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Divergent book pdf download

Divergent book pdf download

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Divergent book pdf download

  • Book Name: Divergent 
  • Authors: Veronica Roth
  • Pages: 576
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Romance Novel, Dystopian fiction
  • Publish Date: 26 April 2011
  • Language: English

Book review:

Divergent by Veronica Roth is the story of a girl called Beatrice prior or when she changes her name later on in the story 

Tris, it is a dystopian young adult novel with every dystopian novel you kind of have to start by explaining what the world is like cuz that's usually the thing that you know stands out 

Obviously, the story is set in Chicago and people who live there live in different factions the factions are I have a little cheat sheet here 

Dauntless for the brave abnegation for the selfless candour for the honest amity for the peaceful and erudite for the intelligent 

You're born into one of these factions and you live in like an area that belongs to that faction in your race that way but then

When you're 16 you have to go through this kind of test and then you have to decide which faction you want to belong to and where you want to live 

Beatrice was born in the abnegation faction and they wear grey clothes and they don't wear makeup and it's they can't even look in the mirror only once or twice a year 

So it's kind of like a very I wouldn't say boring but I guess it is kind of boring they don't have a lot of exciting things in their life it's pretty obvious early on that Beatrice doesn't really feel like she belongs in the faction she was born to so 

Then you start thinking about what of their faction will she choose and honestly if you have that list it's really obvious which one she's going to choose obviously for the book 

the most exciting thing would be if she would choose the thing that's completely opposite to her faction which is dauntless for the brave and that is what she ends up choosing it's not really a spoiler because it happens fairly early on in the book 

So a very big part of this book is kind of tris trying to adapt to this new faction and if there's one thing that I really love in books and movies is training montages and this like part of this book is just one big training montage 

She has to adapt to this new life and just learn how to fight there are lots of other interesting characters in this book I didn't find it very hard to kind of paint a picture of them in my mind 

So I think the characters just the description of them was very good it all seemed very real I liked for if you read the book you know what I'm talking about 

I thought the villains in the book were a little bit over the top I really liked that it was set in Chicago I just recognized lots of these things they go to the pier and to the bean 

I'm not sure what the city is like is there fences around the city it kind of reminded me of land of the dead with all these fences 

But this is only the first book in the series I'm not sure how many they're going to be the next one is called insurgent 

So I'm sure that we'll get to know more about the rest of the world and things outside of the city also the other factions are really explained so I'm sure we'll get to know more about that later 

This whole book including the cover kind of reminded me of across the universe just kind of the way the characters were described and the certain like kind of vibe 

So if you enjoyed that one I'm sure that you'll like divergent there's one thing I really don't like in books and that is when dreams are used as devices to kind of like foreshadow stuff or reflect certain emotions 

I just like that just feels like it's so cheap and it's kind of using this book I think there's one dream and then some other kind of vision I can't really explain it because that can give away some of the storylines 

So all these different factions it doesn't take very long before you make a connection to the Hogwarts houses

and how it's kind of impossible to divide people up into these five or in the case of harry potter categories you always get the people will want to be like slither claws or something like that 

So that's just one of these things that you get to think about while you're reading this book no one is completely perfect for one of these factions there's always going to be different sides to your personality and that's kind of the thing that tris struggles with 

Which I think is a very interesting kind of discussion so if you've read the divergent you can

Let me know what you thought about it and another interesting question even though it's kind of impossible to decide what faction do you think you would belong to.

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