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Marriage For One by Ella Maise PDF Download


Marriage For One by Ella Maise

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Marriage For One by Ella Maise PDF Download 

Details About Marriage For One by Ella Mais PDF

  • Novel Title: Marriage For One 
  • Author: Ella Mais
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction
  • Pages: 520
  • Publish Date: 6 May 2019
  • Language: English 
Book Review:

Marriage For One by Ella Maise it's ours kindly gifted an e arc so an advanced reader copy on my Kindle from the author herself Anna Mae Cebu can I just say is one of my favorite romance authors she's written some of my favorite books 

which include the hardest form which is set in college to love Jason form which can be considered new adult because it takes place after college so people are still kind of trained to figure out their life and also to heat adam connor all books that I've rated 5 stars too because they are fabulous 

so yes marriage for one is quite different to you everything that enemies he has written before because it is definitely an adult romance that is just an amazing romance I personally really enjoyed it because I gave it five stars such a good book I kind of want to read you guys the blurb because I think it summarizes the book really well it's kind of a bit long but let's just get into it 

so it says Jack and I we did everything backwards the day she lured me into his office which was also the first day we met he proposed he think a guy who looked like him a bit cold maybe but still striking and very unattainable would only ask the love of his life to marry him right you think 

she must be madly in love maybe it was me he asked a complete stranger you had never even heard of him a stranger who had been dumped by her fiance only weeks before you think I'd laugh in his face call him insane and a few other names then walk away as quickly as possible well 

I did all those things except the walking away part it took him only minutes to talk me into a business deal um I mean marriage and only days for us to officially try the not happiest day of my life magical popped the champagne not it was the worst day Jack who thought it was nothing right what 

I had imagined for myself I blamed him for my lapse in judgment I blamed his eyes the Asian blue eyes that looked straight into mine unapologetically and that frown on his face I had no idea I would become so fascinated with in time it wasn't long after he said 

I was the biggest mistake of his life that things started to change no he still didn't talk much anyone can string a few words together his actions spoke the loudest to me and day after day my heart started to get a mind of its own one second 

he was new one the next he became everything one second he was unattainable the next he seemed to be completely mine one second I thought we were in love next it was still nothing but a lie after all 

I was raised and he was jack you are doomed from the very beginning with these things did you expect anything else oh my god listy reading that description makes me feel like 

I'm reading a poem or something so good and summarizes the book so so well see this is a marriage of convenience both Jack and Rose see the benefits of them getting together by being married 

I've never had a marriage of convenience novel before but it's kind of like fake dating in a way which I didn't realize until I started thinking about it so yeah if you are a fan of the fake dating trope which 

I am you would definitely enjoy a marriage of convenience true and this is definitely a book for you so yeah in this one we follow a very driven Bruce who has a dreams of owning a coffee shop and those dreams were shattered when her uncle passes away and in the contract in a clause 

it says that the building that she was renting from her uncle would go to her husband were something to happen to him and it sadly did so she had to get married in order to you get the building because 

her cousin would inherit everything after his dad died would not lend her the property so yeah Jack sees it as an opportunity to get buildings invested or like investment buildings so yeah he proposes that marriage to Rose and she takes it so yeah really 

when I went into this no boy I had no idea what to expect as I said I've never read a novel without centers around marriage of convenience but I loved it literally I could not put it down once I started it 

so I had to read it pretty much in one day this is such a great slow burn of romance animacy kept saying that this book is a bit longer than your average thanks romance novel 

but I did not feel that at all I felt like the pace of this story was so well done I was never bored sometimes when a romances take a little bit to develop and it's really just us learning about the characters I tend to like skim read more you take my time with these things but in this one that did not happen 

I absolutely loved having that slow burn rhymers because I felt like it took like at least half the book rave romance to begin so in the first half it was mostly just seeing Rose and Jack converse and like how different they were and how just how their relationship worked even though they weren't in love and we got to see them as individuals as well which 

I absolutely loved you'd think Jack wouldn't be a guy I personally liked because I don't really like the broody Muji calculating guys but Jack just from the moment we met him I was in love because he is the epitome of actions speak louder than words he didn't speak much and that's why

I loved as well like the banter between of Rose and Jack he would say something very brutally honest to have he wouldn't speak a lot so Bryce mace Lee had like one-sided conversations with him which was 

so much fun to read about because like they would mace me take place through her perspective so we didn't know what Jack was thinking but she was like oh he's probably thinking like why did 

I marry this crazy girl and it was just so good it's so funny you have no idea how many times I laughed out loud even though there were serious situations throughout the book LME see just has a way with writing her stories that I'm never bored her characters are 

so well fleshed out that you find faults with them because every human has faults we still love them and you deeply care for them I mean fruits on which I really appreciate and all say because I heard it was a slave burn romance 

I've heard that Mariana sapota who is a very well-known slave bun romance author like I've heard people say that reading her books take a while to like get into 

so scared going into a slave burn romance by animacy because I thought it would be hard to get into and with this one it's a slaver in romance but it's so fast-paced so intriguing from the start that you just cannot help reading it all in one day really I was amazed I always say like what 

I loved about Jack is and I said how brutally honest he is with race if she looks like crap you tell her you look like crap but he doesn't mean in a bad way he's just stating a fact and she will say love that about him because he was just brutally honest but what 

I really loved about him is he once said to Rose that he never does things that he thinks he should apologize for they even know to other people it might seem like a bad idea he's still not gonna apologize for it which 

I really appreciated because it shows just how much he stays true to himself and how loyal he is and just he doesn't apologize for his actions even though he should it was just great because through the conflict that 

I could at the end of the novel I thought I was done really really well and he still said he wouldn't apologize for it which I really appreciate it and admired him for and yeah because Rose was so determined to make her dream come true to you start her around the corner coffee shop like literally when 

I was reading about the coffee shop the scenes made me so happy because Jack would just come and like help her out so again actions speak louder than words and just it felt like 

I was reading about my dream commentary through your phrase because I've always wanted to open a coffee shop with baked goods and a small library it was just so much fun reading the coffee shop scenes and there were so many of them so 

I really appreciated that and I just hold so much respect for both phrase and Jack they are just such amazing characters so yeah this book is quite different as I said at the beginning from all of other books but still if you're scared of going into it don't be because you are bound to enjoy it 

so yeah this book kind of made me realize that I really appreciate the slow burn trope or sleep burn of romance storyline so I will be reading more definitely by Marianna the batter it's a battle 

I don't even know if I'm seeing it right but I think you guys know who I'm talking about because they're just so satisfying to really burn romances because you know that the romance is coming but it takes a while so you kind of appreciate it more in the end 

I just love this so much and I'm so tempted to already reread the book I think I'm gonna reread it when I get my own ebook copy through it I can just like highlight all the crowds so yes slave burn romances I feel like you're very realistic to me just because 

I think if I was to have a romance in real life it would be a slow burn I just like getting today the person before jumping into something so I really appreciated that so yeah if you haven't read an MMAC book 

I highly recommend it especially if you are a fan of great romance stories you know just all so much fun and even though many of them have quite deep topics involved in the story you are still gonna really enjoy them because there's funny scenes there's funny conversations the characters are sold off the ball either may you don't think you're gonna fall for them for you 

so definitely give a lemme see earth go if you're a romance freed up and yeah if you want to check out more of my thoughts.