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Be Your Own Sunshine pdf download


Be Your Own Sunshine pdf download

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Be Your Own Sunshine pdf download

Details of Be Your Own Sunshine 

  • Book Name: Be Your Own Sunshine 
  • Authors: James Allen
  • Pages109
  • Genre: Self Help 
  • Publish Date: 10 February 2020
  • Language: English
Book Review:

Be your own sunshine by James Allen, it's a nice read it's a good book it's a self-care book so if you are looking for something to improve yourself in your development and your personal development I would say these books really really help you 

So I was hearing somewhere that they are just like therapists you know in today's world we really need something and someone to guide us and if you have no one for that you can use these books they'll really be helpful 

This book is probably uh divided into four parts there are four sections in which the book is divided the first is as a man thinketh 

The second is from passion to peace third is man king of mind-body and circumstance and the fourth is foundation stones to happiness and success 

In the same way, I would start with the fact that the language of the book is again pretty simple 

So again the language is pretty much simple good for beginners I would say 

Secondly, it will teach you a lot of things it will help you it will motivate you I would say because the times when you feel low the times when you feel that you are not apt with it 

Such books such self-care books actually shape you a lot so it will help you become a good human being as well and how to tread forward and be successful in life and grow in life it will help you in all that 

So I would start from the name itself as the name suggests be your own sunshine it will help you become your own sunshine it will help you have what kind of thinking you should have what kind of perspective you should have all these things are there 

If I talk about the first section as the name suggests as a man thinks it it tells you that you are what your thoughts are it's pretty simple like that 

What a man thinks he or she becomes I think this we have if you have been studying self-care books you must be knowing that this is something being written and told in almost all the books that your thoughts make you 

If you have good thoughts you'll become good if you have bad thoughts you become bad so your thoughts are everything so the according to the author 

He wants to tell you that man's thinking is everything whether it's his thought his character his effect of thoughts on circumstances on health body thought and purpose visions idols and serenity so this part will tell you that if you are thinking whatever you are thinking is actually being manifested in your life so always think good and think big

In the second portion from passion to peace, the author wants to tell you how to live life should be full of peace and how to reach that peace the author has actually made the footsteps for that 

The author will start by telling you what is passion then what is an aspiration which leads to temptation and from temptation you have to transmute you have to go through the transmutation transcendence is there 

Then beatitude and ultimately peace so how you as a person could actually be a peaceful person because it says that you are the ones who can control your lives whether it's from outside whether it's from inside we are the ones who are controlling it 

So the author wants to tell you that when you have anger when you have passion what things you face right from temptation from aspirations which are even bigger than what you can actually achieve and when not achieved actually leads to lots and lots of frustration which we don't want

So the author wants to tell you that to live a peaceful life please choose a good option right to live a peaceful life the author wants to tell you 

That you have to understand that you are the one who is controlling your life nobody else and once you get to this point that you are controlling your life you will live a better life for sure 

In the third section, the author is telling you, man, he's the king of mind-body and circumstance 

Again the author will tell you the inner world of thoughts and the outer world of things and how your habits shape you 

Habits topic is something, uh you know the author has defined it beautifully because habits are something that actually changes your future completely 

What is a habit it's your day-to-day routine what you're doing daily whatever you're doing daily which will actually bring a brighter future or not so bright future? 

So you have to look into what are your habits and of course, the author has told you about bodily conditions poverty man spiritual dominion and ultimately the conquest, not the resignation 

The author tells you how you can conquer the situations how you can conquer your thoughts and not resign from them and that is something you have to know that man is the king of his mind his body and circumstance nobody else 

In the last section, we deal with the foundation stones to happiness and success you know what are the foundation stones to your happiness and success 

I completely agree with the author they are your right principles sound methods true actions true speech equal mindedness and good results 

So ultimately when we end the book when end the read you will get to know that ultimately how can you be happy and successful 

The author the best part of this book is the author doesn't talk about superfluous things he's talking about something very plain very basic and which somewhere in our life come across 

We totally agree to it whether they are right principles in our life whether it's a true speech yes I completely believe that if you speak the truth you will be happy 

You know you have that inner peace you have that inner happiness that yes I am right I am at least not supporting someone who's doing wrong and he wants to tell you equal mindedness should be there which will result in good results 

Ultimately the goal you will reach your goal with complete happiness and you will become your own sunshine this is what the book wants to tell you 

So so basically the book is divided into four parts and through every part, the author is actually telling you how by can your thinking by your thinking process your approach your perspective and your mindset completely you can actually become your own sunshine 

You know when I read when i read the title of this book I was very excited to buy this book because such books are very very important in our day-to-day lives 

When actually people are looking for validations from others which you completely don't need when if you are someone 

If you're looking for happiness from others this is a good read for you it's a must-read for you because these books help you how can you grow personally how can you develop personally 

Which probably either you have to go and search for courses or something else and this is something you can anytime open it and read it 

So it will change your perspective it will change your mindset and it will help you actually become your own sunshine and be happy peaceful and live a life that you can control liver life in which you have good and positive thinking as well.

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