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The Fires of Vengeance Book review

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The Fires of Vengeance by Evan Winter PDF Download 

Details of  The Fires of Vengeance BOOK

  • Book Name: The Fires of Vengeance
  • Authors: Evan Winter
  • Pages: 544
  • Genre: High fantasy, Fantasy Fiction, Science fiction
  • Publish Date: 14 July 202o
  • Language: English


The Fires of Vengeance by Evan Winter in this story tau continues his quest for vengeance for revenge if you read the rage of dragons you know that the fires of his rage have not yet been sated and so they boil over they burn over into the sequel and 

so as the queen's champion tau moves forward he still has at least one person on his hit list that he is going after and nothing will stop him to get there

But we have the zadine forces that are encroaching on their territory and will there be peace will there not be peace can there be peace between these two warring 

People warring tribes and so tall and this new cast of characters have to pave the way to determine whether it's going to be peace or war

Instead of scale gIad which was kind of the main cast of the crew in the first book we have kind of a new team here some comprised from the mem from members of scale gIad and some are brand new characters

One of the things that I love most that Evan winter did here in the story introduced us to some really amazing women strong powerful independent black women for the most part 

They are incredible some of them fight with daggers some of them fight with calling on fire from dragons of Dragonfire and others just fight with their wit 

Intellect and charm and all of these things all of these new characters that were introduced I don't know about all of them but at least some of those main ones um these women are incredible and were great additions to the cast 

I think even winter did exceptional there really giving us some really great robust characters that's one of the things that even winter just does exceptional here 

It's hard to bring in a new cast of characters when you've already got characters that you love from the first book but he's able to do it in a seamless way that makes you care just as much about them that you do for the original crew from the first book

One of the things that winter did in the first book I think he did in the first book that he for sure did here in the fires of vengeance that I liked was from time to time he jumped out of our primary pov 

Which was from tau to a different pov to show us a different perspective on a series of events 

I especially liked how he did this in some of the concluding chapters when we were able to see through the eyes of a character named Essie

Now um he lets us see through a few different times actually through eyes that our main character sees as a villain or as a bad guy 

but we see through these eyes and these povs I think to change up the pacing and change up some of the characterizations of what's going on but also to show us the humanity behind both sides of this brutal conquest

I think some readers might dislike this because they don't want to find humanity on the other side because then how do you make excuses for what tao and his crew have done

but I actually liked it I love the moral quandary I know I love the realism here that no one side is pure good and no one side is pure evil 

I'm still on tao's side but tao has a lot of bodies in his wake this whole a lot of the story if you've read the first book has to do with demons and even the magical system and the training has to do with going into asiago which is kind of like hell and battling demons 

So tal not only has those physical or corporeal whatever demons to deal with but he has these inner demons that are plaguing him maybe even more so throughout the entirety of this story 

Do you love rage do you love dragons do you love fire do you love vengeance let's talk about it in the comments down below and also tell me your favorite fantasy dragon book 

I guess all dragon books are probably fantasy there are probably some sci-fi dragon books tell me your favorite dragon book in the comments down below I love dragons I'd love to talk with you about them.

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