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Love at First Spite by Anna E. Collins pdf download


Love at First Spite by Anna E. Collins

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Love at First Spite by Anna E. Collins pdf download

Details of Love at First Spite by Anna E. Collins Book

  • Book Name: Love at First Spite 
  • Authors: Anna E. Collins
  • Pages: 337
  • Genre: Romance, Fiction
  • Publish Date:  8 March 2017
  • Language: English

Book review:

Love at First Spite by Anna E. Collins this book is the opening scene which is absolutely fantabulous is danny going to a paintball course in her wedding dress and she is supposed to have been getting married that day to her partner of three years whose name was sam 

But when she and sam went to go buy the house they were supposed to live in as a marine couple well sam was too friendly with the realtor danny caught them together and so she called off the wedding so instead of moping doing 

Whatever she decides to take her dress through paintball track on her wedding day and just get it all shot to hell in paintball colors she's there with her best friend and cousin mia and uh it's a great opening scene 

It's really lovely you really do get the sense of mia as a character who is like this is absolutely not for her but she's there for danny and danny is the kind of character who's like well this is what we're doing 

Now it's not what i planned but she commits a hundred and ten percent so that was a really great opening and it kind of all goes downhill from there so where wyatt comes in wyatt and danny work together at a architectural firm danny does interior design and wyatt is an architect and there is nominal discussion at the beginning of the book that wyatt is very closed off 

He doesn't let a lot of people get too close to him he's known as the best in the firm but he's like he gives out criticism a lot and many people are afraid of him and danny just doesn't like him they're always supposedly butting heads although you never really see it and again this is built nominally 

As enemies to lovers but the part where the book immediately kind of starts to i don't want to say fall apart but at least not live up to its premise is that danny and wyatt like it's not enemies to lovers it's people 

Who don't understand each other to lovers and also in the case that wyatt seems to pretty much have danny's number but he's just not good with emotions so he can't express them well and as many of us are he's a different person at work than he is at home he is dealing with 

A undisclosed medical condition which i'm not going to necessarily spoil but it's not life-threatening it's a thing it was not enemies to lovers it was just these are two people who need to learn to understand each other 

So that straight up is just not a thing it is said to be a thing like it is literally said in the text to be a thing in the back of the book to be a thing it is not a thing this is not enemies to lovers and i'll tell you why i feel strongly about that after i finally get through explaining what this book is about okay 

So danny gets it in her head to buy the lot next to her ex-fiance's new house that he bought you know it was supposed to be for the both of them but he only bought under his name it was a whole thing so she decides to buy the lot with the buy-in of mia her friend and her new landlady iris 

Who is a woman in her 70s whose wife has died a few years earlier she has two great danes and she also seems to be you know looking for something fun to do with her life and so mia and danny and iris all go in together 

I'm buying a lot to make it into what they call the spite house and the idea is that they are going to outfit a house they are going to bill themselves in a way that will be the most annoying to sam in his house he'll have to look at it 

They'll market it as an airbnb for like bachelorette parties or all this other kind of stuff whatever loud kind of parties they can get in there to bother sam danny needs an architect her one friend at work won't do it 

Why it hears that she needs an architect and offers to help her in exchange for her doing some interior design for his grandmother and this this is immediately what i mean by it is not enemies to lovers from that interaction the way that it's written you understand that 

This is very very like flimsy on wyatt's part that he wants to help danny like that's what he wants to do he wants to be around her he wants to help her and she almost immediately goes oh wyatt knows how to smile and he's really hot when he smiles and so the best part of an enemies to lovers is them learning 

You know unpacking why they don't like each other yes it's often a lot of just like unresolved sexual tension but there's a burn to it and so some books burn slower than others but this book has no burn at all 

This is the struggle with this book is that once the initial opening concept is established the plot is very murky for example the enemies for lovers thing they are supposed to be you know figuring out they don't hate each other as it turns into love but like they just start falling for each other 

But it's not really clear at least on danny's side why except for the fact that she sees that he's a nice guy and he's hot and that he can smile and then she learns about his undisclosed medical condition which again is not life-threatening but does kind of affect the way that he runs his life 

She says she doesn't feel pity for him but like it kind of feels like bitty and they just kind of fall into each other's arms and if that is something that you don't have a problem with then fine but i think that going into it thinking that it was an enemies to lovers i was expecting more of a slow burn more of 

A build up and i really didn't understand what their relationship or the change in their relationship really was based off of except for the fact that like all of a sudden danny was like oh yeah i'm attracted to you and why i was like finally i've been attracted to you for a while and then they bang 

There was no payoff and i like my romance novels to have a payoff so the rest of the novel is incredibly frustrating and i'm not going to spoil it but like you know these couples in these romance 

Novels are often fighting because of communication issues but the thing about wyatt and danny is that they literally have an argument where you know things are going to be unsaid and danny is actually saying in her head that things are left being unsaid but like they don't they don't say

It and then this cycle repeats several times where oftentimes the communication is because you know one of the partners is saying well i have the secret or something and i'm not going to tell them and often their excuses 

Well the opportunity never came up again every single one of their fights is just like them being unable to communicate and saying that they have things that they're not saying that they know they should say when the person is right there and the opportunity is right there and not saying them 

I understand that this is a thing that happens in real life we have arguments and we don't say the things that we know maybe we should say because we're angry or we're upset or confused but to have that happen multiple times it was just frustrating and especially because it just kind of underscored to me that this relationship was really not built on trust it wasn't built on 

You know a mutual like even like to me it just seemed to start from mutual lust and it never really progresses forward like you understand that they enjoy each other's company and that's very sweet but like there's a difference between just you know having sex and enjoying having 

Someone which is absolutely fine and then like being in a love relationship which is clearly what it's trying to say their relationship is turning into when for me it just firmly stays in the i like to have sex with you column which is fine but don't tell me it's something else when it isn't the thing that made 

This book worth reading all the way to the end is that it has a really strong conclusion and i don't want to tell you what it is but there there is like fire involved there is a midnight heist involved it is really funny and really wonderful and really lovely 

But the bit of the plot that it resolves is not really danny and wyatt's relationship issues they just kind of have like one conversation and then we roll into this much more exciting ending so again i don't want to spoil anything but obviously it's a romance novel you know they end up together 

I just didn't think the payoff was there i just am glad that i finished it because this ending bit was really really marvelous and funny so this book has a strong opening and an exciting ending but the relationship in 

The middle and the way it moves through the book is just like really muddled and not all the way fleshed out for me and so it almost really does feel like like this plot from go like knew how it would open and knew 

How it would close and then just kind of had to get there and it's just to me not satisfying as a relationship building novel if you're looking for something that's just kind of cute and quirky and really does have a good get back at men moment in the end you know you might enjoy it i don't regret the afternoon 

I just spent on my couch reading this book i read it in one sitting but like it was just not very needy to me and as someone who really appreciates that in my romance novels it just is not the book for me so if you are interested in seeing this for yourself at all maybe get it from your local library and test 

It out whether you get it from the online app or the actual in-store library do that support your local libraries and support this author i think there's clearly potential here for better books in the future this book just wasn't it for me so.

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