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While Justice Sleeps by Stacey Abrams Pdf Download

While Justice Sleeps by Stacey Abrams


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While Justice Sleeps by Stacey Abrams Pdf Download

Details of The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle Book

  • Book Name: The Return of Sherlock Holmes
  • Authors: Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Pages: 403
  • Genre: Short Story, Mystery, Detective fiction
  • Publish Date: 1 January 2016
  • Language: English

Book Review:

While Justice Sleeps by Stacey Abrams It is That Stacey Abrams the Political Powerhouse Out of Atlanta Uh She's Also a Fictional Author I First Heard About Her Being an Author in This Reading Group That I'm in 

I Can't Think of the Name but She Writes Like Romance Type Books as Well but Under a Pseudonym She Doesn't Write Them Under Stacey Abrams as Some Other Name That I'll I Have to Put It in the Comments or in the Frame Here When I Figure It Out After I'm Done With This Video but Yeah So She Wrote This Book 

While Justice Sleeps and It is It's Somewhat of a Thriller It's Like It Kind of Gave Me Scandal Vibes You Know the Tv Show Scandal Because It's Full of Intrigue and Government Cover-ups and You Know a Lot of Lawyers Judges and You Know the President and His Right-hand Person All of Them Are Kind of in the Mix

So It Definitely Gave Me Those Kind of Vibes Let Me Get My Nose Okay So Let's See Here Yeah They Call This a Legal Political Suspense Thriller is What It's Called but Um Let Me Let Me Tell You You Know One of the Reasons 

I Love Reading and I Have Such a Love for Physical Books or Even Even You Know Ebooks Books Where I Can See the Words Myself Um as Opposed to Audio Books Which I've Talked About That at Nauseum but I Love Seeing the Words for Myself Because It Has Allowed Me Throughout 

The Years to Expand My Vocabulary Because You Know When You See a Word That You Either Don't Know What It Means You Don't Know How to Pronounce It You Have to Take Pause and You Go and You Look It Up and Then You've Learned a New Word So This Book Was to Fill With Things Like That and at My Age I Thought 

I You Know I Thought My Vocabulary Was Pretty Expansive but I Guess With Stacey Abrams Being an Attorney and Being You Know Political Figure There Was a Lot of Terminology That I Just Wasn't Familiar With but They're Also Just Like Everyday Words That She Used You Know Words I'd Never Heard of 

While I Appreciated You Know the the Opportunity to Expand My Vocabulary They Weren't Words That I Could Actually Find Myself Using an Everyday Conversation and Sometimes I Think It Got to Be a Bit Much I Mean 

Now the Political Stuff the Legal Stuff I Mean There Are Certain Words That's What the Word is but Some of the Other Words That She Used in the Book I Guess Maybe Because It Was Filled With So Many You Know So Much Terminology Outside the Norm She Didn't Want to Use Maybe Basic Everyday Words 

But I Felt Like It Was a Bit Much on That Front but Not Only Was There a Lot of Legal Terms Um Political Terms There Was Like a Whole Part of the Story Where Uh the Government Was Covering Up Something to Do With Genetics 

So There Were a Lot of You Know Genetic Terms Biochemistry Terms and Then to Add Even More on Onto Your Reading Brain a Lot of Um Things That Were Mentioned in the Book Were Related to Chess 

So if You're Not a Chess Player Like I Am Not There Were a Lot of Things in There She Talked About That Were Related to Chess Moves and for People Who May Be You Know Well Versed in in Chess So Anyway the Book Was About This Supreme Court Justice Who Was Ill Okay at the Start of the Book 

You Think He's Losing His Mind Like He's Rattling Off All Kind of Crazy What Appears to Be Nonsense but Turns Out That There is Like Something the Fur is Going on and He Ends Up in the Hospital and All the Clothes and Stuff That He's Left Behind and All the Stuff That He Was Talking About He Left 

It for His Law Clerk Who Was the Main Character and Her Name Was Very Keane He Left It for Her to Figure Out Because She's a Very Cunning Street Smart Young Woman and She Was Like Racing Against the Clock to Try to Figure Out All These Clues That 

He Left Her So That She Could Expose This Big Thing That Had Happened That the President Knew About and He Was Involved in So Yeah So That Part of It Because You're Just Like You Become Very Invested You Know After Reading for a While Because You're Like Okay Well What Does That Mean Then When Avery Figures 

It Out and Tells You Like Okay What's the Next Clue I Mean It Was Like a Whole Treasure Hunt You Know of Um Our Scavenger Hunt Rather of Clues and Different Things Um the Pacing for a Minute There Was Kind of Like 

What is Going on Here but Once You Got Into It You Know Like I Said Once You Like Are More Than Halfway There Like You're Invested and You're Like Okay I Need to Know How This Ends and You Know What's Going on and It's One of Those Books You Have to Really Be Focused This Isn't a Book to Read 

While You're a Little Drowsy You're Trying to Read Something Before Bed or You're Tired and You're Trying to Calm Your Mind No You Got to Be Focused and Sharp You Know How Like There's Some Movies 

