kalki trilogy this is the story that moves forward with a lot of characters coming and going and a lot of new subplots being introduced. 

Mahayoddha Kalki sword of Shiva is the third and the final book in calculus II is also the book that contains the conclusion of Kalki story and I have to say that when I had posted the cover reveal video of this book I had a lot of pre-orders from my Amazon affiliate links for which I have to thank the people because they chose my link to pre-order Mahayana Kalki so in my other 

Kalki the story obviously moves forward and we come across characters that we have already read about in the previous books we come to Kalki we come across Kali, Arjun, Mansi and many other characters 

That we are already familiar with I remember that when I had read satay Oracle key which is the second book in the Kalki trilogy I had wondered that how is this going to conclude in the final book 

There were so many characters so many unfinished storylines and so many loose threads so when I picked up Mahayana Kalki I had a lot of expectations and a lot of questions in my mind 

There are many characters in many storylines going on in this book parallelly and of course, there is the main storyline of Dharam vs Adharamr so many turns and events took place in the story and in such a that a lot of times and in a lot of cases my perspective about certain characters completely changed 

Also, there were a lot of revelation bombs being dropped from time to time things that I did not expect as a reader so as a result of these things this story and the final book turned out to be a very entertaining experience 

So one thing that I have to say about the Kalki trilogy as a whole and not just the third book that I am reviewing is that I've noticed a trend with this trilogy that is there has been an upwards escalating trend in the sense that the current book has turned out to be better than the last  

When I had read the first book I had liked it but I had liked the second book more than the first one and now that I've read the third book I liked it better than the second book In the case of the Kalki trilogy the story gets better with each book

The language is very easy to understand and as a result of that these books are super easy and they get finished super quickly they're quick reads in Mahayana Kalki 

The female characters and women characters were given their due attention and their due space in the story and also some issues related to women were also talked about in the story that entire aspect of the story was something that I really appreciated reading 

The story has a lot of drama going on in it I mean it has its subtle moments as well but as a whole the story definitely leans towards the dramatic

I mean the entertainment quotient is definitely fuelled by the drama that is going on is the main storyline of this trilogy has been the rise of term dharm deficit and harm so there are many one-liners in the book that you know can be used as quotes that can be used as pearls of wisdom as well 

Now if I talked about the characters and characterization in the third book Mahayana Kalki I have to say that it is very very difficult for me to point out one character that stands out from the rest 

Now obviously if I talk about Kalki Kalki is like the protagonist but even so, all the other characters in Mahayana Kalki particularly have been given their separate distinct personality they have something in their personality that gives them their very strong individual identity 

Trying to keep this review as general as I can because this is the third and the final look that I'm talking about so I do not want to give out any information about the story at all but one thing that I have to say is that

There were certain scenarios in the story where the characters were facing a lot of confusion and dilemma because their belief systems were being challenged and those parts in this book for me were definitely the highlight and I enjoyed reading those portions the most

The third book in Mahayoddha Kalki Sword Of Shiva turned out to be a book that lived up to my expectations I enjoyed reading it and on the whole about Kalki trilogy 

I would like to say that the trilogy's methodological fiction and if you want to give it a try you definitely should you shouldn't hesitate especially if you are into methodological fiction if you are not into methodological fiction then, of course, that's another matter entirely.

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