You Know Like Some of Chris Nolan's Movies Like Inception and Tenet Like Where You Have to Be Paying Attention Otherwise You're Gonna Be Rewinding the Movie Because You Missed Something That's How This Book is

If You're Not Focused and Paying Attention and Alert You're Going to Find Yourself Backtracking and Having to Reread Uh Chapters and You May End Up Having to Do That Anyway but Uh Overall It Was It Was a Good Book I Enjoyed It 

I Am More Than Certain and I Know I've Talked About This as Well I'm Not a Huge Fan of Series Type Books or Not Even Sequels I Mean Sometimes Sequels Are Okay I May Be Doing a Sequel Myself at Some Point but This Book There's No Doubt in My Mind That This Was Set Up to Be a Sequel or a Series of Books Because of the Way That It Ended 

I Mean There's Just Like You Know So Much More That These Characters Can Do There's Some Unfinished Stuff You Know at the End Like the Main Thing Was Resolved but Um There Are Some Other Things That They Didn't Get to Resolve and a Person They Didn't Get to Bring in So He's on the Run 

So I Know That There's This Has Been Left Open for That Possibility and It Seems So Weird Lately the Last Few Books That I've Read Like After I've Read Them or While I Was Reading Them I Found Out That They've Been Optioned for Movies and Tv Shows and This One Has Also Been Optioned to Become a Television Series 

So That's Going to Be Interesting Like When All of These Movies and Books Start Coming Out Because I've Read the Books Like to See You Know How Close They Are How Well They're Adapted and You Know Because Most Readers Will Tell You That 

The Book is Nine and a Half Times Better Than the Movie or the Adaptation Because You Know When You Go to Movie or Television Like You Can't Put in All the Little Mine Details and All This Stuff Like and You Gotta Make 

It More Entertaining So They Leave Out a Lot of Stuff They Add a Lot of Stuff That Wasn't in the Book They Changed Things Up for Diversity Purposes or Whatever to Make It More Palatable to the Viewing Audiences 

So Yeah It's Gonna Be Interesting to See How They Do This One Um Given That the Majority of the Main Characters Are Uh Black in This I Think Avery She's Biracial but 

Yeah So It's Gonna Be Interesting to See How This One Plays Out on the Small Screen but Yeah Overall Like I Said It Was Pretty Good if You're Into Those Type of Books Um but Just Know That It is Heavy With the 

Political Um and Because a Lot of It Takes Place With the Supreme Court You Know They're Talking About Cases and Um the Genetics Piece of It That Where They're Trying to Weaponize Stuff 

So It's Just It's a Lot of Uh That Type of Stuff in There So if That Floats Your Boat Then You're Gonna Really Enjoy It Yeah So Wild Justice Sleeps by Stacey Abrams and This Particular One

I'm Looking Up the Cover on on the Internet Because I Got This Through the Libby App and if You're Not Free With the Libby App and You're a Reader It is a App That Connects to Most of the Libraries You Know Public Libraries

In the United States and if You Have a Library Card or You You Know or However Your Library Considers You to Be a Member or Eligible to Check Out Books Most of Them You Put in Your Library Card Through the Libby App 

It Will Access Like Your Library to See if They Have That Ebook Available and Then You Can Request It and Sometimes There'll Be Multiple People That Want That Book So They'll Just Put It on Hold for You and the Cool Thing is 

I Was Able to Read It Through My Kindle Because They're Like I Guess Connected in Some Kind of Way So I Rented It From My Local Library Through the Libby App and It Was Delivered to My Kindle 

So That I Could Read It Very Convenient Way to Save Money for Those of Us Who Are Constantly Buying Books Yeah and That This is the First Book Two in a While I Mean That Took Me a While to Read Because 

You Know I've Been Knocking Them Out a Couple of Days or Whatever the Books That I've Been Reading or in a Day and Not Because I Was Reading It Every Day but This One Took Like Because I Have a Little App That Tracks 

You Know When I Started Booking One and I Go in When I Finish It It Was Like Six or Seven Days and It's Only Because Like I Was Only Reading It in Small Doses Because Like I Said I Had to Make Sure My Mind Was Clear 

I Was Focused So This One Took a Minute It Took a While for Me to Really Get Into Um but I Think Once I Actually I Think the Like Last Hundred Pages Maybe I Read Them in a Few Hours Because the Um the Rental Was Coming Dude They Were Like You Have This Book for Three More Hours 

I Was Like No Way I Have 100 Pages Left and I'm Gonna Let This Expire No So I Was Really Focused on I Just Thought What I Was Doing for the Day for the Most of the Afternoon I Just Read and I Finished It Up but It Was Really Good 

So Like I Said It Just Really Depends if You're Into This Kind of Stuff if You're Not You Probably Find It Like a Little You Know Boring or You May Not Find It as Entertaining or Interesting if That Kind of Stuff Doesn't Float Your Boat 

I Mean I Like Uh Scavenger Hunt Type Stuff and Riddles and Things Like That So That Part of It is What Kept Me Going Because if It Didn't Have That Element I Don't Know if I Would Have Finished It